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Luke 10: 30-37

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Luke 10: 30-37 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Luke 10: 30-37. The Good Samaritan. A crying child at school!. Do you look the other way? Do you think, I am too busy now to help that child? . A child gets a bad report!. Do you think, well at least I get A’s. Do you think that’s what he or she deserved? . A kid is being picked on?.

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luke 10 30 37

Luke 10: 30-37

The Good Samaritan

a crying child at school
A crying child at school!

Do you look the other way?Do you think,I am too busynow to help that child?

a child gets a bad report
A child gets a bad report!

Do you think, well at least I get A’s.

Do you think that’s what he or she deserved?

a kid is being picked on
A kid is being picked on?

Do you think I am glad it’s not me?Do you just keep quiet and let them keep picking on the kid?

a kid is not a believer
A kid is not a believer!

Do you think that someone else will tell him about Jesus?Do you keep quiet in talking about God?

there is a story about
There is a story about…
  • Looking the other way when someone needs our help
  • Jesus tells us the story of the Good Samaritan
a man was traveling
A man was traveling!

He was going from Jerusalem to Jericho when robbers attacked him.

the robbers hurt him
The Robbers hurt him!

They stripped him of his clothes.They left him to die!


A Priest

A Levite

A Levitewasa helperof thepriest!

They saw the man and passed by on the other side of the road!

but a samaritan stopped
But a Samaritan stopped!

He tookpity on theman andwantedto help him!

he did first aid on him
He did first aid on him!

He bandagedhis wounds andpoured oil andwine on them.

he put him on his own
He put him on his own…

He took him toan inn and took care of him.He paid the innkeeper two silver coins towatch over the man.

jesus then asked
Jesus then asked,

“Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of the robbers?”

the expert in the law said
The expert in the law said,

“The one who had mercy on him.”

jesus said to the expert
Jesus said to the expert,

“Go and do



We are like

the priest and

the Levite in

this story!

we fail to help others
We fail to help others!


Crying Kid

Bad Report


we are sinners
We are sinners!

We should be sent to hell!

he restores us to health
He restores us to health…
  • Not by putting oil and wineon our sins.
  • Nor by paying 2 silver coinsto an innkeeper!
he restores us to health1
He restores us to health…

on the cross!

By dying

now we want to help
Now we want to help…

The kid who's bullied.

Crying Kid


Bad Report


How can we help these kids?

The kid picked on at school.

The kid crying.

The kid who doesn’t knowJesus yet.

The kid who gets a bad report card.


Jesus said,