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Irish Communities

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Irish Communities. Lesson starter: Write down three adjectives which describe the kind of housing Irish immigrants lived in. Why was housing so poor in Scotland?. Today we will…. Understand why Irish immigrants stayed together

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irish communities

Irish Communities

Lesson starter:

Write down three adjectives which describe the kind of housing Irish immigrants lived in.

Why was housing so poor in Scotland?

today we will
Today we will…
  • Understand why Irish immigrants stayed together
  • Understand the importance of the Roman Catholic Church to the Irish settlers
  • Irish settlers usually stuck together – they moved to areas where there was already an Irish community
  • Many Irish were Catholic and Scotland was majority Protestant
  • They knew people were also suspicious of them
  • They wanted to be around familiar people

Clada Social Club

Holy Cross Church

Irish pubs


Gaelic Football Team

St Roch’s Ceilidh Band

St Patrick’s Day Marches

To new Irish settlers, the Catholic Church became the centre of their lives in Scotland
  • It was the only link to their homeland

Glasgow Cathedral


It allowed them to carry on worshipping in the way they knew

Irish could gather together at Church and help one another, share information etc

Priests were often Irish

Why was the Catholic Church so important to Irish Catholic Immigrants?

The Church helped those in need e.g. Saint Vincent de Paul, League of the Cross

Social Life: trips, dances, shows, sports teams etc

It provided schools for Catholic children

successes of the catholic church
Successes of the Catholic Church
  • Priests knew parishioners well and tried their best to help them (financially or with homes etc)
  • Successful football teams set up by Church i.e. Celtic which provided for poor immigrants
  • The schools were very good (still successful even though they are no longer funded by The Church)