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polyamide. polyvinyl-chloride. POLYMERS. POLYTHENE. polystyrene. Long Molecules: Polymers. MUST know how polymers are made SHOULD describe some use of polymers How many FOUR or more letter words from: P O L Y M E R I S A T I O N . Why has the development of plastics been useful?.

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    1. polyamide polyvinyl-chloride POLYMERS POLYTHENE polystyrene

    2. Long Molecules: Polymers MUST know how polymers are made SHOULD describe some use of polymers How many FOUR or more letter words from: P O L Y M E R I S A T I O N

    3. Why has the development of plastics been useful? Key question:

    4. Plastics

    5. Can be easily moulded to shape

    6. Are not biodegradable

    7. Release toxic fumes when burnt

    8. Do not corrode over time

    9. Resistant to bacteria

    10. Mixed plastic difficult to recycle

    11. Can be easily coloured

    12. A polythene bag. Why do we wrap our food?

    13. A new leg made of polypropylene. In what ways can polymers meet our need for health care?

    14. Why make bottles and food containers from PET (a polyester)?

    15. A boat with polyester sails and a reinforced plastic hull. Why sail in a boat like this?

    16. A painting in a shop in Zanzibar. The paint is acrylic. Why do people buy pictures like this?

    17. Why does this farmworker need to wear a polycarbonate face mask and synthetic rubber gloves?

    18. Why use polycarbonate to make this roof over the Manchester City stadium?

    19. Kevlar is the polymer in army helmets and bulletproof clothing. What makes Kevlar so vital?

    20. Why does this diver choose to wear a wetsuit? The suit is made of a synthetic rubber, neoprene.

    21. How does a nylon rope help to meet this climber’s need for safety?

    22. Plastics are examples of polymers. Polymers are made from oil. A polymer: • Is a very big molecule • Has a very long chain • Is made from MONOMERS Styrene polystyrene

    23. Monomers are used to make polymers. Monomers must be alkenes – HAVE DOUBLE BONDS