do you want your wheels to look shiny and impressive l.
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How to Clean Aluminum, Alloy and Chrome Wheels PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Clean Aluminum, Alloy and Chrome Wheels

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How to Clean Aluminum, Alloy and Chrome Wheels - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on demonstrates how professional detailers and car care expert clean car wheels and make it look new again. Tutorials and tools required are included.

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Presentation Transcript
do you want your wheels to look shiny and impressive

Do You Want Your Wheels To Look Shiny and Impressive?

Would You Like Your Wheels To Look New Again Within 30 Minutes?

how to clean aluminum alloy and chrome wheels
How To Clean Aluminum, Alloy and Chrome Wheels?
  • Easy Way
  • Professional Way

easy wheel cleaning
Easy Wheel Cleaning


professional wheel cleaning
Professional Wheel Cleaning


Wheel Well


5 important tools
5 Important Tools
  • Wheel Cleaner
  • Wash Mitt
  • Scrub
  • Wheel Brush
  • Paint Brush or Tiny Wheel Brush

tool 1 wheel cleaner
Tool #1: Wheel Cleaner
  • Able to remove lots of dirt and stubborn contaminants on wheel well, tire and rim

tool 2 wash mitt
Tool #2: Wash Mitt
  • Clean the rims very effectively
  • Trap the dirt

tool 3 scrub
Tool #3: Scrub
  • Wash your tire
  • Remove stubborn dirt and contaminants easily

tool 4 wheel brush
Tool #4: Wheel Brush
  • Effective in cleaning your wheel wells

tool 5 paint brush
Tool #5: Paint Brush
  • Effective tool in clean lug nuts

let s start cleaning

Let’s Start Cleaning!

10 Quick Steps

step 1 rinsing
Step 1: Rinsing
  • Rinse the wheel wells, tire and rim with water
  • Can use hand or cloth together to remove and loosen dirt

step 2 apply wheel cleaner
Step 2: Apply Wheel Cleaner
  • Spray on wheel well, tire and rim
  • Let it soak for 2-5 minutes

step 3 brush the wheel well
Step 3: Brush the Wheel Well
  • Use your wheel brush to clean the wheel well
  • Rinse wheel bursh after finish cleaning

step 4 scrub the tire
Step 4: Scrub the tire
  • Scrub your tire

step 5 wash the rim
Step 5: Wash the Rim
  • Wash the rim with your wash mitt
  • Use the brush if you can’t reach some parts of the rim

step 6 clean the lug nuts
Step 6: Clean the Lug Nuts
  • Use your tiny wheel brush or paint brush to clean the lug nuts

step 7 rinse again
Step 7: Rinse Again
  • Rinse everything with water

step 8 look for damages and problems
Step 8: Look for Damages and Problems
  • Identify damages or problems on your wheel
  • Restore the shine with a good aluminum or chrome polish

step 9 apply tire dressing
Step 9: Apply Tire Dressing
  • Apply dressing and protectant on your wheel
  • Spread around the tire with a cloth
  • Optional.
  • Not recommended if it is a daily car

step 10 apply sealant
Step 10: Apply Sealant
  • Protect your rims
  • Apply a little on your foam applicator pad
  • Apply on your rim
  • Buff the residue with a microfiber cloth after the sealant is dry


Water-Beading and Shiny Wheels!