Race to the top finalist presentation
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RACE TO THE TOP FINALIST PRESENTATION. P RESENTATION T EAM Merryl Tisch – Chancellor, NYS Board of Regents David Steiner – Commissioner of Education John King – Senior Deputy Commissioner for P-12 Education Joel Klein – Chancellor, New York City Department of Education

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Race to the top finalist presentation



Merryl Tisch – Chancellor, NYS Board of Regents

David Steiner – Commissioner of Education

John King – Senior Deputy Commissioner for P-12 Education

Joel Klein – Chancellor, New York City Department of Education

Michael Mulgrew – President, United Federation of Teachers

New York

New york is ready for the race
New York Is Ready For The Race

Implement bold reform agenda based on compelling theory of action and educational needs

Exercise the full authority of the Board of Regents and Education Commissioner

Passed landmark education reform legislation with support of broad coalition

Statewide principal and teacher evaluation system with 40% weight on student achievement established

Charter school cap raised from 200 to 460 (over 10% of NYS public schools)

Over $20 million in capital funds dedicated to expanding the state’s longitudinal data system

Educational Partnership Organizations authorized to manage persistently lowest-achieving schools

The legal authority and policy initiatives to deliver results

Theory of action
Theory of Action

Strategies To Make Our Goal A Reality

Highly Effective

School Leaders

Teacher Evaluation

Statewide Standards-based Curriculum

Assessment Data

Highly Effective



Integrated approach to achieve student success

  • Adopted Common Core State Standards

  • Dramatically raised proficiency bar on state assessments to match college-readiness

  • Making state assessments more rigorous and performance-based

  • Committed to building sequenced, content-rich statewide curriculum with embedded formative assessments

  • PARCC – Governing State

  • Board Exam Consortium – Governing State

  • 1% consortium – Participating State

R e d a c t e d


All students graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college and careers
All Students Graduate From High School Prepared To Succeed In College And Careers

Measurable, substantial progress towards college and career successand closing gaps in achievement

All Students

Close the gaps in achievement for Blacks, Hispanics, English language learners, and students with disabilities

by at least 20% on these NAEP exams


Race to the top finalist presentation

All Students Graduate From High School Prepared To Succeed In College And Careers

Measurable, substantial progress towards college and career successand closing gaps in achievement

All Students


Race to the top finalist presentation

Implement The Strategies To Make

Our Goal A Reality

Well-designed implementation





Big 5 Districts*



  • Align RTTT with Regents policies

  • Coordinate services

  • Track outcomes

  • Implement educator- and classroom-level reforms via Inquiry Teams

  • Deliver professional development via Network Teams

  • Represent the Commissioner in the field

  • Align local instruction

  • Use data

  • Participate in professional development

  • Conduct evaluations

  • Develop content for professional development

  • Support school improvement

*Buffalo, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, Yonkers

Best in class data system
Best-In-Class Data System

Reform will be data-rich and data-driven

  • New York collects all data required by the America Competes Act

  • Data portal will present a wealth of data customized for different users (teachers, parents, administrators, students, researchers)

  • System will connect to postsecondary education and State Labor Department databases to map backwards to determine college and career readiness

  • An Early Warning System will alert schools if at-risk students are not on track to academic success

New York State has raised $48 million to expand our data system

Using data to get results
Using Data To Get Results

All stakeholders will have actionable information

when they need it

  • Deliver statewide instructional reporting and improvement system based on proven models, including NYC’s ARIS

  • Deploy data teams through BOCES and Big 5 city districts to coach and support teacher-teams in every school statewide

  • Use statewide comprehensive instructional improvement system to analyze state and local data – including formative, interim, and summative assessments and “early warning” indicators – to spot problems, devise and carry out solutions, and evaluate results

Teachers and school leaders from recruitment to lifetime results
Teachers and School Leaders: From Recruitment to Lifetime Results

Transforming preparation programs and certification to create world-class teachers and leaders

  • Teaching and leadership standards: Foundation for teaching reform

  • Performance assessments:

    • Teachers and school leaders demonstrate critical classroom and school-based skills and content knowledge for initial certification

    • Teachers demonstrate student growth for professional certification

  • Alternative pathways for teachers and school leaders:

    • Transitional B Certification: Teach for America and NYC Teaching Fellows

    • Non-collegiate institutions

    • Clinically-rich teacher and principal programs

  • Leadership academies for school principals

  • Teacher and principal career ladders, linked to supplemental compensation

Accountability throughout the system
Accountability Throughout The System Results

Managing human capital to increase student achievement

  • Rigorous performance reviews for teachers and leaders in statute:

    • Multiple measures – subject to Commissioner’s Regulations – including student growth as 40%

    • Four Performance Categories: Highly Effective, Effective, Developing, Ineffective

    • Teacher and principal improvement plans to target professional development

    • Fair, objective, and timely removal of teachers and principals with two consecutive “Ineffective” ratings which constitutes very significant evidence of incompetence

  • Hold LEAs accountable for improvements in teacher effectiveness

  • Accountability profiles – based on student growth – for teacher and principal preparation programs

Turning around our weakest schools
Turning Around Our Weakest Schools Results

Drive dramatic achievement gains in our persistently lowest-achieving schools

  • We Are

    • Taking bold, aggressive action in all our 243 lowest-performing schools

    • Building upon lessons learned from the State’s registration review process and New York City’s closure and replacement of more than 100 schools

  • To Support Our Plan, We Have

    • Embedded the four RTTT/SIG models into the State’s accountability system

    • Created Office of Innovative Schools Models with focus on performance contracts that provide flexibility in exchange for greater accountability

    • Enacted new Educational Partnership Organization legislation; developing Partnership Zones with Mass Insight

    • Approving the first cohort of Transformation and Turnaround models, including a ground-breaking agreement regarding teacher evaluation and compensation in New York City

  • .

New schools for a new era
New Schools For A New Era Results

Fostering innovation to drive achievement gains

  • Innovative Secondary Schools Model Incentive Fund (e.g., STEM, CTE, Arts)

  • Nurture high performing charter networks (e.g., KIPP, Achievement First, Uncommon Schools)

  • Expand I-Zone in 2010-11 to provide innovative instructional delivery to over 13,000 students in 84 schools

  • Leverage technology

    • School of One

    • Online Advanced Placement courses – particularly for high-need rural and urban schools

    • Online Professional Development

Advancing 21 st century student learning opportunities
Advancing 21 Resultsst Century Student Learning Opportunities

STEM – preparing for new world systems

More rigorous mathematics, science and technology learning standards

Advanced Placement courses for STEM

Particular focus on underrepresented populations

Innovative strategies to recruit and train STEM teachers for high-need schools

Differential Pay Transfer Fund to provide financial incentives to teachers of STEM/English language learners/Students with disabilities

Data systems track STEM successes from early grades through higher education

Embracing the flattened world

New york state
New York State Results

A great investment opportunity

  • A microcosm of the nation

    Our 3.1 million public school students speak more than 150 languages. We have 240,000 certified public school educators working in more than 700 school districts – ranging in size from 1.0 million to less than 15 students

  • A global capital for innovation, finance, and the arts

    56 of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in NYS. We have 750 museums; 7,000 libraries; 100’s of theaters, art galleries