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Dreamy Hollow Monthly Shareholder Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Dreamy Hollow Monthly Shareholder Meeting

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Dreamy Hollow Monthly Shareholder Meeting
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Dreamy Hollow Monthly Shareholder Meeting

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  1. Dreamy Hollow Monthly Shareholder Meeting March 5, 2013

  2. Meeting Agenda • Updates from Board of Directors • Laundry Rooms • Dreamy Hollow Magnets • Boiler Room #5 • Mailboxes • Snow Removal • Update on Foreclosures • Our Attorney • Bylaws • Discussion/Questions from Shareholders

  3. Laundry Rooms • Our new washers and dryers were installed on February 28 • The new machines are equipped with swipe card technology • Each unit will receive a complimentary card with a credit for a free wash and dry on the card • If you did not already pick up your laundry card, please pick it up tonight from us.

  4. Laundry Card Machine • There is only one card machine where you can add money to your cards or purchase a new card to use the washers and dryers • The card machine is located in the laundry room in building #9 • It only accepts cash and will only take $5 bills or higher

  5. Dreamy Hollow Magnets • Along with your complimentary laundry card, you will also be receiving our new Dreamy Hollow magnet! • On this handy magnet you find the following information: • Contact information for Westford • Dreamy Hollow Website Address • A reminder about when our monthly meetings take place • A convenient 2013 calendar

  6. Boiler Room #5 • Westford is currently in the process of getting estimates, from 3 different companies, for replacing the boilers and updating boiler room #5 • We hope to complete this project before next winter • We will keep you posted on the progress on this project because right now our information is limited

  7. Mailboxes • We will be reviewing the estimates for the mailbox project tonight and making a decision on a timeline for updating all of the mailboxes on the property • We have estimates for each mailbox cluster as well as an estimate for the entire property • Based on our budget, we will create a plan to replace all of the mailboxes that will not hinder our ability to complete more important projects on our property

  8. This is a picture of the type of mailboxes we are looking at purchasing for our property

  9. Snow Removal • We are aware that there was some damage done to some areas of our property during the blizzard snow removal • We are working with our snow removal company, Contour, to repair and/or replace damage items on our property

  10. Update on Foreclosures • Our attorneys, continue to make progress on resolving delinquency cases that have gone into the foreclosure process • In addition, they monitor all units to make sure ALL units stay current with the common charges owed to our association • We have received another large settlement of $38,000 from a unit significantly delinquent • All settlements include the attorney fees inquired to resolve the case, so our association has not incurred those fees • Our attorneys will be at our April meeting to provide all shareholders with a summary of their work for the past year

  11. Bylaws • At the special meetings for the bylaws, a motion was made to table the vote on the bylaws for 60 days • During that 60 days, there will be 3 bylaw committee meetings for all shareholders to attend to discuss any issues with the bylaws • A bylaw committee was also established at the special meeting, please contact Westford as soon as possible if you wish to join the bylaw committee

  12. Any questions or concerns?

  13. Thank you for attending our March meeting… See you in April!