The future of communications
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The Future of Communications. Christopher Thompson Senior Director, Solutions Marketing Cisco. Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006: You. “Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world.”.

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The future of communications

The Future of Communications

Christopher ThompsonSenior Director, Solutions MarketingCisco

Time magazine person of the year 2006 you
Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006: You.

“Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world.”

“For seizing the reins of the global media... Founding and framing the new digital democracy...

Beating the pros at their own game”

Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year 2006: You”

A new generation of empowered end users
A New Generation of Empowered End Users


“The next generation of information workers will expect a highly visual, connected, contextual information workplace they can take anywhere.”

- Forrester

The future of communications

One Time Zone, Real Time

Working Moments

Mobility and Uniformity of Experience

Security and Governance

New and Changing Regulations

Business Continuance


Your ability to hire and retain employees is at risk
Your ability to hire and retain employees is at risk

  • We’ve entered a new era:

    • The post-desktop era

    • The post-email era

    • The post-fixed workspace era

  • Collaboration replaces transactional communications

    • Every media, every time, every device, and everybody

The future of communications


Real-Time, Contextual Information

Borderless Enterprise



Government in Transformation

  • Grassroots innovation

  • Personalization

  • Consumer within

  • Contextual, Virtual, Secure

  • Architecture of participation

  • Agile business

  • Anytime, anywhere

  • Work @ home

  • Global talent

Consolidation competition and collaboration in unified communications




Consolidation, Competition and Collaboration in Unified Communications



IP Telephony

Video Conferencing


Consolidation competition and collaboration in unified communications1
Consolidation, Competition and Collaboration in Unified Communications



IP Telephony

Video Conferencing


Social networking drove the first phase of the human network

Podcasting Communications

Collaboration is Driving Business Process Change

Social Networking Drove the First Phase of the Human Network

Every experience is delivered by the network

Online Communications


Every Experience is Delivered by the Network

Everywhere, every time, every device, every media, everybody!

Intelligent Network

Collaboration begins in the workspace

Devices Communications



Operating Systems

Collaboration begins in the workspace

Collaboration demands open
Collaboration Demands “Open” Communications




Enterprise 1 0 a world of silos

Voice Communications




Enterprise Applications

Mobile Telephony

Voice Conferencing

Desktop Applications


Enterprise 1.0: A World of Silos

  • Individual user constantly struggled to reconcile

    • Network silos

      • Different networks - different contexts

    • Application silos

      • “Cut and Paste” application integration

    • Collaboration silos

      • “Do you see what I see?”…

      • “Why not?”

  • Time spent reconciling took away from time productively collaborating

Enterprise 2010 a world of collaboration

Application CommunicationsLayer









Identity & Mobility

Resource & Policy

Session & Media







Intelligent Network

Enterprise 2010: A World of Collaboration

  • Empowered users rely on multi-dimensional collaboration

    • Workgroups

      • Consistent, shared and immediate view of relevant workgroup context

    • Applications

      • Seamless interfaces

      • Mash-Ups, SOA…

    • Integrated Network Services

      • Enable “collaborative applications”

  • Collaborating to achieve common goals

    • Anywhere, any device, anytime

Case studies in unified communications cisco systems

Case Studies in Unified Communications CommunicationsCisco Systems

Unified communications at cisco


Unified Communications at Cisco

Deployment Summary

  • 256 locations covered

  • 25 Cisco UCS Clusters

  • 78,000 IP Phones

  • 59,000 Cisco UnityVoicemail boxes

  • 17,000 Video Telephony Advantage users

Now Happening

  • Expanding audio conferencing with video

  • Home office IP Telephony extensions

  • Global IP Telephony apps

Unified messaging at cisco

Voice Mail


One Inbox


Deployment Summary

Now Happening

  • Distributed Cisco Unity at 12 locations

  • Currently 59,000 users on Unity

  • 18,500 Cisco Unity voice mail boxes in San Jose, migrated in just 8 hours

  • Migrate to full integrated messaging, convergence of voice mail, fax and e-mail


Unified Messaging at Cisco

Unified contact centers at cisco

Deployment Summary dollars/yr

  • 17 Contact Centre locations globally (including 3 outsource locations)

  • 10+ million calls handled per year

  • 84 Global Contact Centre Clients

  • 1,385+ agents

Unified Contact Centers at Cisco

  • Cisco web collaboration option

  • Centralized or Distributed treatment & queuing

  • $30K / month saving on Tie Lines; $19K / month savings on Carrier Routing

  • Reduced IT & Client Admin Support

  • Reduced Phone Transport Expenses

  • Rapid deployment of new applications

Now Happening

  • Customers handled in a customized fashion

  • Web usage & knowledge capture at the call centre


Video rich media communications at cisco

  • Business Video dollars/yr

    • More dynamic, interactive; addresses different learning styles Travel savings est. $115 Million/yr

  • MeetingPlace

    • - Productivity: 4 interfaces reduced to 1; 3 minutes saved/meeting scheduled

    • - 75% of voice traffic shifting from PSTN to IP network

    • - Removal of dedicated circuits: $50,000/month saving

Deployment Summary

  • Avg. 123 live broadcasts, 16,000 live viewers, 900 VoDs created, 242,000 internal and external viewers/qtr

  • Unified MeetingPlace audio and video conference

    • 20 million minutes a month

  • Benefits

    Video & Rich Media Communications at Cisco

    Now Happening

    • Video-enabled IP Communicator

    • Conferencing Integration

    • Unified Client

    • Converged SIP/SCCP desktop video dial plan and solution.

    • Blogs / Wikis

    Cisco telepresence

    • Cisco TelePresence dollars/yr

      • $93 million improved sales success

      • $49 million accelerated sales

      • $29 million employee productivity

      • $42 million travel savings

      • (Projected savings over 3 year period)

    Deployment Summary

    • Launched October 2006

    • Cisco deployment 110 units in July 2007

    • 40 Units deployed through February 2007

    • 17000 meetings to date (Sep ’07) via TelePresence

    • 3200 unique customer meetings

    • 360 trips avoided


    Cisco TelePresence

    The Future

    • New Business Models

    • Multipoint Conferencing

    • Business to Business