2007 september 6 th town meeting n.
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2007 September 6 th Town Meeting

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2007 September 6 th Town Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2007 September 6 th Town Meeting. Welcome Board Progress Report Community Survey Results Q & A Session Close. 2007 BOARD OF DIRECTORS . Progress Report September 6 th , 2007. “ASHLEY LAKES A GREAT AND SAFE PLACE TO LIVE”. Communicating what is happening in our community

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2007 september 6 th town meeting

2007 September 6th Town Meeting


Board Progress Report

Community Survey Results

Q & A Session


2007 board of directors


Progress Report

September 6th, 2007


Communicating what is happening in our community

-Web-site/Newsletters (funded via advertising)

-Board Meetings/Town Meeting

-Home Mailings

34 or 11 of homeowners participate in association activities


5 Board Members

25 Committee Members

24 Block Watchers

ashley lakes financials

Ashley Lakes Financials

-Due to non-supported financial system used by Bay Mgmt, hired Jones CPA firm to take over financial processing & reduced association management fees

-Some of financial highlights:

Increase in outstanding accounts receivables

Increases in insurance costs

Savings from change in association mgmt fees

Additional revenue from advertising & late fees

-Solid Balance Sheet & Net Income Positive (help fund community improvements planned for remainder of the year)

arb committee

ARB Committee

- To expedite approval process, the Board of Directors only reviews variances from guidelines

- Pre-approved paint books for home exteriors

- Assist in filling out Alteration Application

- Standardized such improvements e.g. coach lights, sprinkler system installation, new sod installation

- Published ARB Guidelines in June Newsletter

- Establish Sales/Rent Signs & Garbage Can Placement Guideline


Encouraging Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Newsletter Recognition

Framed Picture & Article

Promoting Pride in Ownership

- Encourage Home Improvements

- Yard of Month Guidelines Published

Sign in Yard

Newsletter Recognition

Framed Certificate/Picture

landscaping projects

Landscaping Projects

-Re-do irrigation systems at entrances

-Replanting annuals at entrances

-Littoral Shelf Rehabilitation

-Vanderbilt Pond Rehabilitation

-Install no swimming, fishing & boating signs

-Clean up trash around waterways

-Establish Yard of Month Guidelines

-Centex redo community street tree plan

-New Garbage Containers in play areas

community relations

Community Relations

- Special Town Meeting in July with Pasco

Commissioner sponsored by Ashley Lakes, Holiday Lakes, The Palms, Lake Parker Estates, & Grey Hawk

- Proposed Tree Barrier under review by Pasco County to close opening of Ashley Lakes on CR 54

- Proposed Special Town Meeting with Supervisor of Elections sponsored by Ashley Lakes & Grey Hawk

- Proposed Halloween Party in cooperation with the Odessa Community Center


Complying with our deed restrictions

Publish process & compliance in August Newsletter

Inspection tours/Homeowner calls

Notification/Legal action

- Typical violations

Garbage container placement

Mildew on homes & fence

Parking on grass & street

Lawn & yard maintenance

crime prevention

Crime Prevention

- Community Deputy Utilization

- Crime Watch Program

- On line crime reporting/e-mail summary

Disturbances (neighbors, noise, domestic, juvenile) represent 20%

Assist Citizen/Traffic/Alarms represent 30%

- Invited to attend 6th Annual Public Safety Symposium By Pasco Sheriff

- A Citizen’s Handbook “How to protect yourself & property from crime”


Encourage homeowners to play a role in the community and crime watch programs

- Openings on ARB, Block Rep & Landscape Committee

Listening to you, our customers, and enlisting your participation in our community surveys, town meetings, committee, and board meetings

- Fareham Green Space Survey(April)

- 2007 Community Survey(August)

- July Town Meeting (Pasco Commissioner)

- September Town Meeting(Open Discussion)

- Proposed Town Meeting(Supervisor of Elections)

proposing changes in the hoa documents

Proposing changes in the HOA Documents

- Absentee Ballots in addition to proxies & meeting attendance

- Change approval requirement from 67% to 55% for changing documents

- Pre-Association proposed changes not adapted by Centex

homeowner comments

- Don’t mail newsletter & leave it at the door. Do one or the other to save paper costs. We always get two newsletters.

