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Independent Study: Wireless Security Presented by: Lin Bei Instructor: Dr.Yang Date: 04.05.2003

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Independent Study: Wireless Security Presented by: Lin Bei Instructor: Dr.Yang Date: 04.05.2003 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Evaluation of a Publish/Subscribe System for Collaboration and Mobile Working Collaborative Advertising over Internet with Agents. Independent Study: Wireless Security Presented by: Lin Bei Instructor: Dr.Yang Date: 04.05.2003. Collaborative Mobile Working. Introduction

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Evaluation of a Publish/Subscribe System for Collaboration and Mobile WorkingCollaborative Advertising over Internet with Agents

Independent Study: Wireless Security

Presented by: Lin Bei

Instructor: Dr.Yang

Date: 04.05.2003

collaborative mobile working
Collaborative Mobile Working
  • Introduction
    • Why do we need the collaborative mobile working?
      • Exchanging, locating and sharing information
      • Communicating with co-workers
    • What is MOTION?
      • The mobile Teamwork Infrastructure for Organizations Networking
      • It Provides mobile teamwork support requirements such as locating distributed document and expertise, community building, and mobile information sharing and access.
collaborative mobile working1
Collaborative Mobile Working
  • In the areas of mobile and collaborative systems,covers a wide range of topics from formal verifiable models of collaboration to dynamic migration and replication. These two areas are mostly contained within the larger area of distributed systems.
collaborative mobile working2
Collaborative Mobile Working
  • MOTION Architecture

The user interface

Teamwork Services layer

Basic communication Services

Peer to peer file sharing and

distributed search

Publish/Subscribe mechanisms

publish subscribe in motion
Publish/Subscribe in MOTION
  • Publish/Subscribe component in TWS
    • Wraps the underlying middleware
    • Gives a uniform and consistent view of the event concept to the application layer
  • Subscription gateway
    • Denote the set of callback components
    • Be configuration for each user
    • Two classes of subscription
      • System Subscription
      • User subscriptions
  • User Specialized callbacks
    • It is a component that handles subscriptions of a specific user
collaborative mobile working4
Collaborative Mobile Working
  • The XQL query with a client:

/UserProfile[ (User/Expertise/* $contains$ ’valve design’) $and$ System/Access/Status $equals$ ‘online’]/ID

  • The XML description
    • Example: event.xml
collaborative mobile working5
Collaborative Mobile Working
  • Related approaches and design decisions
    • Khronika, Interlocus, Awarenesswork, Nessie
    • Client-server based
    • Do not support for distributed searching
    • Do not concerned with device and user mobility
  • PeerWare systems in MOTION
    • P2P architectural style has been increasingly gaining attention
    • P2P style provides high flexibility and systems configurability
    • Provides both distributed searching/P2P file sharing and publish/subscribe support
Requirements for an publish/Subscribe middleware
    • An efficient filtering mechanism
    • The capability to automatically destroy a subscription after a given delay
    • Authorization mechanisms for subscriptions
    • An expressive query language for defining subscriptions
collaborative advertising over internet with agents
Collaborative Advertising over Internet with Agents
  • Introduction
    • Mobile device
    • Implementation of information
    • E-commerce service
    • Basic restriction
      • Limited capabilities
      • High connection cost
      • Low bandwidth
    • High precision of the information delivered
advertising over internet1
Advertising over Internet
  • Main problem in advertising services and products
    • Finding potential customers
    • Making the customers aware about the offers
  • The solution
    • The personal contact approach(one-to-one marketing):
    • The mass media approach(one-to-many marketing):
  • WAP-based communication
  • Main problems in WAP-based communication
    • User are not willing to disclose their private preferences to somebody that they don’t completely trust.
    • User are not willing to receive irrelevant information to a small screen
software agent
Software Agent:
  • Agent , advertising desk and user’s WML deck
software agent1
Software Agent:
  • Basic advantages of the software agent
    • The privacy of user preferences
    • Off-line processing
    • Pro-active filtering
    • Analysis of offers as well as relaxing necessity for discovering target groups by advertisers.
    • Real-time reaction to the proposed offer
agora framework
Agora Framework
  • Agora is a cooperative node in the Internet where agents can register their interests and get a support for matchmaking, negotiation, coordination and communication.
  • Each cooperative node has a manager agent, coordinator, negotiator and communicator.
    • The manager performs registration, matchmaking, and events handling.
    • The coordinator and negotiator arte agents which manage some coordination or negotiation protocol.
    • The communicator supports communication between agents and Agoras, also between different agents.
agora framework1
Agora Framework
  • All the components of the cooperative can be overridden when needed.
  • The Agora systems provides API for generation and customization of the cooperative nodes.
  • The default agent in the Agora systems has goal analyzer, planner, knowledge base and communication.
  • All the components can be customized or overridden.
  • Their functionality can be different for different application.
relevant technologies
Relevant Technologies:
  • Collaborative Systems: strategies of human cooperation over the Web, computer platforms and architectures in support of remote cooperation, mediators, wrappers, design and implementation issues of collaborative applications;
  • Workflow Systems: workflow architectures in support of collaboration processes, modeling of cooperation processes, truly distributed enactment services and interoperability of workflow engines, dynamic modification of running workflows;
  • Electronic Business: establishment of contacts, suppliers search and negotiation, contract negotiations, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Employee cooperation support, establishment and coordination of virtual enterprises, shared business processes.
  • Data-web Technology and Database Infrastructure for collaboration: Web access to databases including Java Database Connectivity, database Web servers, Web interfaces to databases, database Web applications;
  • Interoperability Infrastructures: compositional software architectures in support of collaboration, combining distributed object management platforms with Web and Java for cooperative applications, middleware infrastructures, describing metadata on the Web, providing semantic interoperability through metadata, emerging interoperability standards;
  • E-Commerce Overview Series
  • 12th International Conference on Database and Expert System Application
  • Electronic Commercial Agens
  • The Electronic Commercial Agents Project
  • M. Matskin and E. Tyugu. Declarative Reflection Support in Multi-Agent Systems. Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial IntelligenceIC-AI'2001, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, June 25-28, 2001, CSREA Press
  • Collaborative Advertising over Internet with Agents