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A Comprehensive Approach For Managing Your Human Resource Requirements . HRecourse 5401 Sherier Pl. NW, Suite 200 NW Washington, DC 20016 Tel - 202-758-0101. YOUR RECOURSE FOR HR OUTSOURCE. NuAxis Partnership. Thursday, December 9, 2010. Who We Are.

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A Comprehensive Approach For Managing Your Human Resource Requirements

HRecourse 5401 Sherier Pl. NW, Suite 200 NW Washington, DC 20016 Tel - 202-758-0101


NuAxis Partnership

Thursday, December 9, 2010

who we are
Who We Are
  • A Human Resource outsource solution with a flexible and agile approach to assisting our customers with their recruitment and overall HR needs, with a special emphasis on sourcing purple squirrels – those hard to find and uniquely qualified job candidates
what we do
What We Do
  • We know your day is full of obstacles, and we don’t want recruiting and human resources management to be one of them.
  • The HRecourse team is made up of experienced HR Consultants who can partner with your management team for a myriad of HR support services.
  • We have access to many of the major job boards, a proprietary database as well as high-tech HR software tools.
  • We develop a customized HR solution that meets the specific requirements of your organization
  • We become Business Partners with our customers, resulting in a vested interest in our client’s organizational success
  • Our services are affordable, flexible, agile, and comprehensive
what we can provide
What We Can Provide
  • A Comprehensive Customized Recruitment and HR Services Plan geared specifically for your organization’s needs including but not limited to:
    • Staff Augmentation
    • Direct Hire and Task Order and Proposal Staffing Support
    • Initial HR Audit
    • Ongoing Employment Law Guidance
    • Handbooks, Job Descriptions, Regulatory Compliance
    • Strategic Planning, Organizational Development
    • Benefits Administration
option 1 core services hybrid
OPTION 1 – Core Services Hybrid
  • A flat monthly retainer fee paid for an agreed upon average number of new hires recruited on a monthly basis. We have had great success recruiting for the following types of positions:
    • Program Directors, Managers, and Analysts
    • Software Developers
    • Enterprise Architects
    • Database Developers and Administrators
    • Requirements Analysts, Master Schedulers
    • Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Personnel
    • Helpdesk
    • Skill sets outside of IT including non-profit,

science, education, manufacturing, and the trades

option 1 the core services hybrid advantage
Option 1 – The Core Services Hybrid Advantage
  • Pros - Your recruitment needs will be met at a cost that makes sense for your organization’s bottom line regardless of the amount of personnel needed.
  • Cons- Typical fees paid to staffing firms:
    • 20% of the candidate’s annual salary. Example: For a $100,000 per year position, your organization would pay 20%, or, $20,000 for one new hire
    • With HRecourse, a flat monthly retainer fee would cost far less and would provide additional candidates at the flat fee negotiated rate based on pre-determined benchmarks for success.
option 2 enhanced hybrid
Option 2 – Enhanced Hybrid
  • Flat monthly retainer fee for both recruitment and HR support as needed:
    • Overall recruitment support with benchmarks for success
    • Handbooks
    • Job descriptions
    • Policy development and interpretation
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Benefits Administration
    • Mandated government reports
    • Supervisor Training
    • Affirmative Action plan design and administration
option 2 enhanced services hybrid advantage
Option 2 – Enhanced Services Hybrid Advantage
  • Flat monthly retainer fee for both recruitment and HR support as needed with benchmarks for success:
    • Retainer fee is paid only when we produce and reach agreed upon milestones for both recruitment and HR support.
    • Combine both your recruitment and HR needs into one bundled package for increased efficiency and overall HR success
    • Strong supervisor and management partnerships
    • A tied in recruitment function to all other HR needs
    • Flexibility to outsource preferred areas of HR
    • Assistance with the legal landmines of HR
    • Certified HR staff who can assist with any HR need
option 3 traditional model
Option 3 – Traditional Model
  • Fee-based services for recruitment support based on a pre-negotiated fixed percent of the new hire’s annual salary
  • Ability to select ala carte’ any additional HR services as needed:
    • Per placement, fee-based services with rates well below industry standard
    • Hourly or flat fee for HR services such as:
      • HR Audits
      • Employee handbook Development
      • Employee Relations
      • Supervisor Training
      • Affirmative Action Program Design
      • Special Proposal or Task Order Recruitment Support
      • Compensation plan and design
      • HR forms design and HR process implementation
option 3 traditional model advantage
Option 3 – Traditional Model Advantage

Costs below industry standard with greater choice and flexibility

  • Flexibility, you only pay for what’s needed
  • Added value customized HR support services if needed
  • A good solution for those organization’s with limited requirements
  • Low risk..we don’t get paid for contingency recruitment services unless we are successful in delivering
  • Excellent solution for special projects
why these options make sense for your organization
    • We want to be your business partner
    • Our success is your success
    • Your organization realizes significant cost savings
    • You meet the demands of your business and customers
    • HRecourse has an ongoing vested interest in your organization
recap of the hrecourse advantage
Recap of the HRecourse Advantage
    • Various options to choose from that meet the specific requirements of your organization
    • Flexible, Agile, Efficient
    • Significant cost savings
    • Service Delivery Options geared toward your business goals and objectives
    • A win-win for all
the hrecourse partnership

A Comprehensive Approach For Managing Your Human Resource Requirements

The HRecourse Partnership
  • A forward thinking, agile, efficient, and prudent approach to managing your human resource requirements! Please contact your HRecourse Business Partner for further discussion on establishing a partnership with HRecourse.
contact information

Contact Information.



Tel: 202-758-0101.