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Orientation to the Graduate Teacher Education Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Orientation to the Graduate Teacher Education Program

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Orientation to the Graduate Teacher Education Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Orientation to the Graduate Teacher Education Program. What will EDU 5000 do for you?. During this orientation, you will: Learn to access information to help you succeed in your GTEP program. EDU 5000 Outcomes. By the end of EDU 5000, you will know how to be

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Orientation to the Graduate Teacher Education Program

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what will edu 5000 do for you
What will EDU 5000 do for you?
  • During this orientation, you will:

Learn to access information to help you succeed in your GTEP program.

edu 5000 outcomes
EDU 5000 Outcomes

By the end of EDU 5000, you will know how to be

successful in your GTEP program of study as you

learn to ...

  • Register for a NSU e-mail account.
  • Obtain a Personal Identification Number(PIN).
  • Find out how to contact an advisor.
  • Locate course schedules.
  • Register for courses.
  • Locate course syllabi, materials, and textbook lists.
edu 5000 outcomes cont
EDU 5000 Outcomes (cont.)
  • Use WebSTAR to:
    • change personal information.
    • work with transcripts.
    • get grades.
    • view course descriptions.
edu 5000 outcomes cont1
EDU 5000 Outcomes (cont.)
  • Access WebCT for:
    • online classes
    • chats
    • e-mail
    • discussions
    • submitting assignments
edu 5000 outcomes cont2
EDU 5000 Outcomes (cont.)
  • Use WebMail to:
    • check e-mail.
    • Attach files e-mail.
  • Locate GTEP course information.
  • Use the NSU Library for research.
technology tips
Technology Tips
  • FSEHS Tech 101


For help with




another technology tip
Another technology tip…
  • If all else fails, call the NSU Help Desk at

800-554-6682, ext. HELP

Almost 24/7 access!

nsu id s and passwords
NSU ID’s and Passwords
  • NSU Email and WebCT
    • Username: abell@nova.edu
    • Password: abcd1234
  • WebStar
    • User ID N00123456 (Univ ID, Student ID)
    • PIN 112233 mailed to you
  • Library (access databases & FT search)
    • Last Name
    • Univ ID N00123456 (User ID, Student ID)
nsu e mail account
NSU E-Mail Account

All students must apply for and use a free

NSU e-mail account to access:

  • WebCT (access online courses)
  • course syllabi
  • the NSU Electronic Resources
  • Information (The NSU e-mail account is the official method of electronic contact with the university.)
apply for a nsu e mail account
Apply for a NSU E-Mail Account


Click on Site Map

obtain a pin personal identification number
Obtain a PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • https://www.nova.edu/sbin/pinhelp
  • Call (800) 554-6682, ext. 4850or
  • E-mail pinhelp@nova.edu

PINs are only mailed to your home address.

Allow 7-10 days to receive a PIN by U.S. mail.

forget your pin
Forget your PIN?
  • https://webstar.nova.edu/pls/PROD/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin
  • Press the Forgot PIN button.
  • Answer your security question.
  • Enter a new PIN.
student id card
Student ID Card

ID cards are available for all students!


need to talk to an advisor 800 554 6682 ext 8639
Need to talk to an advisor?800-554-6682, ext. 8639

Your advisor will:

  • Arrange a schedule of classes for your degree.
  • Provide a program outline.
  • Provide you with any updates or changes to your program outline.
  • Guide you to certification information.

GTEP Advisors

gtep home page one stop shopping for gtep students
GTEP Home Page“One-Stop Shopping” for GTEP Students


  • Class schedules

(Do NOT use WebSTAR

for class schedules.)

  • Program dates
  • Registration


  • Syllabi and textbook


selecting the course
Selecting the Course
  • Begin at the GTEP home page.
  • Select Schedules.
selecting the session
Selecting the Session

Select the session for which you plan to attend classes.

select the location
Select the Location

Click on individual schedule headers to sort.

finding the crn
Finding the CRN
  • Note the CRN (course reference number) next to each course you desire.
  • You will find the courses listed by the CRN, course number, location, title, etc.
let s review
Let’s review!
  • Where do you begin to find course and registration information?

Link tohttp://www.schoolofed.nova.edu/gtep/.

  • What is the special number that you need to register for each course?

