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step back

step up . step back. On both sides of the business model. Step up?. Step back?. how and when ?. how do you step aside ?. leaders need to…. unleash talent. increase. productivity. develop great solutions. how ?. give ownership. use

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step back

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Presentation Transcript

  1. stepup stepback

  2. On both sides of the business model Step up? Step back? how and when?

  3. how do you step aside ?

  4. leaders need to…

  5. unleash talent

  6. increase productivity

  7. developgreatsolutions

  8. how ?

  9. giveownership

  10. use authenticmotivation - Alfie KohnPunished By Rewards

  11. Unleashing Innovation fostercollaboration Collaboration Process

  12. teams collaborate to make their decisions

  13. let people choose

  14. let people choose how, what, and when

  15. content

  16. provide meaningful work

  17. trust first and…

  18. Trust create a culture of trust

  19. Leading Agile stepbacktips • Collaboration Model • Collaboration Process

  20. teams figure out how

  21. Teams know HOW! Let them do it! • Let them make mistakes. • Build safety net create a safe place to fail

  22. get the right people on the bus in the right seats. - Jim Collins

  23. get thewrongpeopleoffthe bus.

  24. wait! what if…

  25. when should you step up?

  26. how do you know a team is struggling?

  27. list your team’sred flags?

  28. what to do ?

  29. gettingbackontrack

  30. maintainteam integrity

  31. and problemsolvingability • Get more done by doing less

  32. how ?

  33. don’task what’s wrong

  34. or wherestuck

  35. ask the team ….

  36. …todescribe Protect Team Boundaries theirwork …

  37. … their approach …

  38. thepaththeywentdown

  39. …and why ?

  40. help discovera new view

  41. step up tips

  42. reinforce the ownership

  43. don’t give the answers

  44. or…… give them the solutions

  45. keep the focus

  46. tell stories, experiences • Build the right product

  47. ask questions

  48. questions that helpteams discover solutions

  49. how would you like to solve it? How can we avoid the temptation to rescue our teams? • Ask Questions. • What would you like me to do? • How would you like to solve that problem? • What would you like to do?

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