sgh z107 technical training s w session l.
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SGH-Z107 Technical Training -S/W session- PowerPoint Presentation
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SGH-Z107 Technical Training -S/W session-

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SGH-Z107 Technical Training -S/W session- - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SGH-Z107 Technical Training -S/W session-. Nov. 2004 Kumi, Korea Yushin, Kim ( SW Lab 2, R&D Group 5 Mobile Communication Div. SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. Contents. Overview of Z107 What is changed compared with Z105 IrDA Key strings to remember Factory Reset

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SGH-Z107 Technical Training -S/W session-

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    1. SGH-Z107Technical Training-S/W session- Nov. 2004 Kumi, Korea Yushin, Kim ( SW Lab 2, R&D Group 5 Mobile Communication Div. SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    2. Contents • Overview of Z107 • What is changed compared with Z105 • IrDA • Key strings to remember • Factory Reset • Connection between UE and PC • Downloading Binary Files • Test Mode • Log Trace for Debugging • Internet Access • Easy Studio • IMEI Writing • Q & A SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    3. Overview of Z107 UMTS overview S/W structure SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    4. UMTS overview • Z107 consists of the below band • GSM900, DCS1800, WCDMA(2.1GHz) • WCDMA Feature • Video telephony • Video Streaming(VOD..) • PS data(Wap, MMS, SMS, E-mail) • 2Mbps(Indoor) • 384kbps(D/L), 64kbps(U/L) • Clear voice • No TDMA noise, No handover noise • Multi-Rab • Simultaneous CS+PS bi-directional communication. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    5. SW structure All graphics shown on LCD are could be called as application program. Application program uses modem in order to make voice call/wap access/mms/camera etc.. Application or UI Modem chipset Modem program is related with modem chipset, HW driver and regarded as protocol stack(GSM/GPRS/WCDMA) and firmware program(Keypad, LCD, camera driver…). SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    6. What is changed compared with Z105? External light IrDA SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    7. External light (1) • The light flashes when you are in a service area • and when you switch your phone on. • and when there is an incoming/outgoing call. • Ext. light has five colors • Green/Sky blue/Blue/Violet/Red and can be changed at “MenuSettingPhoneExt Light”. • It also functions as a flash when you take photos. • Refer to the next page SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    8. External light (2) • External light can be flashed when taking photo • Automatic/manual flash mode can be selected at the below menu. • MenuApplicationCameraOptionscamera settingsFlash mode. • Automatic: Flash will work when you takes photo. • Manual: to switch the camera flash on or off, You have to press the Up key in the Navigation key in capture mode. The flash goes on. When You have taken a picture flash goes out. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    9. IrDA • Activate IrDA on Z107 • PS Data communication • V-object transfer • EasyStudio via IrDA SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    10. Activate IrDA on Z107 • Menu Tree: Main Menu Settings Phone Infrared • Off: deactivates the infrared feature on the phone. • On: activates the infrared feature on the phone. • : Appears when the Infrared port is actived. • : Appears when you connect the phone to a computer by the Infrared port. • If there is no communication between your phone and an Infrared-compliant device within 1minute of activating the feature, it is automatically deactivated. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    11. PS data communication(1) • TE Configuration • Steps for the PS dialup configuration for IrDA • 1. Right Click on “My Network Places” icon on the desktop • 2. Click “Properties” • 3. Right click on the “Dial-up Connection” icon • 4. On general tab, check “Standard Modem over IR Link” to select IrDA Modem. • 5. Click Configure. Ensure the “hardware flow control”, “Modem Error control” and “Modem Compression” are all DISABLED . Set maximum speed to 115200 bps. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    12. PS data communication(2) SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    13. Menu Contact Search Contact Select one among contact list Select option Send name card Via infrared V-object transfer • Note) Z107 only supports Vcard transfer between mobiles. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    14. EasyStudio via IrDA • Activate IrDA of Z107, then PC will detect Z107 via PC IrDA port. • (menusettingPhoneInfrared) • Internet wizard • Easy Studio SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    15. Key Strings of Z107 Key strings provide specific information and access to specific menu in Z107. