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Future of Research Communications and E-Scholarship

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Future of Research Communications and E-Scholarship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Future of Research Communications and E-Scholarship. What is the FORCE11 ?. Future of Research Communications and E-Scholarship: A grass roots effort to accelerate the pace and nature of scholarly communications and e-scholarship through technology, education and community

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what is the force11
What is the FORCE11?

Future of Research Communications and E-Scholarship:

A grass roots effort to accelerate the pace and nature of scholarly communications and e-scholarship through technology, education and community

Why 11? We were born in 2011 in Dagstuhl, Germany

Principles laid out in the FORCE11 Manifesto

force11 vision
FORCE11 Vision
  • Modern technologies enable vastly improve knowledge transfer and far wider impact; freed from the restrictions of paper, numerous advantages appear
  • We see a future in which scientific information and scholarly communication more generally become part of a global, universal and explicit network of knowledge
  • To enable this vision, we need to create and use new forms of scholarly publication that work with reusable scholarly artifacts
  • To obtain the benefits that networked knowledge promises, we have to put in place reward systems that encourage scholars and researchers to participate and contribute
  • To ensure that this exciting future can develop and be sustained, we have to support the rich, variegated, integrated and disparate knowledge offerings that new technologies enable

Beyond the PDF Visual Notes by De Jongens van de Tekeningen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

who is force11
Who is FORCE11?


Tool builders




Social Sciences


Library and Information scientists

Policy makers

Anyone who has a stake in moving scholarly communication into the 21st century

force11 org

>350 members from diverse stakeholder group

  • Community platform
    • Discussion group
    • Tool registry
    • Blogs
    • Events
    • Bibliography
    • Community projects
  • Education
    • Scholarly communication 101
beyond the pdf
Beyond the PDF
  • Conference/unconference where all stakeholders come together as equals to discuss issues
  • Incubator for change
  • What would you do to change scholarly communication?

San Diego, Jan 2011 ........... Amsterdam, March 2013

beyond the pdf2
Beyond the PDF2
  • >200 attendees

FORCE11 Vision Award:

Carole Goble “Don’t Publish; Release”

Amsterdam, March 19-20, 2013

  • FORCE11 Manifesto 2.0
    • Recommendations for propelling scholarly communications into the future
  • 1K Challenge:
    • What would you do for 1K to change scholarly communication?
  • Landscape of scholarly communication
    • Who is doing what?
    • Are their gaps?
manifesto 1 0 manifesto 2 0
Manifesto 1.0 Manifesto 2.0

Can we check some things off? What do we need to add?

why is the manifesto a pdf
Why is the Manifesto a PDF?
  • The Manifesto should be an exemplar of a new form of scholarly communication
    • Interactive
    • Collaborative
    • Born for the web
  • The Digital Humanities has been thinking and creating in this medium

Tara McPherson, University of Southern California

scholarly communication landscape is there a big picture
Scholarly communication landscape: Is there a big picture?

Workflows 4Ever


Data Verse

PeerJ, eLife

Are we really suffering from a lack of tools?

-or is it usable tools?

-or is it tools that are used?

-or is it awareness that there are tools?

-or are these even the right tools?

Research Data Alliance


Impact Story, Rubriq

Data journals


what can we do now
What can we do now?
  • Are there known best practices and tools that can/should be used now by the FORCE11 community? e.g., ORCID ID
  • Shouldn’t we be inventing the future?
what big issues are we not addressing
What big issues are we not addressing?

New roles and vanishing roles

  • Librarians are publishers
    • Scholars are curators
    • Publishers are archivists
    • Scholars are customers
    • Scholars are publishers
    • Everyone is a standards developer!
      • Is there still a role for everyone?
what big issues are we not addressing1
What big issues are we not addressing?

Are there broad agreements that need to be forged?

  • Open citations? Text mining across the corpus? An open alternative to Google Scholar?
      • Where is lack of coordination holding us back?

Are the issues the same for all stakeholders?

  • Humanities and sciences
  • Developed and developing world
  • Technologists and scholars
  • Institutions and individuals
  • Scholars and taxpayers

Can and should everyone be brought to the table for all discussions?

questions for you
Questions for you?

Is your community represented in FORCE11?

Are your needs the same as other stakeholders in the areas of:

  • Containers
  • Processes
  • Mark up
  • Authoring
  • Reward

Do you have other needs not outlined in the manifesto?

What do you need from FORCE11?

  • Users?
  • Tools?
  • Collaborators?
  • Advertising?
  • A bully pulpit?
  • Protocols and best practices?

What can you do for FORCE11?