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Can Animation Replace the Actors? PowerPoint Presentation
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Can Animation Replace the Actors?

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Can Animation Replace the Actors?

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Can Animation Replace the Actors?

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  1. Can Animation Replace the Actors?

  2. Can the Joker character played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight be recreated? • There have been successful attempts in the past few years like the recreation of the Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia from ‘Rogue One’ Star Wars edition. • The use of this kind of revival animations by such huge franchises signals a threat to the actors. • The use of such animations has also grown among motion graphic companies in India.

  3. The audience who might be missing their favorite characters from the past franchise. • Adding a pinch of nostalgia through animated graphics by recreating such characters can get the audience stuck to the big screens. • Although it is a bizarre idea but if it is for entertainment then it can be the new formulas of success in the near future. • CITRUS INC STUDIOS is a well-known animation companies in Delhi NCR having this capability.

  4. As I mentioned earlier Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’ or Paul Walker’s ‘Brian O Conner’ from Fast and Furious. • They have such huge fan following and a dose of a revival of these characters can be heart-warming for the fans. • But this raises the question, is it disrespectful for the deceased to use their faces and visuals without their permission? • Only time can answer that question.

  5. Another proven example of this kind of successful animation is the character of ‘Gollum’ from Lord Of The Ring. • It is a mixed result of the actor’s play and computer technology. • The believability of these characters has the potential of becoming more realistic as computer technology progresses. • The video games we play nowadays have lifelike graphics which gives us a glimpse of what the future holds.

  6. The time when computer technology becomes indistinguishable from actor’s play, it would allow a movie to be more flexible in the making as it does not require any lights, cameras and actors. • It will give a creative freedom and a wide variety of sets to choose from because no real sets will be required anymore. • Some of the best vfx studios in India have this capability. • It is definitely going to dent upon the sheer talent and hard work of the new age artists. • It would definitely be the darkest hour the movie industry.

  7. The superheroes movies we watch today have the use of computer graphics in almost every scene, which the real audience fail to even, recognize. • Would the producers even need actors once they have been captured in motion graphics? Would a career in acting become pointless in future? • one actor capitalize another actor’s movement and replace them in future? • The answer to these questions lies the berth if time. • Till then let’s cherish the efforts made to entertain us, by the worldwide movie makers, actors and animators.

  8. Not only movies but the impeccable animation techniques are also replacing the need for good actors used for advertisement. • Vodafone is one of the most suited examples of this. Looking for a good 2d/3d production house in India? • Contact CITRUS INC STUDIOShaving a team full of creative minds and highly equipped computer technology and VFX techniques.