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Revision for 9A Unit One PowerPoint Presentation
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Revision for 9A Unit One

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Revision for 9A Unit One

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  1. Revision for 9A Unit One

  2. Main Task: A formal recommendation 13th October Purpose of the letter Dear Mr Wu We are writing to recommend David as the new chairperson of the Students’ Union. We think he will be an excellent chairperson because he has many good personal qualities. David is a very confident person and he thinks he ___________________________________ (如果尽力,他可做任何事). He is never afraid ______________________________________ _____________. (在一大群人面前讲话)This is very important because he will have to speak in front of the whole school. Why do you recommend him? can do anything if he tries his best of making a speech to a large group of people confident

  3. hard-working • We also think he is ___________. (勤奋的)He always does extra work in class. Last summer, _______________________________________________(他在第一个星期内完成了所有的暑假作业)and then used the rest of the summer holiday to help with our class project. Since he is so hard-working, he would not mind doing extra work for the Students’ Union. he finished all his summer homework in the first week Hard-working

  4. clever always gets good marks in tests • David is also a clever person. He _________________________________(总是在测试中得到高分) and he even got ________________________________. (曾经在一次英语测试中得了满分)He often helps us with our homework and explains things to us. We think he is very _______.(助人的) At school, he _____________________, (帮助其他学生)for example, he shows __________________________________________. (七年级学生如何使用图书馆)They think he is kind and often ask him to play with them. full marks once in an English test helpful helps other students the Grade 7 students how to use the library helpful

  5. organized forgets to do the things organized he needs to do David is also _________ (有条理的)and never ______________________________. ———————————————— (忘记去做他需要做的事) He has joined the Computer Club this year because he wants to ___________________________________________________________________.(学会使用电脑来帮助自己变得更有条理) We think that David has all the qualities to be a good chairperson. We hope that you agree with us. Yours sincerely Zhang Ke Wang Mei learn to use the computer to help himself get more organized Conclusion

  6. Outline Paragraph One: Paragraph Two: Paragraph Three: the purpose of the letter Why do you recommend him/her hard-working confident helpful organized clever Conclusion (ending)

  7. 表达与运用 wake & awake awake adj. 醒着的 通常用在系动词be的后面作表语 但不能用作定语 Is he awake or asleep?

  8. wake 叫醒,醒来 vi (woke, woken) wake up意为“使……醒来、叫醒”, Please wake me up at five tomorrow morning . Don’t wake up the boy. He fell asleep just now. I am fully _______. awake Wake ______ up! It's eight o'clock When he ______, his dad was beside him. awoke

  9. 表达与运用 at times / at all times / all the time at all times“随时;任何时候;总是” at times “不时;偶尔”如: all the time “一直;始终”   I make mistakes at times when I speak English. 我说英语偶尔会出错。 He has a cool head at all times. 他随时都有清醒的头脑。 The baby cries all the time. 那婴儿一直哭。

  10. 表达与运用 担心/害怕/介意/放弃/忙于做某事 worry about doing be afraid of doing mind doing give up doing be busy doing /with sth.

  11. 表达与运用 描述性格的形容词 strong, powerful, energetic, confident, practical, businesslike, successful, imaginative, creative, active, lively, silly, clever, wise, patient, impatient, selfish, generous, modest, proud, polite, impolite, fair, unfair, easy-going, hard-working, outgoing, shy, stubborn, curious, elegant, kind, gentle, thoughtful, organized, typical

  12. 表达与运用

  13. 表达与运用

  14. for It is not good ____ (of, for) you to read in the sun. It is typical ____ (of, for) Simon to make such a mess. It is necessary ____ (of, for ) them to support and help each other during the event. of for

  15. 同义句改写 My sister is very kind. She likes to take care of others. It is very _____ ____ my sister _____ ____ care of others. kind of to take

  16. They are very generous to give each of us a gift. It is ________ ______ them _______ _____each of us a gift. generous of to give

  17. 表达与运用 be + adj. + enough + to do sth. =be +so+adj.+that-clause =be +too+adj.+to do sth.

