national conference on kharif campaign 2005 orissa
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NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON KHARIF CAMPAIGN 2005 ORISSA. Funds Received from GOI and Utilisation – 2004-05. Rs. In Lakh. Preparedness for 2005-06. Work Plan prepared for CA of Rs.2700.00 lakhs Agriculture – Rs. 1504.00 Soil Conservation – Rs. 297.00 Agric Marketing – Rs.225.00

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preparedness for 2005 06
Preparedness for 2005-06
  • Work Plan prepared for CA of Rs.2700.00 lakhs
    • Agriculture – Rs. 1504.00
    • Soil Conservation – Rs. 297.00
    • Agric Marketing – Rs.225.00
    • Assistance to Coops –Rs.675.00
  • Separate WorkPlan for Horticulture for CA of Rs.1800.00
  • Work Plan for ISOPOM for CA of Rs.750.00 lakhs
  • Action Plan for ICDP for CA of Rs. 101.00 lakhs
  • Work Plan for Rs.1200.00 lakhs for 2005-06 kept ready and budget provision made
  • All administrative arrangements for programme implementation in readiness
progress on apmc act
Progress on APMC Act
  • Draft Amendment Bill has been approved by the Cabinet for introduction in this session of the Assembly
    • Based on Model Act
    • Contract farming clause provided for
    • Private Market Yards enabled
horticulture mission
  • Formation of State Horticulture Socie ty ordered by Govt. – Registration awaited
  • Annual Action Plan for 2005-06 for Rs.90cr submitted.
  • Advance Action initiated for sourcing Planting Material
  • Sensitisation of Collectors and Horticulture Officers
  • State level Technical Group formed
enhancing sustainability of dry land rain fed farming
  • On-farm water conservation through individual farm ponds to provide support irrigation and help grow a second low-duty crop in 8 DPAP Districts along with other components - liquid bio-fertilizers Vermi composting
  • Designs prepared for varying farm sizes with technical inputs from WTCER, Bbsr
  • Should be extended to non-DPAP districts and 750 mm rainfall criteria should be changed
micro irrigation
  • Demands from farmers is not very much.
  • Extension and demonstration will have to be stepped up
  • During 2005-06 implementation will be on a low scale perhaps
  • Work Plan will be submitted after rate of subsidy and other parameters are indicated
thrust areas
Thrust areas
  • Crop Diversification
    • Horticulture – cashew / mangoes / spices/ vegetables
    • Oilseeds- Ground Nut/ Sesamum/Niger
    • Pulses- Arhar
    • Cotton
    • Sugarcane
  • Dryland Farming : improving sustainability and cropping intensity
  • Enhancing Seed replacement
  • Increasing cropping intensity by Paddy-Pulses/Oilseeds cropping sequences in rice fallows
  • Farm mechanisation


Area covered (’000 ha) - 46

Productivity (Kg/ha) - 391

Production (’000 bales) - 106


Area Programmed (‘000 ha) - 70

cotton interventions
Cotton - Interventions
  • Micro level planning.
  • Improvement of marketing.
          • Marketing Infrastructure facility.
          • Provision of Grading Instruments in market yards.
  • Integrated Pest Management.
  • Testing of private hybrids like Bunny, Sri Tulasi etc by OUAT and developing a public hybrid/ variety.
  • Orissa is a non-traditional cotton growing state where the entire production is LONG STAPLE. To facilitate marketing Orissa should be declared as a long staple zone.
  • 2004-05 (anticipated)
    • Area covered (’000 ha) - 35
    • Productivity (MT/ha) - 73
    • Production (’000 MT) - 2550
  • Additional area programmed

For next 2 years (’000 ha) - 35

During 2005-06 (’000 ha) - 22

  • Focus on mill based approach for promoting sugarcane cultivation around the sugar factories.
  • Micro level planning.
  • Seed multiplication programme in 1200 acres.
  • Subsidy on seed-cane is being contemplated as a new initiative
pulses and oilseeds interventions
Pulses and oilseeds Interventions
  • Cultivation of newly released high yielding varieties.Increasing Seed Replacement Ratio (SRR).
  • Increasing area under sunflower and mustard during rabi.
  • Application of gypsum in groundnut crop.
  • Integrated Nutrient Management.
  • Intensifying Integrated Pest Management programme.
  • Upgradation of farmers’ knowledge through demonstration and training.
pulses oilseeds strategy
Pulses Oilseeds Strategy
  • Diversification of uplands from paddy .Mixed Cropping if complete diversion not acceptable.
  • Cultivation of pulses in rice fallows during rabi.
  • Seed Village Programme under groundnut. Using area under groundnut during kharif for production of of seeds for rabi for substantial increase of Rabi area.
  • Emphasis on moisture conservation management.
  • Oilseed and pulses cultivation in the tail end of irrigation ayacut during rabi.
  • Creation of irrigation potential for summer crops.
  • Big Minikit intervention for area expansion in rice fallows
Crop Diversification Strategy
  • Existing paddy area - 39.60 lakh ha
    • Upland Paddy Area - 8.00 lakh Ha
    • Diversification planned - 7.00 lakh ha
    • Planned Diversion 2005 - 1.60 lakh Ha
  • District wise planning done based on crop possibilities in given agro-climatic zones
  • District plans further disintegrated to Block level plans

For Rabi 2004-05 over and above ECA allocation of 69,000 MTs, an additional allocation of 7500 MTs has been made.

For Kharif’2005, 3.40 lakh MT of Urea has been allocated to the State under ECA


  • Timely despatch.
  • Besides IFFCO and NFCL, NFL should also be a supplier under ECA.
  • Variety-wise breeder seed requirement should be met with.
  • GOI to facilitate the procurement of varieties not easily available e.g. ICPL-87-119 Arhar, Deccan-103 Maize hybrid and JRO 524 Jute.
  • Minikits of indented varieties to be made available.
catalogue of varieties
Catalogue of varieties

Red - Requirement to be met from outside the State.

Blue – Requirement of new varieties of breeder seeds by GOI

Red -requirement to be met from outside the State.

Blue - requirement of new varieties of breeder seeds by GOI