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Conversation Circles Bluford Series PowerPoint Presentation
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Conversation Circles Bluford Series

Conversation Circles Bluford Series

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Conversation Circles Bluford Series

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  1. Conversation CirclesBluford Series Days 10-11

  2. Day 10

  3. High School Yearbook Most Likely’s and Best Of’s • Today, you are going to be nominating two of the characters in your book for Bluford High’s yearbook! • Your job is to choose 2 characters from your book to nominate for 2 of the categories up for grabs. • In order to submit your nomination you must include a piece of dialogue from your book that shows us why we should vote for them for the category and explain why you chose it. • Once all submissions have been completed, you will present your nominee to the class and we will vote on the winners!

  4. Categories • Most Likely to Be Famous • Most Likely to Become a Millionaire • Most Likely to Take Over the World • Most Likely to Win a Nobel Peace Prize • Best Smile • Best Personality • Best Athlete • Best Friend • *If you would like to create your own, go ahead, but you need to explain why it fits your character*

  5. Day 11

  6. Mini-Project: BlufordHigh: The TV Show • You and your group are now TV managers for the XYZ network. • Task: Create a commercial for the new TV show based on the Bluford High series! • Write a script that advertises this new show for the board of producers. • You will present the commercial to the class. • Commercial should include: • At least 2 quotes from each book that will draw the viewer in—make them want to watch! • Talk about 1 character from each book, using a quote to describe what they are like. • Discuss the “episodes” that the series will include (In other words: describe each book to us so that we will want to watch!) • Made 2 connections for the audience (“You may have seen this movie, but you’ll like this one even more…” “Have you ever felt lost and insecure? Well, you’ll be able to connect with Erin and how she…”)

  7. Mini-Project:Bluford High: The TV Show • Now, since you are all managers at the station, you have a vote in which series gets produced to be aired on TV. • After each team has pitched their commercial, we will hold a vote to see whose show reigns supreme!

  8. Judging • Here are the criteria you will judge the presentations by: • Script: easy to follow, interesting, gets message across about why we should watch • At least 2 interesting quotes from each book • Discusses 1 characters from each book, using quotes to describe what they are like • Tells viewers about the “episodes” of the movie • 2 connections for the audience

  9. Project Work: Look Like Feel Like Sound Like