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Travel Policies and Procedures

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Travel Policies and Procedures UTD Procurement Management What this session will cover Overview of the Travel Department and its duties Contact information for the Travel Department Policies and procedures that will affect you as you travel on UTD business

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travel policies and procedures

Travel Policies and Procedures

UTD Procurement Management

what this session will cover
What this session will cover
  • Overview of the Travel Department and its duties
  • Contact information for the Travel Department
  • Policies and procedures that will affect you as you travel on UTD business
  • Forms and paperwork used to obtain travel permission and reimbursement of expenses
  • Receives properly approved Travel Authorizations, Travel Vouchers, Travel Advance Requests, and all special paperwork required for travel to foreign countries or to Washington, DC
  • Reconciles submitted Travel Vouchers and processes them for reimbursement if they can be matched with a properly approved Travel Authorization
  • Coordinates payment and chargeback of airfare billed directly to the University
department contacts
Department Contacts

Trudy Muller is UTD’s Travel Coordinator, and can be reached by any of the following methods:

Phone: extension 2606

Fax: extension 2348

Campus Mail: stop AD34


E-mail sent to the above address is also monitored by Pete Bond, Asst VP of Procurement Management.

traveling on utd business
Traveling on UTD business
  • Complete and submit a properly approved Travel Authorization form for each trip. It summarizes the extent and purpose of travel, and must be sent to the Travel Coordinator prior to departure.
traveling on utd business6
Traveling on UTD business
  • All airfare reservations should be made through the University travel agent (currently Navigant). The state contracts low, refundable fares to and from several popular city pairs.
traveling on utd business7
Traveling on UTD business
  • The State of Texas (and UT System) contract with hotels and rental car companies to receive discounted rates. These companies are listed in the Texas State Travel Directory.
traveling on utd business8
Traveling on UTD business
  • Airfare is directly billed to UTD, but all other expenses are assumed by traveler and presented for reimbursement via a Travel Voucher.
  • Travelers must adhere to per-diem rates set forth by the State.
traveling on utd business9
Traveling on UTD business
  • Travel Card: an individual-liability credit card issued to the traveler for purposes of charging travel-related expenses until reimbursement is received from the University.
traveling on utd business10
Traveling on UTD business
  • Travel Advance: People ineligible for a Travel Card may be able to receive a small advance prior to traveling. You forfeit all reimbursements due you by UTD until advance is repaid.
forms you will use
Formsyou willuse

Many of the travel-related documents you will use are available through UTD’s e-forms website: tcs/eforms/

forms you will use12
Forms you will use

Travel Authorization:Must be filled out, signed, approved, and sent to Travel at AD34 *prior* to travel. This form demonstrates that UTD is aware and approves of your trip.

travel authorization
Travel Authorization
  • Absolutely required. No reimbursements or payments can be made without one.
  • Make sure you list an account number and the dates of travel, and get signatures.
  • UTD-ID or SSN is required to enter traveler into A/P’s financial system
forms you will use15
Forms you will use

Request for President’s Approval of State Employees Traveling to Foreign Countries:Must be filled out for each trip outside the USA/Canada/Mexico, regardless of the source of funds. Send it to Peggy Zotter at AD24; she will forward it to the President’s Office for approval, and then to Travel.

travel to foreign countries
Travel to Foreign Countries
  • Presidential Approval must be obtained while filling out the Travel Authorization – PRIOR to travel.
  • The “benefit to UTD” is different from the “business purpose” of the trip. You must show that the travel helps you fulfill UTD’s objectives. Example:
  • - Business Purpose: Society Conference in Madrid, Spain
  • - Benefit to UTD: Keep department up-to-date on latest research and developments in the field
forms you will use18
Forms you will use

Report of State Agency Travel to Washington, DC:Everyone at UTD is an agent of the State of Texas, and Texas’s Office of State-Federal Relations needs to report every time a State agent travels to Washington, D.C., and why they are making the trip.

travel to washington d c
Travel to Washington, D.C.
  • Must be completed regardless of source of funds, and even if travel is at no cost to UTD.
  • Must be completed PRIOR to travel, just like the Travel Authorization.
  • Do not send the form to Procurement Management; send it to Peggy Zotter at AD24. She faxes the forms to the Office of State-Federal relations, then forwards them to Travel.
forms you will use21
Forms you will use

Promissory Note/Voucher: People who cannot acquire a Travel Card, or who do not travel often enough for a Travel Card to be worthwhile, can request a sum of money approximating their anticipated travel expenses, paid in advance via an Accounts Payable check or direct deposit.

promissory note voucher
Promissory Note/Voucher
  • Should only be used if a Travel Card cannot be obtained, or is unfeasible to obtain
  • Must attach a properly completed and approved Travel Authorization
  • Must have approval of the Assistant Vice President for Procurement (Pete Bond, AD34) PRIOR to travel
  • UTD reserves the right to withhold any and all reimbursements due you until the debt is retired
forms you will use24
Forms you will use

Travel Voucher:Filled out upon return. Details all business-related expenditures incurred on the trip. Must include original receipts.

travel voucher
Travel Voucher
  • Must be submitted within 30 days of traveler’s return to UTD
  • Hotel, rental car and airfare boarding pass are absolutely required; submit detailed affidavits if these have been misplaced
  • Be sure to note both the destination and business purpose on the Voucher, to help Travel match it with an authorization and determine applicable per-diem rates
forms you will use28
Forms you will use
  • Hotel Direct Bill: This is most commonly used when UTD is bringing someone to Richardson and wishes to pay for his/her hotel stay. The Renaissance and Radisson hotels are very familiar with this system, and are your recommended choices.
hotel direct bill request
Hotel Direct Bill Request
  • Room Nights = # of rooms x # of nights (mostly of concern when arranging for multiple people)
  • If you plan to assume responsibility for more than simply the room rate and city tax, be sure you have gotten proper approval under the discretionary funds guidelines.
helpful web resources
Helpful Web resources

Procurement Management website:

TCS E-forms website:

GSC Travel Contracts Page (hotel, airfare, and rental car info):

Comptroller’s out-of-state per diem rates (all one line): mealrates.htm

authorization for professional services
Authorization for Professional Services
  • Required for any consultants, guest lecturers, or other non-employees providing service to UTD
  • Must also be completed if UTD is paying travel-related expenses in lieu of a fee, and even if such expenses will be direct billed
  • Consult training packet for sample and instructions
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