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Policies, Rules, Procedures: Chemistry. Textbook. Holt McDougal: Modern Chemistry: Please cover and take care of your book Please keep your book at home You are responsible for returning your book in good condition – these are new books!. Supplies.

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Holt McDougal: Modern Chemistry:

  • Please cover and take care of your book

  • Please keep your book at home

  • You are responsible for returning your book in good condition – these are new books!


  • Bring all supplies to class everyday (pens, pencils, notebooks, & calculator)

  • If you borrow something of mine, I will take something of yours as collateral.

Classroom procedures
Classroom Procedures

  • Please get to work on the Drill as soon as you enter the classroom.

  • I dismiss the class, not the bell.

  • Please stay in your seats until you are dismissed.

  • Please raise your hand before speaking and be respectful of those around you.


  • Due at the START of the class period (not 10 minutes into the class period)

  • Late homework (one day late) can earn up to half credit

  • Pass HW across rows toward middle aisle.

  • Homework can be graded for either accuracy or completion.

  • Please do your own work!


  • If your absence is excused, you will be given time, EQUAL TO THE TIME MISSED, to make up any work

  • Please check the “Make-up Folder” on back lab table for missed work when you were absent

  • If you miss a day, see if you can “catch on” to what we are doing; otherwise you can schedule an after school appointment to get caught up


  • It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get your work made up on time and take missing assessments

  • It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to collect returned graded work from your folder in the crate on back lab table; any returned graded work not picked up will be discarded at the end of the grading quarter

Excessive absences
Excessive Absences

  • 9 unexcused absences in the course of an academic year (4.5 per semester) will result in denial of credit due to excessive absences

  • If your absences are lawful and excessive (4.5 per semester), you can still be denied credit due to excessive absences if your work does not meet expected levels of performance

Lab work
Lab Work

  • Lab work is an integral part of this course

  • If you miss a lab, you will need to complete the lab after school (missing a lab consists of being absent all period or missing more than 20 minutes of the period)

Lab safety
Lab Safety

  • Lab safety is a PRIORITY

  • Safety goggles must be worn when I say so.

    • This does NOT mean wearing them on your head or around your neck

  • Refusal to wear goggles or if you need to be constantly “reminded” to put them on will result in removal from the lab area

  • Also wear closed-toe shoes on lab days

Discipline issues
Discipline Issues

  • Howard High School’s PBIS discipline ladder policy will be followed.

  • NO cell phones.

  • NO food.

Academic dishonesty
Academic Dishonesty

  • Cheating will result in a grade of zero

  • If you are talking during an assessment, I will consider this cheating.

  • Copying someone else’s paper for any reason is considered cheating

    • If you give someone your paper to copy, you will also receive a grade of zero

  • Discussing/exchanging secure test information is considered cheating


  • 50% - Assessments (tests/quizzes, projects, alternate assessments)

  • 30% - Lab Work (lab worksheets, lab reports, etc.)

  • 20% - Classwork/Homework (worksheets, outlines, signed progress reports, etc.)

Note on assessments
Note on Assessments

  • You will typically know one week in advance of an upcoming assessment.

  • Therefore, being absent the day before an assessment does NOT excuse you from taking it upon your return

  • Talking during any type of assessment will result in a grade of zero.


  • You will have a drill to complete every class.

  • There will be a set time to complete this drill

  • Please start the drill as you as you sit down.

    • Record both the drill question and answer on the drill sheet

    • Drills may be collected randomly at any time during the marking period

    • A stack of drill sheets is located on the front lab table

Extra help
Extra Help

  • I am available before and after school if you need extra help with work


  • For homework and other information please see my teacher’s webpage:


    I will post this presentation on my webpage

Assigned seating
Assigned Seating

  • Students will be assigned seats

  • Students will receive new seating arrangements every marking period

Lab groups
Lab Groups

  • I will choose your lab group at the beginning of the year. These groups may change through out the year.

County assessments
County Assessments

  • You will take 4 county assessments

Other classroom procedures
Other Classroom Procedures

  • Please do not touch any item on my cart or my computer. This is my space.

  • Please do not get out of your seat unless I give you permission.

  • During groupwork, labwork, etc., we need a sound or gesture to bring class back to attention. Thoughts???

Student folders
Student Folders

  • Please write name on folder. This is where you will find graded work.