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System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Overview

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System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Overview. Amit Gatenyo Infrastructure & Security Team Lead Dario. Agenda. SCCM 2007 Key Investments What’s new and Improved Administrative Console Software Distribution Device Management OS Deployment Internet Based Client Management

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Presentation Transcript

System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Overview

Amit GatenyoInfrastructure & Security Team LeadDario

  • SCCM 2007 Key Investments
  • What’s new and Improved
    • Administrative Console
    • Software Distribution
    • Device Management
    • OS Deployment
    • Internet Based Client Management
    • Network Access Protection
    • Software Update Management
    • Desired Configuration Management
    • Remote Control
    • Miscellaneous
    • Closing remarks
sccm 2007 key investments
SCCM 2007 Key Investments
  • Simplified UI
  • Advanced Task Sequencing
  • Reduced SCCM infrastructure costs with branch office support
  • Improved scheduling and greater control including Wake-on-LAN
  • Common processes for Windows Mobile and embedded device
  • Unified delivery of Windows operating system for clients and servers
  • One worldwide image to manage with Vista
  • Built on Windows Vista technologies including Windows Imaging
  • Vista and Office 12 upgrade assessment and resolution planning
  • Offline media support for full offline provisioning
sccm 2007 key investments4
SCCM 2007 Key Investments
  • Integration with “Longhorn” Network Access Protection
  • Simplified, comprehensive software updating w/ templates for common tasks
  • Enterprise Vulnerability assessment
  • Securely managing devices across the Internet
  • Secure network storage of user state during Operating System deployment
  • Knowledge-driven desired configuration management based on the System Modeling Language (SML)
  • IT policies for analyzing corporate and regulatory compliance
  • Out of the box configuration policies for server workloads i.e. Exchange
  • License and asset management
administrative console
Administrative Console
  • Managed code (C# / .NET 2.0)
  • Leverages MMC 3.0
  • Uses WMI/DCOM for communication with provider
  • Extensible via SDK
sccm 2007 admin ui

SCCM 2007 Admin UI

Amit GatenyoInfrastructure & Security Team LeadDario

software distribution
Software Distribution
  • New Features
    • Copy Package Wizard
    • Maintenance Windows
    • Branch Support
    • Wake on LAN
  • Improvements
    • Improved Package cache control
    • Binary delta replication
    • Program Re-Run (Never, Always, Previous Success\Fail)
device management
Device Management
  • Device
    • WinCE, PocketPC, Windows Mobile (Smartphone)
  • Basic Management
    • Hardware/Software inventory
    • File collection
    • Software distribution
    • Settings management - Password policy management, Security policy management
  • Support for Smartphone
    • Over-the-air management of devices
    • Connection Management
  • Internet Based Management
os deployment the way to deploy vista lh in an enterprise
OS Deployment THE way to deploy Vista/LH in an enterprise
  • Major upgrade to OS deployment functionality
    • Significant enhancements from SMS 2003 OS Deployment Feature Pack
    • Brings in server deployment from ADS
  • Integrated part of ConfigMgr 2007
  • Simplify planning for Vista/LH upgrade
  • Unified client and server deployment
  • Use Vista/LH tools
  • Enhanced security
target environments
Target Environments
  • All clients and servers Windows 2000 and later
    • Windows Vista & Longhorn Server
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000 Professional and Server
    • WePOS, WinFLP
  • Supported architectures: 32-bit and x64

Great deployments of existing Windows

Even better with Vista/Longhorn

task sequence actions
Task Sequence Actions
  • Two kinds of actions
    • Fixed set of built-in actions that are implemented as part of ConfigMgr
    • Custom actions that can be any command line executable, including running VBscript
  • No requirement that OS deployment operations be included
    • Hence task sequences provide a more general purpose sequencing mechanism in ConfigMgr
sccm 2007 os deployment

SCCM 2007 OS Deployment

Amit GatenyoInfrastructure & Security Team LeadDario

internet based client management
Internet Based Client Management
  • Manage clients without a VPN
    • Road Warriors (Sales force, Consultant)
    • Point of Sale (Restaurant, Retail stores)
    • Employee’s home computers
    • Roam in and out intelligently
  • Converge with standards based technology
    • PKI for certificate management
    • SSL/TLS for secure HTTP communication
    • Firewall for SSL termination

“Deliver a secure and reliable infrastructure to enable IT administrators in an enterprise to manage computers on the internet with the same level of control as computers on the intranet.”

network access protection
Network Access Protection

Download Updates to Site Server

Deploy Updates to DP

Microsoft Update

Primary Site

Publish Health State in Active Directory



Download New Policy

Protected Network

Install Required Updates

Healthy Client


Retrieve Health State Policy



Boundary Network

Health Registration Authority

Network Policy Server

Send Statement of Health for Evaluation

Quarantine Restricted Network

software update management
Software Update Management
  • WSUS Integration
    • Full Microsoft Update content
    • Zero-day and routine deployments
    • Simplified admin experience
  • Also manage non-Microsoft software updates
    • OEMs and software vendors (ISVs)
    • Internally-developed applications
desired configuration management
Desired Configuration Management
  • Vision
    • Define configuration baselines
    • Identify required and prohibited configurations
    • Audit compliance of Windows systems
  • Core Scenarios
    • Detect configuration “drift”
    • Improve Helpdesk troubleshooting and “time-to-resolve”
    • Regulatory compliance reporting
    • Change verification
sccm 2007 desired configuration management

SCCM 2007 Desired Configuration Management

Amit GatenyoInfrastructure & Security Team LeadDario

remote control
Remote Control
  • Completely rewritten!
  • Significantly faster performance
  • Using Vista native “collaboration” technology
    • Back-ported to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
    • Underlying protocol: RDP
  • Same basic functionality as SMS 2003:
    • No need for end-user acceptance of new session
  • NEW! 3 levels of access
    • Full control
    • View only
    • None
  • Still integrated with Remote Assistance
  • SCCM 2007 is a major upgrade of SMS functionality
  • SCCM 2007 Beta 2 is full featured
    • Available now
    • Join the open beta and evaluate the changes!
  • SCCM 2007 RTM – Summer 2007
thank you
Thank You!

Amit Gatenyo