This is the CRN (Course Reference Number) that is listed on the left side of the schedule.

webstar http webstar nova edu
  • Registration
    • Registration select term
      • registration and add/drop classes
  • Student Information
    • Student records
      • view holds
      • final grades
      • academic transcript
      • account summary
    • Financial aid
  • Personal Information
    • Change PIN
    • Update address and phone number
    • View e-mail address
    • Name change information
online registration with webstar
Online Registration with WebSTAR
  • Clear all holds.
  • Have the term code and CRN for your class ready.
  • Link to WebSTAR from GTEP’s Home page or link to http://webstar.nova.edu/.
  • Click Login to Secure Area and use your PIN to log in.
online registration http webstar nova edu
Online Registration http://webstar.nova.edu
  • The User ID is your unique identification number that you will use for university transactions.
  • This is the personal identification number that will be mailed to you.
webstar first screen
WebSTAR - First Screen
  • Registration
  • Student & Financial Aid
    • Register for classes.
    • Get your grades, schedule or transcripts.
  • Student Records
    • Maintain your personal information.
    • This is the first place your professor will look for contact information for you.
registration tips
Check the schedule for the official start/end and drop/add periods.

Review your program outline prior to registering for classes.

Contact an Academic Advisor if you need help with selecting classes.

Before accessing WebSTAR be sure that you have a PIN, scheduling information, and your NSU ID.

Register as soon as possible to avoid closed classes.

View WebSTAR to verify your registration and student account status.

Registration Tips
registering for classes1
Registering for Classes
  • Select the term.
  • Select Registration and Add/Drop Classes.
drop add classes
Drop/Add Classes
  • To drop a class:
    • Change the Action from none to Drop.
  • To add a class:
    • Enter the CRN
    • Press Submit Changes.
enrolling in coursework not listed on the program outline
Enrolling in Coursework Not Listed on the Program Outline
  • Do not deviate from your program outline.
  • If you decide to take additional classes, they will not replace coursework listed on your program outline.
use student records
Use Student Records
  • View holds.
  • View grades.
  • Obtain unofficial transcripts.
  • Admissions - Students that are provisionally admitted have 90 days to submit their documents, otherwise a “hold” will be placed on the accounts.
  • Advising - When placed on Academic Probation, a “hold” is activated on the student’s account. To clear probation and register, please contact an advisor
  • Bursar - If a hold is placed on your account, call the Bursar’s Office (1-800-554-6682, extension 5200) to clear the “hold.”
personal information
Personal Information
  • Change PIN.
  • Update address and phone number.
  • View e-mail address.
  • Change name information.
course materials

Course Materials

Course Descriptions



gtep home page one stop shopping for gtep students1
GTEP Home Page“One-Stop Shopping” for GTEP Students


  • While you are a

registered GTEP

student at NSU,

use this

page as your

home page.

  • Select Course


course material
Course Material


gtep course syllabi http www nova edu gtep syllabi
GTEP Course Syllabihttp://www.nova.edu/gtep/syllabi
  • Search for the syllabus by the course prefix.
  • You will need your NSU e-mail account to access the syllabi.
gtep course syllabi pdf format http www adobe com products acrobat readstep html
GTEP Course Syllabi (.pdf format)http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software used to view the course syllabi and other documents (e.g., the catalog).

Download and install this software.

library information
Library Information
  • Begin at the NSU home page: http://www.nova.edu
  • Select Libraries and Research.
if all else fails
If all else fails…
  • Ask a NSU Librarian

1-800-554-6682, ext. 4613

can you apa
Can you APA?

APA is a short way of referring to the Form and Style Manual of the American Psychological Association.

The use of the fifth edition of the APA manual is required when composing all assignments for all GTEP classes.

nsu apa sources
NSU APA Sources
  • APA Tutorial


  • Basic Introduction Workshop on using APA (open to all NSU students)


  • Library Tutorial


  • Research, Study, and Writing Skills


  • Online Tutoring


what does it mean to attend class online in webct
What Does It Mean to Attend Class Online in WebCT
  • Online education courses are conducted entirely through the Internet and all registration, correspondence, and course participation are conducted electronically.
  • Students MUST log in to the WebCT course management system to complete activities and assignments and interact with the professor and other students in the class.
  • You may be dropped from the course if you do not log in when the class begins.
webct online courses http www nova edu webct index html
WebCT Online Courseshttp://www.nova.edu/webct/index.html
  • As soon as you are registered, find the instructor’s e-mail address on the course schedule: http://www.schoolofed.nova.edu/gtep/info/sites.htm
  • E-mail your instructor that you are registered in the course.
  • Log in to your WebCT course on the first day of class.
  • Look for directions on where to begin!
  • Log in to your course each day to get messages!
webct assistance http www nova edu webct help html
WebCT Assistancehttp://www.nova.edu/webct/help.html
  • Need help with WebCT (uploading assignments, posting discussions, etc.)?
  • Call NSU’s Online Help Desk:

1-800-986-3223, ext. HELP



webct student tutorials http www nova edu webct getting start html
WebCT Student Tutorialshttp://www.nova.edu/webct/getting_start.html
  • Use the tutorial videos.
  • AOL users will find special tips.
professor contact
Professor Contact
  • WebCT e-mail is like posting a PRIVATE message.
  • You will find the contact information for each professor in the course syllabus and on the course schedule.
webct assignments check with your instructor on formats
WebCT Assignments Check with your instructor on formats!
  • We recommend that you use Microsoft Office products (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word) to complete assignments.
  • E-mail questions on file formats to your instructor.
your assignments
Your Assignments

Most professors request assignments as

1. Microsoft Word document


2. RTF (.rtf)

(Rich Text Format)

Most of the document’s format is maintained.


