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Classroom Expectations School Year 2012 – 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Classroom Expectations School Year 2012 – 2013

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Classroom Expectations School Year 2012 – 2013
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Classroom Expectations School Year 2012 – 2013

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  1. Classroom Expectations School Year 2012 – 2013 NovaNET Lab Mrs. Metcalf

  2. Welcome to Go Raiders!

  3. Attendance requirements • Be prompt • Be ready to learn when class begins. • Be prepared • Have folders and notebooks with you at the computer. • Be a polite and positive participant • Speak in a normal tone of voice. • Be productive • Work the entire class period, and always do your best.

  4. Attendance requirements After 10 absents your Counselor and Assistant Principle will be informed. This could lead to you being removed from NovaNET. NovaNET is a privilege. If you are not willing to follow the NovaNET rules. You will be taken out of NovaNET.

  5. Grading Policies You will not receive a grade each six weeks. Your grade will be given when you have finished ALL course work. Final Grade for all courses without offline assignments: Module lessons and Tests grades = (50%) Proctored Final Exam = (50%)

  6. Grading Policies You will not receive a grade each six weeks. Your grade will be given when you have finished ALL course work. Final Grade for all courses with offline assignments: Module lessons and Tests grades = (25%) Offline Assignments = (25%) Proctored Final Exam = (50%)

  7. Grading Policies 80 75 80 60 80 80 You will receive credit on any part of the module in which you score 90% or better.

  8. Grading Policies 2. You must achieve a score of 80% on the Mastery Assessment to gain credit for that module. Two attempts at the mastery assessment, if 80% has not been achieved you will be reassigned the prescriptions. You will take a proctored final exam when all of thecourse modules are completed.

  9. Grading Policies You will take a proctored final exam when all of thecourse modules are completed. If you don’t obtain a score of 70% or better on the final exam after two attempts, intervention materials will be assigned. These materials mustbe completed successfully before you can re-take the final exam. All offline assignments will be graded by a teacher appointed by Mr. Williams or Mrs. Cornwell. Teachers will return work once they have finished.

  10. Note taking requirements You are required to take notes if you fail the Pre-test. You can then use your notes on The Mastery Assessment test.

  11. Note taking requirements • Note-Taking Techniques • Note-Taking helps you understand material and comprehend • what you read • Lessons gives you ideas on the type of information to record • for future reference Note-Taking is not an option! You will take notes.Purchase a spiral note book to take notes in.You can receive 2 extra points for notes.

  12. Usage requirements (time on NovaNET) You need to get logged into NovaNET and be ready to work when the bell rings. To finish in 9 weeks means spending 50 minutes a day in NovaNET. If you fall behind take advantage of working at home afterschool NovaNET.

  13. List of courses to complete Check the front of your file folder. It will have your courses listed in pencil. Smith, Sam All folders and notebooks must remain in the NovaNET Lab. Eng II-A Speech

  14. Offline work requirements English English offline assignments will come from C-scope, you must do this work or credit will not be given. If you don’t do the short answers work will not be give to teachers and credit will not be give to you. REPORTS and RESEARCH PAPERS: They must be turned-in on time for a satisfactory report! Reports and research papers must score a grade of 70% or higher to earn course credit. REMINDER: The English research reports must have cited references inserted in the paragraphs plus a separate “Work Cited” page. You need at least eight cited reference sources. The first draft and all papers must be turned in with the Final copy.

  15. Offline work requirements Electives all electives will have some type of offline assignments. Mathematics Mathematics – Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry are very hard to do on NovaNET you will be on your own to work these. I will not be able to help. Or you may check in with Mrs. Metcalf and receive a pass to room 108 WEST for help. You must check with her first or be counted absent.

  16. You may use the text books to look up information. Take all the notes you want if you do so you may use them on tests. If you need the internet to look up information you must ask permission before doing so. If you don’t ask, then you will be given an office referral.

  17. Completion requirements(expected time to complete assignment courses) Each course can be completed in 9 week period or less time it will depend on the course.

