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Alloy Wheels & Steel Wheels Explained

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Alloy Wheels & Steel Wheels Explained

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  1. EAGLE TYRES BLOGS | http://www.eagletyres.com.au/

  2. The Basics of Alloy & Steel Wheels • Alloys are a fusion of metal and other components. • They usually render superior strength over pure metals, which are generally much gentler and more pliable. • Alloys are normally lighter, render better heat conduction and often formulate superior cosmetic appearance over steel wheels. • Though steel is an alloy of iron and carbon – the words “alloy wheel” is typically retained for wheels manufactured from non-ferrous alloys.


  4. Its All About Money – Alloy vs steel Steel Wheels are cost-effective as they cost about 75% Lesser than Alloy Wheels, which make them ideal for a second set & economical to change if damaged poorly.

  5. ROBUSTNESS Steel wheels are considerably robust compared to alloy wheels. It takes more of force to bend steel wheels and it’s practically not possible to break them.

  6. QUICKNESS Steel Wheels are heavier compared to aluminium alloy wheels. So when you fit steel wheels on the car that has had alloy wheels earlier, you’re likely to discover that the added weight reduces acceleration and quickness thereby decreasing the car’s centre of gravity and typically enables it to drive more like a tank.



  9. So Which Should you choose? Steel wheels are usually good for those daily drivers or for any cars that don’t have to perform intricate steers as they do it for a living. But what you want is high performance and/ or good looks then alloy wheels is the only option you have to rely on. You can find good wheel packages online whereby you can also get them at much cheaper cost.

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