  18. 同义句改写 Andy is too weak to carry the big box. Andy is ___ _____ _______ to carry the big box. Andy is ___ ______ ____she______ carry the big box. not strong enough can’t so weak that

  19. It’s very kind of you to tell me this news. You are _____ ______ to tell me this news. kind enough

  20. 1.Kate is lucky enough to win the competition. Kate isso lucky thatshe can win the competition. 2.Tom is energetic enough to play football for three hours. Tom isso energetic thathe can play football three hours. 3.Bill is not strong enough to lift the heavy box. Bill istoo weak tolift the heavy box.

  21. 备考手册P73 9A Unit 1 一、按要求写出词的形式 1. energetic 2. inactive 3. impatient 4. stupid 5. humorous 6. hard-working

  22. 备考手册P73 7. living 8. difference, differently 9. wakeful 10. organization, organized

  23. 备考手册P73 二、重要词组 1. star sign 2. be divided into 3. give up easily 4. save money 5. argue with sb. 6. pay attention to details 7. dream about sth. 8. the students’ Union

  24. 备考手册P73 8. the students’ Union 9. wait for a long time without getting angry 10. recommend … as … 11. 炫耀 12. 想起 13. 得满分

  25. 备考手册P73 14. 其余的…… 15. 给……做演讲 16. 众人 / 一大群人 17. 足够勇敢 18. 为做……的能力担心

  26. 备考手册P73 四、重点句型 1. You shouldn’t worry about having breakfast then. 2. Some people believe that people born under the same star sign share similar characteristics. 3. Does my own characteristics match what my star sign says about me?

  27. 备考手册P73 4. Suzy is very smart and brought colourful blooms. 5. Daniel is always friendly to help his friends. 6. Then you will have success at school or work around the middle of the month. 7. He will not mind doing extra work for his school’s Students’ Union since he is hard-working.

  28. 备考手册P73 8. David 对Dolly, 第一个克隆羊, 很感兴趣 9. Peter 已经请人修理他的自行车了。 10. Amy刚刚发现地上有一个钱包。 11. Suzy正帮我打扫房屋。 12. 李老师教我们英语。

  29. Revision of the Reading Part • Complete the following passage. • A year ___ _______ _____ 12 different star signs. The time of your ______ decides your star sign. Some people believe that people ____ ______ the ______ star sign share _______ characteristics. is divided into birthday born under same similar

  30. People born under Aries ctive • are energetic and a______ but sometimes too i ______ . they like to be the l ______. Some people think that they are s______ at times. mpatient eader elfish

  31. are stubborn and do not like c ______. they are hard-working persons. They are p_______ and do not g_____ u____ easily. People born under Taurus (金牛) hange patient p ive

  32. are curious and _____ persons. they are _______ . they love to talk . People born under Gemini (双子) clever outgoing

  33. People born under Cancer (巨蟹) • They are kind. They love your home and f______ and like to take c_____ of others. They like s______ money and cooking. amily are aving

  34. People born under Leo They are a strong and c________ person.They are g________they like to buy their friend nice g______ onfident enerous ifts

  35. People born under Libra天枰座 air They are a polite and f______ person. They are elegant and love beautiful things. They like p______ and do not eace like to a_____ with others. rgue

  36. People born under Virgo odest They are m______ persons. They worry too much at times. They are p________and always paya_______ to details. ractical ttention

  37. People born underScorpio (天蝎) They are powerful persons and have lots of e______. They like to keep s_______.However, sometimes it is s_____ of them not to f______ them for their m______. nergy ecrets illy orgive istakes

  38. enjoy life and have a good sense of h_______.They are often lucky. They love t_______ to different places. People born under Sagittarius射手 umour raveling

  39. They are generous ,kind , gentle and e________.They are also c______and imaginative .They you like to d______ about everything. People born under Pisces 双鱼 asy-going reative ream