- Thanks for outstanding job in communications to the community-you covered all aspects of what is happening in Ashley Lakes

homeowner comments1

- Board seems impartial. The time they give to our community is appreciated.

- So far board is doing good job

homeowner comments2
  • Yard of Month program need to be expanded
  • Yard of Month program should encourage residents to take pride in appearance of their homes-thanks for starting program
homeowner comments3
  • Suggest the Laker newspaper be put in a box at each entrance as some homes empty or on vacation. It is on sidewalk/street, the it rains-looks like garbage in front of home-remember clean community
  • Community appearance will continue to improve when residents and non-resident investors take actions to make their properties mirror those who set the example like yard of month winners
homeowner comments4

Need to enforce at least a nice, well maintained yard for 100% of community. But there are still many not keeping their yards as they should. Also there is trash on some streets & in the lake (pond) off the back entrance on Vanderbilt. Tramore as a street has many homes that need to have serious attention

homeowner comments5

- Too many RV, Truck, Boat type vehicles in driveways and on street.

- "Across the board" Enforcement for all violators of Deed Restrictions

- Support of ARB Guidelines by the Board of Directors

- Enforce deed restrictions & ARB guidelines to renters as they don’t care about home appearance

- Enforce trash cans be placed in back or in garage, but not on side as neighbors have it about 10 ft from my main entrance

homeowner comments6

- I getting pretty frustrated with the ARB. Several times my requests have come back rejected because they were in violation of deed restrictions. After speaking with an attorney, my suspicions have been confirmed and these requested alterations do indeed fall into the realm of acceptable according to our deed restrictions. Other times requests have been denied with no explanation whatsoever

- What is my incentive for going through ARB due process when I feel as though it is not just? Why should I follow the rules when so many others don’t. For example, my neighbor has installed unapproved pavers in a non-approved color and the HOA has done nothing about it. I am beginning to feel as though the ARB is useless and I should treat it as such.

homeowner comments7

- More enforcement regarding people weeding, edging, & properly disposing of their clipping instead of blowing them in the streets or leaving them on sidewalks & driveways

- Stricter enforcement for homeowners who don’t pick up grass clippings and weeds

- Homeowners who care about their community generally follow the rules as well as their property

homeowner comments8

- Noise 5 doors to the west Ashley Lakes Dr corner of Fareham

- Neighbors parking on their lawns. It brings the appearance of the community down. Makes us look low class.

- Neighbor is a _ _ _.

- Janet’s house is making all of us lazy neighbors look bad

- Curb appeal is driven by clean, neat, well kept properties and it is time for neighbors to step up

homeowner comments9
  • Disappointed in the appearance of many yards throughout the community especially on Vanderbilt & Ashley Lakes Dr. Many of the vacant homes for sale. I have called the realtor anonymously & advised them of the poor lawn maintenance being done.
  • Seeing an increased amount of homes for sale & 50% of these homes, since they are for sale are not being maintained in regards to the lawn. This is a poor feature to have when trying to sell a home & adds to the somewhat poor appearance throughout Ashley Lakes when driving through the community
homeowner comments10

- Stricter guidelines for what people put in their front lawns (tacky landscape picket fence on Ashley Lake Dr., Bayonet plants dangerously close to sideway where children can fall on them, also on Ashley Lakes Dr.

- Neighbors parking on their lawns. It brings the appearance of the community down. Makes us look low class.

homeowner comments11

- For a community to be appealing to live in, everyone must do their part to keep up their properties up in appearance, improve your properties, comply with the rules which are based on good principles, help your neighbor, & participate in crime prevention.

Let’s be PROUD because WE LIVE HERE.