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    16. Key Strings to remember (1) • Test mode : During idle mode, press the following:*#0011# • IMEI number check : *#06# • Vibrator: *#0842# • S/W version check : *#1234# • S/W, H/W, Call version: *#742695# • Pre-configuration : It’s different according to Service provider. • You can select this one in the “Admin setting  Pre-config”: Next page • Internals: Next page • Ciphering Enable/Disable: *#32489# • Integrity Enable/Disable: *#1235789#  “Ciphering & Integrity” must be enabled for UMTS service in the live air.  Ciphering & Integrity are enabled by default. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    17. Key Strings to remember (2) • Z107 Vodafone • Admin: *#3695147*# • Preconfig: *#83301*# • Z107 Tmobile • Admin: *#6854123*# • Preconfig: *#86203*# • Z107 Generic • Admin: *#1546792*# • Preconfig: *#81230*# SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    18. Factory Reset (1) • Formatting file systems – Application side factory reset Power on a mobile with pressing key3 and 4, Then mobile will start factory reset mode. Key0+key4+power on File system formatting takes 5 sec. File system formatting Restoring Factory setting takes 30sec. File system restoring After successfully restored file system, mobile should be restarted. Then Factory reset procedure is finished. Restart mobile As “file system format” feature erase all setting information such as wap, mms, etc.. So, configuration information should be replaced by setting “pre-configuration” menu. Setup pre-configuration SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    19. Factory Reset (2) Power on a mobile with pressing key3 and 7, Then mobile will start NV Rebuild. Key0+key7+power on “NV Rebuild” message can be found on the cover LCD and it takes one second. NV Rebuild NV Finish If NV rebuild is finished, “NV Finish” message can be found on the cover LCD. RF Calibration As all NV values are erased including RF cal data RF calibration must be done. IMEI writing IMEI also should be re-written. • CAUTION • “NV Rebuild” does not support restoring feature like “Restoring file system” in the application side. • If “NV Rebuild” performed, all calibration data will be erased. Thus you have to do “RF Calibration” • in order to restore NV Value. • “NV Rebuild” needs to be tried only if mobile does not work at all regarding call related feature. • For example mobile cannot make voice call. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    20. Useful Icon of S/W (1) SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    21. Useful Icon of S/W (2) SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    22. Connection Between UE and PC SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    23. Connection Between UE and PC (1) • There is two way to connect UE to PC • One is using USB and the other is using UART (Serial port) • UART connection (Serial port) • For setting UE and tracing debugging log • Usually, Z107 sends two signals via UART port. • One is modem-sided log (for debugging protocol stack) • The other is mocha-sided log (for debugging application S/W) • You have to prepare a data cable equipped with USB and UART for tracing log by UART • Without changing initial setting of Z107, • UART1 : modem log, setting will be done via this port • UART2 : mocha log SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    24. Connection Between UE and PC (2) • USB connection • For data communication, sometimes for tracing log • Initially, Z107 is set to send logging information via UART. • It is necessary to change the setting for tracing log via USB. • PC receives and sends data to UE using USB in PC browsing • In Z107, Internet Access is used for this function. • For USB connection, a specific device driver is needed. • Samsung USB driver has to be installed for USB connection. • It can be found in the web site • Actually, UE provide two kinds of device driver. • Samsung USB and Qualcomm USB • Initially UE is set as Samsung USB SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    25. Connection Between UE and PC - LAB (1) • Unzip the compressed file to some specific folder • Before installing new driver, please uninstall the previous one • Execute setup.exe 1. Execute “setup.exe” file. 2. Click “Install” Button. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    26. Connection Between UE and PC - LAB (2) • There is no need changing any setting during it and most of time, you may ignore the caution from windows. • You can see the following message window easily. • Now, connect the data cable to Z107 and USB port of PC. • Plug & play function will automatically find out a new hardware. • You only have to select “recommended” option gived by new hardware detecting wizard several times. