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Christian Pries Has A Keen Interest In Scuba Diving PowerPoint Presentation
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Christian Pries Has A Keen Interest In Scuba Diving

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Christian Pries Has A Keen Interest In Scuba Diving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Christian Pries Has A Keen Interest In Scuba Diving
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  1. Christian Pries Has Strong Interest In Music

  2. Christian Pries Has Strong Interest In Music • Christian Pries is a disciplined person, known for his dedication towards the work. He is a family oriented man and finds time to spend with family despite his busy schedule. He is a very practical person who believes in the power of yoga and has been practicing it for many years. In addition, he also likes to get involved in a number of sports and physical activities to stay fit and healthy. He always inspires others to adopt a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Along with this, he has a strong interest in music.

  3. Christian Pries also loves to write songs and plays them on guitar. Moreover, he is fond of playing different types of guitars like Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, steel guitars, bass guitars, classical guitars etc. He, himself has a pretty good selection of guitars. On guitar, one can play a variety of music, from Classics through Folk to Blues, Country and Rock.

  4. Music is an important part of our everyday life. You hear it on the radio, television, YouTube, iPods, movies, musical theatre, cell phones, CDs, DVDS etc. Music relaxes your soul, body, and mind. Music as a hobby can have many variations, such as playing instrument, singing, writing music, collecting audio CDs and DVDs, listening to music and many more. The best thing about music is that it is beautiful even if one instrument is played or when several instruments are played together. It can be rock, metal, trance, classical, country, hip hop, pop etc.

  5. Christian Priesloves to compose music during his leisure time. Aside from that, he also tries to write down his own lyrics. He has a keen interest in playing different types of instruments, especially guitar. He is the member of a musical band and has given numerous stage performances in different schools and colleges.

  6. According to Christian Pries, playing guitar and listening to favorite tracks takes the stress out and provides a feeling of total relaxation. Music brings out his fantasy, his creativity and emotions. It is powerful enough to go above and beyond any limitations that you have imposed on yourself. In his home, Christian has a separate room which is dedicated to music and has a huge collection of CDs, DVDs and musical instruments. During his free time, he just sits there and enjoys the music.

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