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NetApp NON solo storage PowerPoint Presentation
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NetApp NON solo storage

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NetApp NON solo storage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NetApp NON solo storage
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  1. NetAppNON solo storage Roberto Patano 28 giugno 2012 NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

  2. Alcuneinformazioni • Questo webinar utilizzail VoIP per l’audioquindiricordatevidiattivareglialtoparlandi del vostro PC • E’ attiva in ognicasouna Conf Call via telefono per chi avesseproblemidilinea.Di seguito i dettagli per collegarsi: • Da lineafissanumeroverde8000977458 • Da cellularenumero0236046283 • Passcode: 5156384803# NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

  3. Alcuneinformazioni • Il prossimo webinar è fissato per il 19 luglio, riceverete come di consueto a brevel’invito • Vi ricordo inoltre l’indirizzo della nostra community dove troverete alla fine del webinar la presentazione odierna • NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

  4. NetApp NON solo storageFlash Pool e Virtual Storage Tier Giuliano Copparoni NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

  5. Data Placement Challenge Primary Storage Pool: All data: hot and cold Objective: Intelligently place “hot” data on the highest performing media “Hot” Data 10-20% Data should be fast when hot and low cost when it’s cold NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  6. Impact of Flash Technology Right Place Right Cost Right Time Server Flash • Relatively small differences between HDD types • Flash is a game changer • Balancing cost and performance is key Performance Growth SAS/FC SATA Time NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  7. Automated Storage Tiering Value Proposition NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  8. NetApp Virtual Storage Tier Real-time data promotion • Optimized for Flash • Scale performance on demand • Highly granular (4KB) • Highly efficient • Simple to install and requires no administration Data Driven • Real Time • Self-Managing Virtual Storage Tier Physical Storage NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  9. Automated Storage Tiering Compared NetApp Approach Competition Data Driven • Real Time • Self-Managing Automated Data Migration Flash Virtual Storage Tier FC/SAS Physical Storage SATA • Fine grain • Dynamic • Low overhead • Efficient • Less granular • Time delayed • I/O and CPU intensive • Less efficient NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  10. Virtual Storage Tier Benefits Data Center Efficiency Business Agility Reduced Complexity • Simple installation • Out of the box operation • Predictive sizing for workload-based caching optimization • Use of capacity optimized HDDs as primary disk technology • Transparent integration with key storage efficiency technologies • Use less power and cooling • Reduce data center footprint • Improved client response times • Increased throughput • Flexible infrastructure scaling with minimal incremental cost • Class of service provisioning NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  11. Virtual Storage Tier Offerings Capacity Performance Capacity Performance + PCI-e Cache HDD HDD NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  12. Virtual Storage Tier Results: Flash Cache After: FAS 6210 HA Pair with 168TB Before: FAS 6210 HA Pair with 144TB 240 SAS 600GB10K RPM Disks 168 1TB 7.2K RPM SATA Disks 1TB Flash Cache NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  13. Virtual Storage Tier Results: Flash Pool After: FAS 6210 HA Pair with 216TB Before: FAS 6210 HA Pair with 144TB 240 SAS 600GB10K RPM Disks 216 1TB 7.2K RPM SATA Disks 24 100GB SSDs NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  14. Flash Cache • High random read workloads • File Services • Tech Apps • Web Apps • Low administration • Higher performance in some workloads Flash Pool Workloads with random overwrites • Biz Apps • OLTP • VDI • Consistent Performance on takeover • VST for FAS22xx platforms Replace performance drives with capacity drives NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

  15. Flash Pool Components A Flash Pool consists of: • An aggregate of 1 or more HDD RAID groups… • Plus a RAID group of SSDs One type of HDD can be used • High capacity (SATA) or performance (SAS) SSDs cache random data • Previously written data (overwrites) • Read data expired from main memory Existing aggregates can be non disruptively converted to Flash Pool Flash Pool and Flash Cache can co-exist • HDD only aggrs still accelerated by Flash Cache NetApp Confidential – Limited Use

  16. Virtual Storage Tiering Is a Winner • Reduced number of HDD tiers • Lower acquisition cost • Less power and cooling Lower Costs IT Objectives • Application-driven performance • Dynamic responsiveness • Simplify management ImproveServiceLevels NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  17. Automated Storage Tiering Competition NetApp Virtual Storage Tier: More optimized design; most cost-efficient use of Flash NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  18. NetApp Virtual Storage TierKey Advantages vs. Competitors’ Autotiering NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  19. VST Customer Success • Tucson Electric Power • Cut time for monthly reporting runs in half • VST enables a “SATA first” policy • MRIS • 100% improvement in read response times • Doubled transactions per minute • Less storage required • Apptix • Reduced power, space, and storage • Increased IOPS without management complexity NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  20. VST Selling Strategy • Emphasize that NetApp® has automated storage tiering • Show how VST is a better approach • Focus on results and customer success NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  21. Virtual Storage Tier Summary • Intelligent caching provides optimal use/efficiency for Flash technology • One VST approach with flexible deployment • Controller based • Array based • Optimal balance of efficiency and performance NetApp Confidential-Limited Use

  22. NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only