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Update on Political Activities. UMCC HR Sub-Committee December 1, 2006. Purpose . To provide committee members with: a recap of provisions regarding political activities under the PSEA an update on political activity requests by DND civilian employees. What is a Political Activity?.

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Update on political activities
Update on Political Activities

  • UMCC HR Sub-Committee

  • December 1, 2006


  • To provide committee members with:

    • a recap of provisions regarding political activities under the PSEA

    • an update on political activity requests by DND civilian employees

What is a political activity
What is a Political Activity?

  • The PSEA defines "political activity" as:

    • any activity in support of, within or in opposition to a political party;

    • any activity in support of or in opposition to a candidate before or during an election period; or

    • seeking nomination as, or being a candidate in an election before or during the election period.

  • Examples of political activity are:

    • joining a political party

    • carrying out administrative activities for a political party or candidate

    • wearing a political button or posting a sign on your lawn

    • seeking nomination as and securing candidacy

Changes under the psea
Changes under the PSEA

  • Employees may engage in any political activity but are still subject to upholding political impartiality, whether real or perceived

  • Permission to seek nomination and run as a candidate applies to the federal, provincial, territorial and now municipal levels

  • Increasedflexibility for the PSC (eg. when LWOP starts)

  • PSC authority to investigatebroadened to include any allegation of improper political activity

Requirements for non candidacy activities
Requirements for Non-Candidacy Activities

  • “Will this activity impair, or be perceived as impairing, my political impartiality as a public servant?”

  • As there is no formal approval process involved, the decision to participate in political activities rests solely with the employee

    • employee must become familiar with subject matter and assess their own situation

    • employee responsible for making reasonable decisions

    • employee is accountable for decision to participate

    • PSC resources available: Regulations, Guidance Document, Self-Assessment Tool, Q&As

    • DND resources available: DGLRC Guidelines, Political Activities and You! brochure, Departmental Designated Representative (DGLRC)

Requirements for candidacy
Requirements for Candidacy

  • Permission must be obtained from PSC before seeking nomination or candidacy through a formalized process

  • Employee must submit request directly to the PSC at least 30 days in advance (longer for more complex situations)

  • The PSC may consider the following when making it’s decision:

    • nature of the election

    • nature of the employee’s duties, and

    • level and visibility of the employee’s position

  • Permission may be subject to conditions (eg. LWOP or cease to be an employee) determined on a case-by-case basis

Update on political activities by dnd civilian employees
Update on Political Activities by DND Civilian Employees

  • To date there has been a total of 6 formal requests by DND civilian employees seeking nomination/candidacy

    • PSC allowed 4 without imposing additional conditions

      • 3 of these candidates ultimately elected into office

    • PSC allowed 2 subject to condition of LWOP once elected (declined by employee in both instances)

  • All requests have been for municipal elections

    • mostly seeking city council

    • mainly in Ontario

Upcoming elections
Upcoming Elections

  • The PSC is maintaining a 2006-2007 calendar of federal, provincial, territorial and municipal elections across the country

  • 2006

    • provincial/territorial in New Brunswick and Yukon

    • municipal in Ontario and Northwest Territories

  • 2007

    • provincial/territorial elections are expected in Newfoundland and Labrador, PEI, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories

    • municipal elections are expected in New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Alberta