Loft conversion storage ideas
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Loft Conversion Storage Ideas – CIRCL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The additional space given to you by a loft conversion, you will still find storage an issue. At CIRCL we have selected different types of lofts for rent. \nPlease Visit:\n

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Loft conversion storage ideas

Loft Conversion Storage Ideas

The additional space given to you by a loft conversion, you will still find storage an issue.

Here are a few ideas that we have noted for future reference.

Cupboard space
Cupboard Space

  • A cupboard that we would like in our own homes.

  • This type of storage solution also works very well in kitchens, for spices, sauces, and oils.

  • You do not need a lot of space for it at all.

  • The bins for potatoes and onions are especially nice – tors and the rack next to it the right size for plastic wrap and foil.

Double s ervice wardrobe
Double Service Wardrobe

  • As well as neatly compartmentalizing all of your clothes and linens.

  • The color coordination here is quite impressive!

Kitchen space
Kitchen Space

Moving on to the kitchen, here is a way to show off all of those useful, decorative items in a way that feels very comfortable, yet very modern.

Staircase space
Staircase Space

Another staircase, game plan that everyone should see! Boots and outdoor shoes can be tricky things – you don’t want them tracking mud through the house, but you don’t want them stacked up by the door either.

Essential keys space
Essential Keys Space

This is a space that would not be utilized otherwise, and essential keys that would probably otherwise be chucked into a messy drawer to be rummaged through for at the moment when you desperately need them.

Hide staircase
Hide Staircase

  • Although it serves as a storage solution, the aspect we are taken with is how it hides away a staircase to a third floor or loft conversion.

  • The above idea works just as well on a larger scale.

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