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“Grammar to Explain”

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“Grammar to Explain” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Grammar to Explain”. 재귀용법 再歸用法: 《재귀대명사를 반드시 써야 함》동사나 전치사의 목적어가 주어와 동일할 때 “그 미소년(美少年)은 자기를 사랑했다.” The beautiful boy loved him.(X) The beautiful boy loved himself . 주어=목적어 The beautiful boy=Narcissus, him=Hong Gil-dong 의 경우에는 다음은 맞다. The beautiful boy loved him. (O) ☎ 관용어구들

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“Grammar to Explain”

  • 재귀용법再歸用法:
  • 《재귀대명사를 반드시 써야 함》동사나 전치사의 목적어가 주어와 동일할 때
  • “그 미소년(美少年)은 자기를 사랑했다.”
  • The beautiful boy loved him.(X) The beautiful boy loved himself. 주어=목적어
  • The beautiful boy=Narcissus, him=Hong Gil-dong의 경우에는 다음은 맞다.
  • The beautiful boy loved him. (O)
  • ☎관용어구들
  • (1) 주어가 동사의 목적어로 再歸한 경우
  • I applied myself to my new task.(=was absorbed in; devoted myself to; buried myself in)
  • He accustomed himself to his surroundings. (=got accustomed [used] to)
  • I availed myself of the case. (=made use of; took advantage of는 약간 부정적 의미)
  • She had to support herself. (=stand on her own feet)
  • He prides himself on his talents. (=takes pride in; is proud of)
  • I find myself alone in the midst of isolation. (혼자 있다는 것을 알게 되다)
  • (2) 주어가 전치사의 목적어로 再歸한 경우
  • One cannot live for oneself. (혼자서 / 다른 사람의 도움 없이 / 자신을 위해서만)
  • I went there by myself. (혼자서 alone)
  • The door opened of itself. (저절로)
  • He is beside himself with joy [rage]. (제 정신이 아닌) etc.

Maxims Introduced by Teacher

  • Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest
  • in the kingdom of heaven.
  • from Matthew (마태복음) 18 : 4
  • Teaching others teaches yourself.
  • A candle lights others and consumes itself.
  • One morning I awoke and found myself famous.
  • Byron
  • The world is a perpetual caricature in itself.
  • George Santayana
  • If you want money you must make it for yourselves
  • as I did.Samuel Butler

Maxims Translated by Student

  • If you want people to think well of you, do not speak
  • well of yourself.
  • Blaise Pascal, French mathematician & philosopher
  • Help yourself; then everybody also will help you.
  • Nietzsche, German philosopher
  • History repeats itself.
  • Love your neighbor as (you love) yourself.
  • from Matthew (마태복음) 22 : 39
  • Poverty isn't dishonorable in itself, but it is dis-
  • honorable when it comes from idleness.

“My Maxim” Activity

  • 다음 명언을 참고로 하여 여러분의 역사관
  • 을 밝혀 보시오.
  • History doesn't repeat itself -- buthistorians do.