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Overview. Home Star a priority legislative initiative for President Obama Small window of opportunity to achieve passage prior to October recess HSC pressing to secure support and votes for passage. HOME STAR $5 Billion* SILVER STAR $3.1 Billion GOLD STAR $1.5 Billion

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  • Home Star a priority legislative initiative for President Obama

  • Small window of opportunity to achieve passage prior to October recess

  • HSC pressing to secure support and votes for passage



$5 Billion*


$3.1 Billion


$1.5 Billion

Financing / QA / Admin

$400 Million

  • Cost: $6 Billion

  • Homes: 3.3 Million

  • Jobs: 168,000

  • Homeowner Saving (10 yr.): $9.4 Billion

  • Equivalent Cars Off-Road: 615,000 Cars

  • Power Generation Offline: 4 x 300MW Plants



Up to a $1,500 rebate per measure

Not to exceed $3,000

Not to exceed 50% of project cost



1. Energy Assessment

  • $3,000 incentive for a 20% savings

  • $1,000 for each additional 5% savings

  • Not to exceed 50% of project cost or $8,000

  • Retrofit

    • Fundamentals

    • Weatherization

    • Insulation

    • Major systems

    • Heating / Cooling

    • Water Heating

    • Renewables

    • Solar

3. Quality Assurance


Home star financing
HOME STAR Financing

$200 Million for credit supports and interest buy-downs

Supports a wide variety of existing financial products including

Will allow American families to achieve cash flow positive results on most HOME STAR projects from day one



HOME STAR Program Actors


  • State Energy Office regulates QA providers network., local program coordination, infrastructure development. State designates HOME STAR Financing entity.

Federal Rebate System

  • Federal Database system that tracks jobs uploaded by Rebate Aggregators, notifies QA providers, and processes rebate requests.

  • Third party (non contractor) entities that conduct on-site quality assurance inspections, insure contractor eligibility. Entities delegated to RESNET or BPI QA providers, existing state residential efficiency program, or entity designated by the Secretary.

Quality Assurance Provider

  • Entity that aggregates job data and rebate forms, checks to ensure eligibility and accuracy, uploads to Federal Rebate System, then distributes payments to contractors. QA providers, Existing Residential Retrofit programs, and national companies are all eligible to be Rebate Aggregators as determined by the secretary. Companies that contract with homeowners can perform Rebate Aggregator role but not QA role.

Rebate Aggregator


  • Company that enters into contracting agreement with homeowners. Silver Star Contractors eligible with License and insurance. Gold Star requires BPI Accreditation or other standards approved by the Secretary.

Legislative design objectives
Legislative Design Objectives

Primary objective: move quickly to create jobs based on existing infrastructure

Establish program elements in legislation to avoid the need for extended rule making or procurement

Let the market work: Work through predefined organizations and networks

Insure both short-term job creation and long-term quality jobs through financing, standards, and enhanced infrastructure

Build a broad coalition that can support abi-partisan solution

Integration with state and regulatory programs
Integration with State and Regulatory Programs

  • Existing utility/state programs are pre-authorized to act at Rebate Aggregators and QA providers

  • New Aggregators must coordinate with and not disrupt existing approved programs

  • Energy Office and Utility Support

Integration of home star and existing state programs
Integration of Home Star andExisting State Programs

  • Existing programs provide Rebate Aggregation + QA

  • Adjust existing programs to accommodate new Federal $

  • Use Home Star funds to the State to introduce or expand components: financing, QA, training


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