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Fruits and Vegetables. By Troop 1332. By Troop 1332. Is Organic really that good?. Conventional They apply chemical fertilizers to create bigger produce. Common use insecticides to reduce pests and diseases They give plants growth hormones and medication. Organic

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By troop 1332

Fruits and Vegetables

By Troop 1332

By Troop 1332

Is Organic really that good?

  • Conventional

    • They apply chemical fertilizers to create bigger produce.

    • Common use insecticides to reduce pests and diseases

    • They give plants growth hormones and medication

  • Organic

    • Use natural fertilizers to feed the soil and the plants

    • Use natural ways to reduce pests and disease

    • Farm with the seasons to manage weeds

    • they are grown outdoors

Is it organic or not
Is it Organic or not!!!

In order for a produce to be considered organic they need to be completely organic and made of all organic materials, use natural growth habits, and involve no pesticides or herbicides.

“Though a product may say its organic it may be only patricianly organic” say the FDA, “people need to be aware if they are buying what they think they are.”

What make organic more expensive and is it worth it?

  • Nutrition:

    • No conclusive evidence shows that being organic is more nutritious than conventional food. Even the USDA, which certifies organic food, says that it is not any safer or more nutritious.

  • Quality and Appearance:

    • Organic foods meet the same standards as conventional foods do. The only differences lies in how the foods are produced, processed and handled.

  • Pesticides:

    • Conventional growers use pesticides to protect their crops from diseases. Most people who buy organic foods actually but them to reduce the residue which is left on the plant from the pesticides.

  • Environment:

    • Some people buy organic foods for environmental reasons such as limiting the amount of pollution when being processed.

  • When you go to your local grocery store do you buy the produce from your country? Or imported?

    Here is a great link to a convincing video:


      (this video may be based on Canada, but it applies everywhere!!!)

      Have you noticed how often people buy things that aren’t even from their country? When our great grand parents ate their meals, it was most likely that they received the full benefits of the food. Not only were soil erosion, pollution, and commercial use of pesticides not as prominent as they are now, but importing food was an expensive and rare occurrence.

    !!!Imported food rarely inspected!!! produce from your country? Or imported?

    • WASHINGTON — Just 1.3% of imported fish, vegetables, fruit and other foods are inspected — yet those government inspections regularly reveal food unfit for human consumption.

    Preservatives??? produce from your country? Or imported?

    • Preservatives are added to foods to prevent decomposition from chemical changes and microbial growth. They keep food from spoiling during shipment and prolong shelf life.

    • Some preservatives used in food can be considered to fit into the same classification as poisonous drugs. They are harmful to the body and can cause a number of health problems, especially if consumed in large amounts. Some common food preservatives used in the United States have been banned in some other countries because of the harm they can cause.

    Ways to locate locally grown food:) produce from your country? Or imported?

    In Restaurants :

    At Home :

    • Surf & Sand Resort (Laguna Beach, CA)

      • Resort Hotel on the beach in Laguna Beach with Aquaterra, a full service spa and Splashes restaurant. Featuring local, organic and sustainable seafood,

    • Organic to Go (Irvine, CA)

      • Recognized as the first, USDA certified organic fast-casual cafe and corporate catering company, Organic to Go provides delicious, all-natural and organic meals that are available for take out or delivery. O to Go is passionate about delivering "clean," delicious food to boardrooms and desktops everywhere.

      • meats and produce.

    • Farmers Mart Meats

      8202 Pear blossom Highway, Littlerock, CA 38 mi NE (661) 944-2865 ()

    • Angels Water & Produce Market

      14126 Sherman Way, CA 15 mi NW (818) 493-9287 () ‎

    • Frida Brentwood Country Mart

      Ste 116, 13050 San Vicente Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 12 mi W (310) 395-9666 () ‎

      Locate more farmers markets by googleing southern California farmers markets

    We 3 organic
    We <3 Organic!!! produce from your country? Or imported?

    Reasons to go ORGANIC!!

    Meet stringent standards

    Taste GREAT!!

    Reduce health risk

    Respects waste resources

    Builds healthier soil

    Works in harmony with nature

    Producers are leaders in innovative research

    Preserves diversity

    Keeps rural communities together

    Organic abundance

    Thanks for reading
    Thanks for produce from your country? Or imported? Reading!!!!!