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    27. Connection Between UE and PC - LAB (3) • If the previous procedures are done properly, you can see the Samsung CDMA mode in the control panel. • Control panel -> system properties -> hardware ->Device Manager-> Modem SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    28. Downloading Binary Files SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    29. Downloading Binary Files (1) • Z107 firmware is composed of 6 files • Usurf.BIN : Modem binary for communication function • W1kMc.BIN : Mocha binary for user interface and various application • Fontout8.bin : Font data file • Rsrc.cnt : Files need for each application • Rsrc2.cnt : Power on/off animation • FactoryFS.bin : Default file system to be put into in initial production • Downloading program (MultiLoader_b21g.exe) • S/W for downloading firmware (binary images) to the Z107 • No need to install the S/W. Just unzip the compressed file or copy it. • After copying one file, possible to download firmware to the mobile • Totally 8 mobiles can be downloaded at the same time (For this, usually USB hub is needed) SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    30. Downloading Binary Files (2) • Prerequisite • Get the downloading program and Samsung USB modem driver. - • Install the Samsung USB modem driver - Unzip to some folder.- Execute Setup.exe - The detailed procedure you can see in the next pages. • Unzip to the folder which you would like to locate the executable file. D/Loader name is not decided yet~~(2004 Nov) - You have only to unzip the file. No need to install it. • Get the firmware to download from service web site.- • Unzip the file to some specific folder which you want. • Prepare one USB data cable for Z107 SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    31. Downloading Binary Files (3) • HowToDo 1. Prepare 6 files which are explained before this procedure. 2. Execute the downloading SW, MultiLoader_b21g.exe. 3. Boot the Z107 by pressing ‘Power ON key’ + ‘Number 9 key’ at the same time - If you do properly, you can see the following message on sub LCD “EMERGENCY ASIC USB DOWNLOAD…” 4. Connect the data cable to the Z107.- Check whether one of Entry is highlighted in MultiLoader. - If you want to download more UE’s, you only have to connect them. 5. Choose each firmware file matched to each item of MultiLoader. 6. Now press the button ‘DownLoad’. 7. When downloading is complete, UE reboot automatically. - If there is difference in FactoryFS.bin, UE will format file system automatically. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    32. Downloading Binary Files (4) • Things to remember • Only when it is informed that boot code change is necessary, use the check box “Change phone boot area” in Multiloader program.> In most of cases, it is recommended not to use it.> If downloading fails during changing boot area, you can not reboot the mobile any more ! • When you select the firmware files for each item, don’t forget to checkthat the files have the same version. • Only the files which change can be downloaded.For example, if there is change only in rsrc.cnt, you have only to download that file. • File system will be formatted only when FactoryFS.bin file changes.At this time, all data which is made or stored by user will disappear. • The multiloader version should be matched to the firmware version. Please check whether the versions are matched or not. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    33. Downloading Binary Files -LAB(1) • Unzip the downloader to a folder where you want. • Unzip the firmware file to a folder where you want. • The same folder is recommended to be used SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    34. Downloading Binary Files -LAB(2) • Execute “MultiLoader_b21g.exe” and choose like the following. usurf.BIN W1kMc.bin fontout8.bin Rsrc2.cnt Rsrc.cnt FactoryFS.bin SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    35. Downloading Binary Files -LAB(3) • Switch on Z107 by pressing + simultaneously • And then connect the USB cable to the Z107 EMERGENCYASIC USBDOWNLOAD… If UE is properly switched on, the message can be found on sub LCD Check that this part is activated after connecting the cable SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    36. Downloading Binary Files -LAB(4) • Click “DownLoad” and then the process will start. • It will take about 10 ~ 20 minutes to complete this job. • When it ends, UE will reboot automatically. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    37. Test Mode SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    38. Test Mode (1) • In order to check whether UE is operating properly with network, you can use test mode. • Key string : *#0011# • In this mode, many kinds of information can be checked such as current service, service state, channel, signal quality and strength, vocoder type and etc. • In the test mode, • Up & down navigation key : moving pages of test mode • End key : escaping from test mode • It is possible to enter test mode during call. