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NetApp Snap Creator Framework PowerPoint Presentation
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NetApp Snap Creator Framework

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NetApp Snap Creator Framework
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NetApp Snap Creator Framework

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  1. NetApp Snap Creator Framework John Spinks

  2. Agenda NetApp Snap Creator™ Framework Overview Snap Creator Developer Community Deployment Examples Summary and Resources Q&A

  3. Snap CreatorFramework Overview

  4. Snap Creator Framework Overview Snap Creator is a FRAMEWORK • Built with flexibility in mind • One-size-fits-all • Focus on data protection, but offers restore, cloning, mount, … • Snap Creator is FREE

  5. Overview of Snap Creator Framework 3.x Architecture Host Plug-Ins: Application • Application • Virtualization • Community GUI MaxDB MySQL Community Plug-ins Oracle® (see note) DB2 Sybase Domino VMware® Xen New in 3.6 KVM New in 3.6 Configuration File(s): Control work flow. Many configuration files but only one active. GUI: Customize configuration file. Configuration file(s) Snap Creator™Engine for Different OS Platforms Main Engine: Interface to Data ONTAP. DFM API DataONTAP API Snapshot™ SnapVault® OSSV SnapMirror® OnCommand® Unified Manager (Operations and Protection capabilities) Note: Only if the configuration is not in the Interoperability Matrix Tool for SnapManager® for Oracle and SnapDrive® Data ONTAP® Data ONTAP® Storage

  6. Port 9090 Port 80/443 ZAPI Snap Creator Server/Agent Architecture Snap Creator™ Agent Pre CMDs Snap Creator Server Snapshot™ App Quiesce SnapVault® App UnQuiesce SnapMirror® Post CMDs

  7. Snap Creator Plug-Ins

  8. Oracle Plug-in Overview

  9. Custom Commands are Easy to Run! Note: You can have 1 – 99 commands for each type Normal Execution Sequence Commands to Execute • Error Condition • Occurs APP_QUIESCE_CMDS Snapshot™ • PRE_EXIT_CMDS APP_UNQUIESCE_CMDS 9 PRE/POST APP_QUIESCE PRE/POST APP_UNQUIESCE PRE/POST NTAP PRE/POST RESTORE PRE/POST CLONE_CREATE APP_QUIESCE APP_UNQUIESCE PRE_EXIT …and More

  10. Snap Creator Developer Community

  11. To learn more visit us at:

  12. Github Repository

  13. Community Development Model Releases and release cycle • Community • NetApp Contributors License (Apache 2) Do it yourself or work with others

  14. Snap Creator 4.0 – Community Release Coming Soon – Jan 2013 New Features • Server rewritten for scalability • Redesigned GUI and CLI • Agent Monitor • Remote CLI • Workflow engine

  15. Deployment Examples

  16. Deployment Example 1 Snap Creator Server Snap Creator Agent App Consistent Snapshot® copies Replicated Snapshot® copies App Quiesce App Unquiesce SnapMirror Controller A Controller B Application Consistent Snapshot copy with SnapMirror Update

  17. Deployment Example 2 Snap Creator is configured to use SnapDrive to take Snapshot copies Snap Creator Server – SnapDrive installed These actions are configured in Snap Creator using Post commands Snap Creator Agent - SnapDrive Installed App Consistent Snapshot® copies App Quiesce App Unquiesce Using SnapDrive Mount Snapshot Using SnapDrive Unmount Snapshot Call CLI Command to send Snapshot copy to Tape Controller Take a Snapshot Copy, Mount on a Different Server and Send to Tape

  18. Summary and Resources

  19. Summary Learn about the NetApp Snap Creator Framework Learn about new features and plug-ins for Snap Creator 3.6 Learn how Snap Creator works and what it can do for you!

  20. Snap Creator Resources Resources: Snap Creator TV on YouTube: NetApp Snap Creator Framework with IBM Lotus Domino Plug-In Deployment and Configuration Guide - NetApp Community Page: Developer Support Join the Snap Creator Developer Community:

  21. Snap Creator Resources Community Support NetApp Community Page: Snap Creator Framework download and support: Technical Questions NetApp Community Page (same link as above)

  22. Q&A