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97IN3222. PARIJ-19. 311630-A. ROME-190. PARIJ-14. ROME-162. 311623-A. 96GGC545. PARIJ-17. 94IN-463. ROME-210. ROME-231. 94I19046. PARIJ-08. ROME-193. ROME-174. ROME-145. ROME-176. 94IN-397. 91I14769. ROME-166. ROME-133. 94INN409. 89IN8517. 93INN305. 94INN413. 81.

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  1. 97IN3222 PARIJ-19 311630-A ROME-190 PARIJ-14 ROME-162 311623-A 96GGC545 PARIJ-17 94IN-463 ROME-210 ROME-231 94I19046 PARIJ-08 ROME-193 ROME-174 ROME-145 ROME-176 94IN-397 91I14769 ROME-166 ROME-133 94INN409 89IN8517 93INN305 94INN413 81 ROME-168 97IN2914 270872-C 94IN-486 ROME-189 94IN-416 94GWM224 GGC 94INN410 PARIJ-20 236349-C 261715-C 311625-A PARIJ-06 95E47872 ROME-167 ROME-192 Gen40163 311628-A 311633-A Gen49810 Gen49823 311626-A 311635-A 311639-A 311640-A Both 94IN-462 259437-C 252412-C 269093-C 311621-A Gen49871 96GDN240 97IN3083 97GFW623 255333-C 272033-C 311632-A 249465-C PARIJ-21 311638-A ROME-208 ROME-198 PARIJ-01 Gen40569 ROME-177 PARIJ-23 ROME-195 237750-C 238284-C PARIJ-22 ROME-199 ROME-211 non - GGC PARIJ-05 PARIJ-09 PARIJ-15 PARIJ-04 Gen41046 PARIJ-07 Gen41594 PARIJ-18 PARIJ-10 PARIJ-13 PARIJ-16 PARIJ-11 311622-A 311631-A Gen41540 0.05

  2. Phylogenetic tree Edinburgh 85- EDIN-19 87-EDIN-29 84 -EDIN-45 86-EDIN-34 86-EDIN-26 97-EDIN-51 93-EDIN-14 90-EDIN-29 90-EDIN-11 94-EDIN-47 91-EDIN-28 91-EDIN-25 96-EDIN-26 80 91-EDIN-15 95 90-EDIN-45 94-EDIN-99 96-EDIN-37 91-EDIN-96 96-EDIN-26 94-EDIN-38 0.02

  3. Phylogenetic tree Amsterdam Amsterdam-1164 Amsterdam-5044 Amsterdam-7068 Amsterdam-0138 Amsterdam-4004 Amster-0318 Amsterdam-1083 Amsterdam-5032 Amsterdam-3007 Amsterdam-3008 Amsterdam-0142 Amsterdam-0078 Amsterdam-1640 Amsterdam-1035 Amsterdam-0141 Amsterdam -3072 Amster-1682 Amster- 0547 Amsterdam-2626 Amsterdam-0072 38 Amsterdam-0085 Amster-2513 Amsterdam-1403 Amsterdam-2160 Amster-0042 Amster-2491 Amsterdam-3062 Amsterdam-0696 0.02

  4. Phylogenetic tree France Paris-23 Marseilles - 15 Nice - 04 southern France Nice - 07 Nice - 01 = Nice - 16 Nice - 11 non-GGC Marseilles - 13 Nice - 18 Nice - 10 Marseilles - 05 Nice - 9 Paris - 22 Marseilles - 21 northern France Paris - 19 Paris - 20 Paris - 8 = Paris - 17 GGC Paris- 8 Paris - 14 0.02

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