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NetApp® OnCommand ® Insight Balance PowerPoint Presentation
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NetApp® OnCommand ® Insight Balance

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NetApp® OnCommand ® Insight Balance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NetApp® OnCommand ® Insight Balance
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  1. NetApp® OnCommand ® Insight Balance Roberto Patano Maurizio Granata NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

  2. Data Growth and The Management Gap

  3. OnCommand Insight PositioningOptimize Storage and Service Efficiency I need visibility into server, network, and storage infrastructures to achieve service efficiencies and deliver on SLAs • Capacity planningand chargeback • VM optimization • Assurance monitoring • Multivendor

  4. OnCommand Insight High-Level Overview

  5. OnCommand Insight BalanceRaises IT Intelligence with KPIs • Reduce costs by using storage and servers more efficiently in shared infrastructure • Predict and Troubleshootresource contention, hotspots and bottlenecks • Optimize workload for efficient use of resources • Plan capacity to ensure constantly operating at the best possible performance level for the lowest cost • Manage infrastructure service supporting applications Performance Capacity Analytics Provide Intelligence Instead of Data

  6. Save Time & Money: Resolve Issues Fast VM • Map service health • Get Intelligence, not just data points • Leverage Key Performance Indicators Server Storage App

  7. Save Time & Money: Predict & Prevent Instantly understand the business impact of an IT issue Problem Summary Business and Impact Severity Root Cause Links to Launch Detail

  8. Reduce CapEx: Optimize Service Health • Understand performance and capacity implications • Over-provisioning resources wastes money, under-provisioning impacts performance • Performance Index exposes inefficiencies and identifies Optimal Point

  9. Forecast: Plan Performance andCapacity Requirements • Scheduled and On demand reports • Automated Scorecards provide consistent metrics • Dozens of drill down reports • Virtual Machine Scorecard shows how the infrastructure is supporting the VM • Server Volume Capacity Utilization Forecast tells you when you’ll run out Server Volume Capacity Utilization Report

  10. Manage Service Levels: Meet Business Requirements • Baseline and predict future service • Alert on service deviations • Maximize utilization without degrading performance Confidently Virtualize More Business Critical Applications

  11. Software Company Improves VMware Performance Challenge • With 80% of its IT environment virtualized, the company realized it needed a robust, yet easy to deploy and use, infrastructure management solution Results • Provided visibility across the virtual machines and storage environment not available with any other tool • Identified and helped resolve performance issues in their VMware lab manager virtual machine environment caused by contention on RAID Group/LUN Industry: High Tech Software Solution: Insight Balance Storage: EMC Clariion “Now we can address and prevent problems, while before we were guessing.” -Senior IT Manager 11

  12. Merkle Gains New Insight into Data Center with NetApp OnCommand Increased Efficiency: • Allowed identification of issues' root causes in days instead of weeks • Optimized utilization with redistribution of servers across storage systems • Reduced data-processing time frames by 30% Business Impact: • Improved IT budget planning • Boosted time to market and profitability Merkle leverages expertise in database marketing to offer quantitative, information-based solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. “NetApp®OnCommand™ Insight Balance has already saved us significant time by identifying the root cause of server and storage problems and enabling faster, more informed decisions.” – Atul Gandhi, Senior Director, Enterprise Technology Group

  13. Competitive Management Tools NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 13 13

  14. Assessment Insight Pre-Sales Program • Free pre-sales program for NetApp Sales • Helps you position & propose the ideal NetApp solution • Uses OnCommand Insight • Assess your customer’s environment to better understand • How efficient it is • What’s being utilized Register here: NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only

  15. VMware Ready Management SolutionDeep End-to-End Visibility and Analytics with vCenterPlugin Insight Balance Management Solution Certified “Insight Balance is absolutely critical to companies virtualizing business-critical production applications.”

  16. Next Steps To Start Selling Enterprise Sales, TEA, SE, Service Providers: • Familiarize yourself with OnCommand Insight positioning and business and financial value for NetApp storage and multi-vendor storage customers and prospects • Look for NetApp enterprise accounts with virtualization and position the OnCommand Insight family • SEs should become trained on Technical Overview of Insight Balance which includes how to demonstrate the product • SEs should complete Installing and Configuring training • Take the ABCs of OnCommand Insight Assure, Plan, Perform NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only

  17. OnCommand Insight BalanceEnable IT Alignment to the Business Intelligence Instead of Data Performance Capacity Analytics Insight Balance Heterogeneous OS Support Multi-vendor, Multi-protocol Support (SAN, iSCSI, NAS/NFS, CIFS) Agentless, Easy Install

  18. Resources • Field Portal (All Sales Tools, Presentations, and Competitive Information) • NetApp • NOW™ Support Site (Partners, Professional Services, NetApp University) • Blogs • Customer Community: • Assessment Insight pre-sales program (for competitive takeout) NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only

  19. NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only