12 do you participate in the community bd mting committees block watchers town mtings
12) DO YOU PARTICIPATE IN THE COMMUNITY (Bd Mting, Committees, Block Watchers, Town Mtings)
homeowner comments12

- Can’t participate due to time constraints

- Can’t participate due to time constraints

- Can’t participate due to time

- I have 2 small children & my husband works away from home. I don’t know or trust anyone to leave the children with to attend board meetings

- Very busy

- Work schedule

- No time. I have two young kids.

- I live in New York at the moment

- Disappointed of poor participation history at board meetings, town meetings, surveys, community garage sales. Vanderbilt & Fareham residents have not participated except for a very few and have not supported the crime watch-time to get involved

homeowner comments13

- We should concentrate on the covering for existing play area before looking at another one. In doing this, we would save on maintenance and the equipment life would be extended due to the protection.

- Shade of some kind over tot lot

- Why should there be another park for young kids

- Thanks to the board for taking the Fareham survey and doing a site plan for a playground for 5-12 year olds. You are listening to the needs in the community.

- Social activities for the community a) Movie Night b) Block Party c) Halloween Contest-Best Decorated House

- More Beautification Projects within Ashley Lakes

- Would like to see community BBQ or fun day, some fun days at the tot lot-hot dogs, drinks, balloons

- Since parking is restricted at Ashley Lakes, a guest parking should be available for family and friends who are spending time staying over for a few days.

2007 committees


ARB CommitteeRebecca Jeanty, Chairperson Marion Freymann, SecretaryRobin AlvesTraci MalikLandscaping CommitteeJanet Felts, Chairperson Carol Brown Documents Review CommitteeMorgan Gaynor, ChairpersonTraci MalikRobin AlvesMarion FreymannRebecca JeantySafety CommitteeDavid Greenblott, Chairperson Safetycommittee@Ashleylakes.comGeoff ByamJoe DalnokyHorace KnightFinley GableWalter (Muggs) YoungJuan GonzalezBlock Rep CommitteeSuzanne Brown, Curzon Way & Noble ParkMarion Freymann, Harcourt & JacobsonOpen, Ashley Lakes (David Greenblott- acting in interim)Tammy Sidorewich, Stoneview & TramoreOpen, Fareham (David Greenblott- acting in interim)Open, Vanderbilt (David Greenblott- acting in interim)

If you reside on one of the "open" streets and would like to participate in your community, please contact David Greenblott.Publications CommitteeMarion Freymann: Editor Publications@Ashleylakes.comDavid Greenblott: Crime ColumnRebecca Jeanty:  ARB ColumnRebecca Jeanty: Advertising & Sales Advertising@Ashleylakes.com

Community RelationsKevin Hansut kdbj@yahoo.com

Crime Watch

2007 committees1


Safety CommitteeDavid Greenblott, Chairperson Geoff ByamJoe DalnokyHorace KnightFinley GableWalter (Muggs) YoungJuan GonzalezBlock Rep CommitteeSuzanne Brown, Curzon Way & Noble ParkMarion Freymann, Harcourt & JacobsonOpen, Ashley Lakes (David Greenblott- acting in interim)Tammy Sidorewich, Stoneview & TramoreOpen, Fareham (David Greenblott- acting in interim)Open, Vanderbilt (David Greenblott- acting in interim)

2007 committees2


Publications Committee

Marion Freymann: Editor Rebecca Jeanty: Advertising & Sales

Community RelationsKevin Hansut

2007 crime watch


Block WatchersAshley Lakes-2 A. Eskandari, M.Gaynor

Vanderbilt-2 M. Young, B. Ganie

Curzon Way-3 D.Greenblott, J. Reilly, T. Cristia

Noble Park-4 J. Felts, B. Rizzuto, A. Dakoff,

D. Stinsman

Jacobson-4 T. Malik, J. Fuhs, R. Alves, S. Meisman

Stoneview-2 T. Sidorewich, K. Olson

Tramore-5 C. Bodden, J. Green, C. Banks, K. Champlin, K. Sims-Wright

Harcourt-2 R.Jeanty, T.Dodge