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    39. Test Mode (2) • HowToDo • During idle mode, just input the key string *#0011# and you can see the test mode screen. • During connected mode, in other words, call is ongoing 1. Before you start a call, input the key string *#0011# 2. Press “start key” and UE will show blank screen escaping from the test mode. 3. Make a MO call. 4. After call is connected, press “reject key” again. 5. UE will show the test mode again and call also is going on. 6. Press “end key” and UE will show normal call screen. Press “reject key” and UE will return to the test mode. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    40. Test Mode (3) • HowToDo : continued 7. If you want to see the test mode during receiving call, it is easier. 8. While UE is in the test mode, make a call to the UE. 9. When you accept call, UE will show normal call screen. 10. At this time, you only have to press “reject key” in order to enter the test mode. 11. The other operation is the same as sending a call. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    41. Test Mode (4) -120 <=RSCP<= -25 -24<=Ec/Io<= 0 RSCP=RSSI+Ec/Io • Details (WCDMA idle) Current Serving Cell : Connection State Receiving CH : RSSI Transmitting CH : Tx Power (dBm) Ec/Io : RSCP Vocoder type 1, 2, 3 : FR (Full Rate), HR (Half Rate), AR(AMR), ER(Enhanced FR) Ec/Io : RSCP DRX cycle for paging indicator - In case of connected mode, some more items are added.But those are beyond this training session SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    42. Test Mode (5) -120<RxLev<-45 7<=RxQual<=0 • Details (GSM idle) Current Serving Cell : Connection State Traffic arfcn, Broadcast arfcn Rx RSSI, Rx Quality Rx Level, Tx Level Vocoder type: FR (Full Rate), HR (Half Rate), ER(Enhanced FR), AMR(Adaptive multi rate) Initial Vocoder State : 0 (FS full rate speech), 1 (HS), 2(EFS), 3 (AMR) Current Timeslot - In case of connected mode, some more items are added.But those are beyond this training session SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    43. Test Mode (6) • MM information 6: call connected, 19: Idle 1: Updated 2: Not_Updated 3: Roaming_Not_Allowed 1: No Service 2: Limited Service 3: Service Available 0: No Service 1: only CS available 2: only PS available 3: CS and PS available SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    44. Test Mode (7) • RR Information & neighboring cell information • You can skip the two menus, If you don’t have to investigate details about handover and actions of UE’s lower layer. • RR information shows > the information similar to the first page in WCDMA mode. > reselection cause, current working vocoder type, Ch mode and etc. in GSM mode • If it is needed, you can ask the development team to send a related document or to help the analysis SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    45. Test Mode (8) • GPRS information PLMN : 214 001 0: Updated 1: Not Updated 2: PLMN Not Allowed 3: Routing Area Not Allowed <PS signaling connection states> 0: Detached 1: Idle 2: Connected SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    46. Log Trace • Z107 has separate system btw modem and application which is different concept • compared with conventional GSM mobile. • A modem or an application log should be captured according to the case of problem. • As Application log trace is too complex, let’s consider modem only. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    47. Log Trace (1) • There are two kinds of log in Z107 • Modem log : it is related to protocol and interworking with network • Mocha log : it is related to application and UI, But Mocha log tracing tool is not necessary so will be skipped. • Two kinds of log trace program are needed • Modem log • Tracing log using MsgViewer.exe via UART1 • QxDM** can be used for tracing modem log.It is more powerful but license is needed for using • In case that Qualcomm USB driver is set, log can be traced via USB portFor this, it is necessary to change USB setting and Diag setting in Internalsetting menu. • Mocha Log : skip SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    48. Log Trace (2) • Prerequisite • A data cable which has USB and two UART port • Log trace program suitable for which log will be traced. 1) MsgViewer.exe – modem • MsgView.exe has not been provided yet in the service web site. • Both Z105 and Z107 use same logging tool. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    49. Log Trace –LAB (1) Modem • How to trace modem log • Connect the UART1 of cable to the serial port of PC • Connect the other end of cable to UE • Execute MsgViewer.exe 1. Choose COM1. 2.You can filter the log based on the level. It is recommended to keep the initial setting. 3. Click “Connect” button to start tracing log. * You can control scroll of display by this button * You can clean the message window using this SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

    50. Log Trace –LAB (2) Modem • How to trace modem log - continued • If all is done properly, you can see messages in the screen. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary