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PHYSICAL EDUCATION ApproximateTotal Expenditure: £ 5000 PowerPoint Presentation
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PHYSICAL EDUCATION ApproximateTotal Expenditure: £ 5000

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PHYSICAL EDUCATION ApproximateTotal Expenditure: £ 5000 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PHYSICAL EDUCATION ApproximateTotal Expenditure: £ 5000

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. School Name: Ferney leeThe following is a summary of how Ferney Lee Primary School intends to spend the 2013/14 PE and Sport Grant (£9000). The priorities have been identified by using an in-house audit to identify the school’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to Physical Education, healthy active lifestyles and club & competitive school sport. The diagram also highlights specific school improvement priorities that these actions will support. In order to access expertise and appropriate support the school has joined the following organisations to support these priorities: Calderdale Sports’ ProgrammeFor further information please contact Steve Reeder(PE Subject Coordinator). SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PRIORITIES: 2.Teaching and Learning 2.4 Facilitate increased opportunities for Key Stage specific CPD (in-house, cluster and externally) HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLES ApproximateTotalExpenditure: £3000 Priority 1: To ensure all pupils develop an understanding of Healthy Lifestyles ini relation to the choices they make. Action 1: Buying in of comprehensive Sports’ Programme PHYSICAL EDUCATION ApproximateTotalExpenditure: £ 5000 Priority 1: To provide a variety of resources to engage pupils of all ages and abilities Action 1: Audit of current resources, and requisition of new stock Priority 2: To review CPD opportunities and address identified training needs Action 2: Disseminate new skills and knowledge across staff team to raise confidence and awareness CLUB & COMPETITIVE SCHOOL SPORT Approximate Total Expenditure: £1000 Priority 1: For all pupils to experience competitive activities within the local community Action 1: Liaison with Hub Organiser, and attendance at events