  18. Computer issue reporting Please check your area when you enter, if there is anything out of place or messed up please let me know ASAP.

  19. Lab behavior policies

  20. Responsibility for Coursework • Get folderspiral notebook and pencil or pen. • You are responsible for your own work, Mrs. Metcalf is here to show you where to find information. • Most assignments are done on the computer with a few exceptions.

  21. Attitude expectations Courtesy – Student’s acceptable behavior starts with -- • No sexual harassment. • Respecting others space. • Proper use of language. No abusive, belittling, negative comments, or use of curse words. In any language! • Respecting private conversations. Don’t interrupting student-teacher conversations or counseling sessions. Only one student at a time may approach teacher. • Depart class promptly. Log-off the computer, placing chair under workstation, and recourse materials back in their proper place. Students leave their journals in the classroom container.

  22. KICK OFF TO SUCCESS • Computer Use – • Internet access permitted only for visiting course related web sites. Any other sites • will not be allowed. • NEVER -- download programs, change the desktop appearance, or delete or modify existing files. Offence earns office referral to an Assistant Principal and possible removal from the NovaNET program . Permission must be granted before use.

  23. KICK OFF TO SUCCESS • Computer Use – • Computers are not for playing games or e-mail activity. Office referral and possible removal from the NovaNET program. • No food or drinks in the NovaNET Lab.

  24. Phone Usage Cell phones must be turned off as you enter through the doorway and during instructional time in the NovaNET Lab. If your phone rings because it is not turned off it will be taken up and turned in to the office. DO NOT COME IN THROUGH THE DOORWAY TALKING ON THE PHONE finish your conversion outside. Students, Thank you for…… Turning off your cell phone during instructional time.

  25. Electronic devices NOT allowed in NovaNET lab this year. You don’t have time to waste playing with these

  26. Hall Pass Policy Destination Procedure – Nurse’s Office. Must have a pass to see the nurse, make sure you get to the nurse’s office and have the pass signed before returning to NovaNET. Counselor’s Office. Counselors will call or send a note for you to leave, do not ask to see your counselor without a note. CM Lab. Teacher or aid will call lab assistant to confirm your arrival. Restroom - take care of this before class there will not be any Restroom breaks this year. YOU MUST SIGN OUT AND SIGN IN !!!

  27. Hall Pass Policy YOU MUST SIGN OUT AND SIGN IN !!! 1. If you have a pass from another teacher or class, write the destination and give the clip board to Mrs. Metcalf she will write in the time you leave. 2. When you return give the clip board to Mrs. Metcalf again, she will write in the time you return.

  28. A note or phone call from your teacher will be required in order for you to do make-up work in their room during your scheduled NovaNET period (do not ask if you can go to the teacher for a note, you must have it when you come to class. Students must be actively engaged in NovaNET work for the entire period. Disruptions, off-task behaviors or inappropriate language will not be acceptable.

  29. Pledge and Moment of Silence All students will rise and respect this announcement. You are not required to say the pledge, but must stand and follow classroom procedure. Nova Keys 1. All students will do the Nova Keys lessons prior to starting their assigned course. 2. No student can start their course without the course registration form from their counselor. See the handout on the required completion rate for satisfactory performance.

  30. Internet abuse will not be acceptable This also goes for looking at music videos and playing games on the internet.



  33. You must stay in your assigned seat until the bell rings. This is not for discussion; the computer will be assigned, if you start moving around you will receive a warning on the second warning an office referral. Do your own work!

  34. My Pledge to Students • I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise. • I will respect you and work with you to solve problems. • I will promptly offer help so you can do your own work. • I will work with you to meet learning goals. I am here to make sure you complete your work not do your work.

  35. If all rules are followed you will have a good semester. If not you will be the one putting yourself out of NovaNET. Seniors must have ALL work done and turned in by May 17th if you are to gain credit. No Exceptions.

  36. Fire Drill Randall Campus Tech Building NovaNET Tornado Exit – north to Mr. Hoover’s building Tornado Exit

  37. You must have all work finished by break in December. We will be changing to a new system. If work is not finished you will have to start over.