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Building Irish Water. ACCC Conference Dr . John Tierney MD Irish Water 7 th March 2014. Vartry Water Scheme. Water Services. Encrusted Cast Iron Pipe. Waterford City Wastewater Treatment Plant - DBO. Government Decisions.

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Building irish water

Building Irish Water

ACCC Conference

Dr. John Tierney MD Irish Water

7th March 2014

Government decisions
Government Decisions

  • April 2012 Govt announces establishment of a new utility

  • June 2012 Irish Water Programme Established with in the BGE Group

  • Mar 2013 Interim Legislation passed

  • June 2013 Irish Water Incorporated

Irish water a modern utility
Irish Water: A Modern Utility

Sources funding for investment

(Hybrid funding model)

Effective regulation


Complex stakeholder landscape

(including DEPER, Local Authorities, IBEC)

Environmental Custodian

(sewage removal and treatment)

Major Asset Base

(Responsible for €11 billion worth of assets)

Clean water

(provide safe water)

Serves Customers 24/7/365

(1.8 million customers)

Network of pipes conveying water

(90,000 KMs)

Indoor and outdoor staff

(34 Local Authorities, IW staff)


(Integrated IT landscape)

Milestones achieved

Milestone 1: Commencement of the Metering Programme, July 2013

Milestones achieved

The Metering Programme commenced in July and there 27,000 meters being installed each month

Irish Water has a brand logo appears in the public domain (e.g. on Irish Water vans, uniforms)

Milestone 2: Customer Launch, July 2013

There is a dedicated Customer Contact Centre, managed by Abtran, to respond to all Customer Queries

Customer Communications are issued to the public and customers in connection with the Meter Installation Programme

The Irish Water website is live

Milestone 3: Asset Transfer / Operations Day 1, January 2014

Delivered capabilities (i.e. people, processes and systems) to support Irish Water and the Local Authorities

Asset transfer plan for water services assets commenced

Support provided to Local Authorities on the change and other activities needed to successfully transition to January 2014

SLAs agreed

Enduring funding Model identified

Staff recruited

Full legislation (Water Services Bill No. 2) enacte.

Irish water operational from 1 st january 2014
Irish Water: Operational from 1 2013st January 2014




Role based training and knowledge transfer

Organisation structure

Role definitions

Detailed org design

Job descriptions

Work instructions policy and procedures

Target Process Model



Functional Activity Overview

Service Level Agreements

System build

System test

System Landscape

System Design and solution blueprints

Functional Specifications





Security and access

Building irish water

Irish Water systems 2013


Syclo Inventory Manager

Syclo Work Manager

Used to plan and record work. holds the “master” of the data in relation to assets, jobs in progress etc. Data that is entered into other systems (e.g. Syclo) ends up in Maximo.

Used to return real time asset and work management data, entered in the field, to Maximo.

Used for return real time data about materials usage.


Primavara P6 / PCM

GIS (Geographical Information System)

Used to capture, store, manage, retrieve, analyze, and display spatial information , and then support complex modelling, analysis and decision making. Provides very precise location of assets.

Used for scheduling and dispatch of outdoor staff.

Used for project and resource management.

ECM (Enterprise Content Management)

Oracle eBusiness

SCADA Integration

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) monitors the safety of the assets and raises an alarm when issued present.

Used for organising and storing Irish Water documents.

Used to manage finances and support procurement.

Customer Care

& Billing

Customer Web

Meter Data Management

Provides information about Irish Water and its goals and objectives. The website will continue to grow with new content being added on a regular basis to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date and relevant.

Used for long term storage of data collected from meter reads. Validates this data and then makes it available to the billing system.

Used by the contact centre to manage all customer contact. It will also be used to manage the production of bills and revenue collection from customers.

Building irish water

Irish Water – A Self Funding Utility 2013

The aim is for Irish Water to be a self funding entity with two streams of investment over time – one from bill paying customers and the other from market funding.


Change Attitudes & Behaviours Towards Water

‘Effective’ Control of Assets & Operations





Customers Paying Bills

Funding from the Markets

A Self Funding Utility

Milestones to come in 2014 tariff
Milestones to come in 2014 – Tariff 2013


Domestic and Non-Domestic Tariff Structure - Consultation

Connection Charging Policy (- Consultation

Water Customer Handbook - Consultation


Water Charges Plan - Consultation


Water Customer Handbook (decision)


Water Charges Plan (decision)


Liability for domestic billing commences

January 2015

First bills issued to customers

Irish water will be central to the delivery of five key benefits
Irish Water will be central to the delivery of five key benefits

Water Restrictions

Customer Contact Experience

Water Quality Compliance (Microbiological)

Complaints Experience

Operating cost efficiencies

Water Pressure

Service Request Experience

Unplanned Interruptions

Capital cost efficiencies

Billing & Payments Experience

Turbidity, Colour, Taste, Odour

Net revenue recovery

Connections Experience

Risk Reduction

Sustainable financing and funding model

Water Consumption & CSL

Network Leakage

Sewer Flooding

Wastewater Discharge Compliance

Public Health

Energy Efficiency & GHG Emissions

Public Safety

Water Sustainability

Employee Health & Safety

Water Services Employment

Conclusion benefits

Irish Water on track to deliver the key milestones in one of the largest reform projects in the history of the Irish State

Irish Water