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Comparisons & Contrasts; Henry Mintzberg, Michael Porter

Comparisons & Contrasts; Henry Mintzberg, Michael Porter. Business Strategy Business & Administration The University of Winnipeg. Michael Porter. Henry Mintzberg. Comparisons and Contrasts. Harvard Business School. McGill University. “Deliberate” strategy (Porter / Harvard)

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Comparisons & Contrasts; Henry Mintzberg, Michael Porter

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  1. Comparisons & Contrasts;Henry Mintzberg,Michael Porter Business Strategy Business & Administration The University of Winnipeg

  2. Michael Porter Henry Mintzberg Comparisons and Contrasts Harvard Business School McGill University

  3. “Deliberate” strategy (Porter / Harvard) Strategy is the conscious, analytical development of a distinct position in the environment “Emergent” strategy (Mintzberg / McGill) Strategy is an intuitive process through which an organization evolves by adapting to its environment Two Schools of Strategy Position School Process School

  4. Competitive Advantage “(strategy is)…essential to superior performance, which, after all, is the primary goal of any enterprise” Michael Porter What is Strategy? Continued Existence “(strategy is)…all things necessary for the successful functioning of an organization as an adaptive mechanism.” Richard T. Pascale The Honda Effect Organizational Goals Position School Process School

  5. Determine, develop and defend an advantageous position in the environment Be consistent and disciplined about this choice Learn and evolve through ongoing experience within the environment Don’t be afraid to experiment Relationship to Environment Position School Process School

  6. Build mutually-reinforcing “fit” among organizational activities in tightly focused support of chosen strategic position Encourage experimentation and variety in activities from which potential new strategies may emerge Organizational Capabilities Position School Process School

  7. Leadership conceptualizes strategy based on analysis and mobilizes the organization in well-coordinated support of it. Leadership nurtures a learning, flexible organization which is highly responsive and adaptable to the environment. Implications forStrategic Management Position School Process School

  8. Question for you! • Which “school of strategy” do you find more convincing personally? • Why?

  9. Preference forPosition versus Process strategy seems to depend on…. • Degree of Volatility in the environment • Size of the Company • Internal / External locus of control • Risk / Return preference • Management style / ego

  10. Let’s Compromise • “Strategy formation walks on two feet… one deliberate, the other emergent.” • Henry Mintzberg • Of Strategies Deliberate and Emergent

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