3. HTML (.htm)

(HyperText Markup Language)

The document is saved as a Web page.

saving files in rtf or htm rich text format or html
Saving Files in .rtf or .htm (Rich Text Format or HTML)
  • In the Save As window, select Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Web Page (.htm, .html) in the File Type field.
  • Rich text files (.rtf) can be easily read, regardless of which word processor you use.
webmail http webmail nova edu
  • Your e-mail address is username@nova.edu
  • Enter the username.
  • Enter your password (not your PIN).
  • Press the Log in button.

To compose a new message:

  • Click the Compose Button on the toolbar.
  • The message composition window will appear.
  • Enter the recipient’s address in the To field.
  • Enter any recipients in the CC or BCC field.
  • You may enter multiple recipients in each field separated by a comma or a semicolon.
  • Type the Subject of the message.
  • Type the message in the Compose field.
  • Don’t forget to spell check your message.
attach a document
Attach a Document
  • After composing your message, scroll to the bottom of the Compose window.

Note: If you do not see the Attachment section try maximizing the window and scrolling down to the very bottom of the page. If you still do not see it, try moving the entire window as far up as possible.

  • Click on the Browse button, located to the right of the Attachment field. The following window will appear.
  • Select the file you wish to attach and click on Open. The filename will appear in the Attachment field.
  • Click on Attach. Information for the file will show up as shown below:

Note: To delete the attachment put a check next to the filename and click on RemoveSelected.

address book
Address Book

To find an e-mail address of someone at NSU:

  • Enter the name or a fragment of the name.
  • Click Search.
  • To start another search:

Click Clear Search.

Enter the new information and click Search.

online evaluations http www nova edu online evaluations
Online Evaluationshttp://www.nova.edu/online_evaluations
  • Notification through e-mail
  • Available during the last 10 days of class
  • Anonymous feedback on the course and the instructor
  • Instructor receives feedback after submitting grades
  • Feedback is also provided to the program professor for the specialization

To access the evaluation online:

  • 1. Click on http://www.nova.edu/online_evaluations.
  • 2. Enter your NSU email account username and password at the prompt.
student ethics http www schoolofed nova edu fgshome fgscatalogs htm
Student Ethicshttp://www.schoolofed.nova.edu/fgshome/fgscatalogs.htm

Review the

Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility

and the

Student Code of Computer Ethics in the catalog.

  • All assignments and presentations must be the original work of the student.
  • All students are responsible for complying with the plagiarism policy that is located in the FSEHS Catalog/Handbook (pp. 236-237):


ined 691 692 action research in practice
INED 691 & 692Action Research In Practice
  • INED 691: Proposal & IRB Process
  • Select “problem” related to K-12 education
  • Write proposal chapters & submit to advisor
  • Submit completed proposal & Institutional Review Board documents
  • Once you have proposal approval (advisor & reader) + IRB approval, then you can register for INED 692
ined 691 692 continued
INED 691 & 692, continued

INED 692: Implementation & Final Report

Implement project for 12 weeks

Keep a journal of successes and changes to original plan

Write and submit final report to advisor

You have one school year to complete this process.

[Note: There will be a class meeting at the beginning of INED 691 to go over this process in detail]


want to learn more about nsu s online tutorials
Want to learn more about NSU’s online tutorials?

A collection of

self-paced tutorials on

computer applications

programs is online.

Link to this collection:


a few gtep reminders
A few GTEP reminders…
  • Students are expected to attend each class. If you are not present on the first day of class, you may be withdrawn from the class. This could impact your financial aid!
  • Notify your instructor of emergencies before class.
  • Grades will be available through WebSTAR (http://webstar.nova.edu) after the end of the course.
  • Check your catalog or GTEP Web site for more information.
it s your turn http www nova edu online evaluations
It’s Your Turnhttp://www.nova.edu/online_evaluations/

How did you

like this course?

Please take a moment

and complete an

evaluation for this

(EDU 5000) and every

class you take.

if you forget
If you forget…

Review these slides online at any time!