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What is Race to the Top?

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What is Race to the Top? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Race to the Top?. Duh, Cheryl! It’s how we get to the “Heights” or the highest point of Arlington Heights. Isn’t it? No, Aaron. It is a competitive, federal grant that will help Ohio move from 5 th to 1 st in the nation educationally!. How do we get to the “Top?”.

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what is race to the top
What is Race to the Top?

Duh, Cheryl! It’s how we get to the “Heights” or the highest point of Arlington Heights. Isn’t it?

No, Aaron. It is a competitive, federal grant that will help Ohio move from 5th to 1st in the nation educationally!

how do we get to the top
How do we get to the “Top?”

Well, I have a map. It shows that we turn left at the bell tower, go over 75, right at the Brewhaus, past Lichty’s, beyond Budtown, and across the tracks.

For RttT, we have our curriculum maps along with our new core standards to help show us the way.

who and how are people involved in rttt
Who and how are people involved in RttT?

The way I understand it is that the RttT team is similar to the role of the Sherpa in climbing. We do a lot of the heavy lifting so everyone can make it to the “Top.”

Right, your analogy works. We are to Tenzing Norgay as the staff is to Sir Edmond Hillary!

how do we know if we are headed in the right direction
How do we know if we are headed in the right direction?

Don’t worry! With my GPS and careful acclimatization at selected base camps we will not get lost nor altitude sickness!

Well, we will use our technology, and we will monitor our progress with our curriculum benchmarks throughout the year.

Cheryl Adams

David Bartoe

Nick Benge

Heather Campbell

Shiloh Carpenter

John Eckert

Cathy Gaughan

Jennifer Henriques

Donna Hubbard

Michele Kipp

Sarah Lord

Jenni Mutters

Aaron Parker

Angie Pendleton

Kristi Snell

Chuck Soule

From 5th to 1st

what is race to the top1

What is Race to the Top?

A federal competitive grant program

RttTis part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

RttTdefines four areas of funding priorities:

1.Standards and assessments

2. Teacher/leader quality

3. Data collection and use

4. Struggling schools (not Us!)

why is rttt important to ohio and lockland

The reforms promoted by RttTwill help:

  • Close achievement gap
  • Allow our students to be competitive in global society
  • Create and retain great teachers and leaders
  • Improve reading , math and science achievement
Why is RttT important to Ohio and Lockland?

Mandated by the Federal Department and supported by the Ohio Department of Education

rttt a culture of innovation

RttT will jump-start needed reform in our state

  • We will learn from our data and modify our practices
  • We will train and retain the best teachers and principals
  • We will ensure that all students receive a top-quality education
RttT: a culture of innovation

What’s happening at Lockland

  • Changes for this year (2011-2012):

Kindergarten (total Core Curriculum)

1-2 Common Core Social Studies

and Science

3-7 Common Core Social Studies

11-12 Familiarize with Core Content

This addresses the rollout as we understand from the ODE

For more information:

science model curriculum sample


Strategies and Resources for instruction

In-depth information on the standards

Science Model Curriculum Sample

Expectations for Learning

Content Specific Section


Awareness and professional development opportunities to begin 2011-2012

  • Pilot opportunities for:
    • Formative assessment:Grades 6-8: mathematics and English language arts
    • Performance-based assessment:Elementary and high school: English language arts, math, science, social studies and career-tech
    • Information available on ODE website mid March
    • Applications available in April
  • Pilot for expanded Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
    • Phase I 2011
    • Phase II 2012
formative instruction modules

Available 2011-2012 school year

  • Accessible online
  • Coordinate with regional professional development
Formative Instruction Modules

Links to Curric

what is an iis
What is an IIS?
  • Structure and Components:
    • Online access to electronic curriculum, resources and tools aligned to the revised standards
    • Curriculum customization for differentiated instruction

This information provided by Lockland’s Dashboard:

    • formative assessments
    • Data-analysis capabilities including early-warning indicators for teachers, administrators, parents, and students.
rttt commitments

ODE commits to provide a State IIS to all participating RttT LEAs in Ohio

Development will be completed with LEA input The system will be paid for by ODE during RttT

RttT LEAs commit to active use of a “qualifying” IIS in classrooms

  • State IIS OR
  • “Qualifying” LEA IIS
RttT Commitments
iis operational model


Curriculum Evaluation

Curriculum Design & Development

Curriculum Maintenance

Advanced Analysis (current & historical)

Instructional Practices

Data Analysis & Rapid-Time Reporting

Instructional Design

Educator Profiles & Professional Development

Achievement Reporting

Tools for Learning

Achievement Analysis

IIS Operational Model

Class Data Management

Test Scoring & Processing

Assessment Tools

Test Delivery & Response

Test Creation & Storage

Assessments & Growth


Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES)

  • OPES is complete
  • Finalizing the scoring rubric
  • Scaling up opportunities to begin Spring 2011 training with ESCs
  • ESCs will conduct the OPES training for the RttT LEAs
multiple measures of student growth

This component is a “work in progress” for all states

  • Ohio Proposed Plan of Work
    • State Model Formative Assessments
    • Identification of Best Practices
    • Student Learning Objectives – Targets
  • Multiple Measures include:
    • Value-added measures
    • Standardized tests
    • Standardized Curriculum based tests
    • Classroom based tests
    • End of course exams
Multiple Measures of Student Growth
resident educator

Instructional Mentoring Training will be scheduled June – Fall 2011 (newly selected mentors)

  • One additional day of training will be scheduled June – Fall 2011 (already trained mentors)
  • PowerPoint used at the Resident Educator Information Sessions from January – March will be available via the web in April
  • Visit the ODE webpage (keyword: Resident Educator) for additional information
Resident Educator
educator equity

ODE developing the RFP for the Managing Educator Talent (MET) PD training

    • Training will be scheduled Summer 2011
  • ODE developing the RFP for the Teaching and Learning Conditions (TLC) Assessment tool for the low-performing and turnaround schools
    • TLC begins Fall 2011
  • Visit the RttT webpage (Assurance Area D Technical Assistance Document: Equitable Distribution of Effective Teachers and Principals)
Educator Equity

To prepare teachers in a 12-month intensive pedagogical and clinical experience preparation program facilitated by ESCs, LEAs, and IHEs

  • ODE with OESCA to select 5 ESCs to pilot program with 25+ LEAs
    • ESCs to partner with an IHE and work with LEAs in their service area to identify teacher needs
    • Teachers on supplemental licenses are a priority
    • Teachers who hold a teaching license but want to change teaching fields are a priority
    • Mid-career professionals who already hold a degree, major, or expertise in one of the LEA subject shortage areas are a priority
    • ESC and LEA provide support to teacher candidates during 12 month program leading to licensure
    • LEAs hire successful teacher candidates completing the program
  • ODE and OESCA to develop RFP for additional ESCs to participate in following years
  • List Serve (
  • RttT Web-page @ ODE
  • RttT Newsletter
  • Share Point
  • Transformation Team Communication
  • Communicating with Regional Coordinators