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Chlorinator Technology by Chlorine Genie Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Chlorinator Technology by Chlorine Genie Inc.

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Chlorinator Technology by Chlorine Genie Inc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chlorinator technology is not all created equal. In fact most if not all salt water pool systems fail to harvest and optimize this chlorine generator technology and it's true potential. In fact most saltwater pool systems are seriously flawed. See how we solved the salt in the pool problems and created the ultimate in pool water management systems.

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Chlorinator Technology by Chlorine Genie Inc.

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    1. The Chlorine Genie Advantage Stop Dumping “Junk” in your Pool

    2. The Chlorine Genie is a Breakthrough in Pool Water Management TECHNOLOGY

    3. Inside the Genie: 5 important Pool Water Chemicals are being manufactured…

    4. The Chlorine Genie’s cell submerged in softened brine water manufactures its own… • Chlorine: • (without dumping hundreds of lbs into your pool).

    5. The Chlorine Genie’s cell submerged in softened brine water manufactures its own… • Hypochlorous Acid: • (when you mix chlorine gas and oxygen with water you create hypochlorous acid).

    6. The Chlorine Genie’s cell submerged in softened brine water manufactures its own… • Sodium hydroxide: (when you mix sodium and hydrogen with water you make sodium hydroxide).

    7. The Genie with its Copper Silver Technology also manufactures its own… • Algaecide: • Copper ions are one of the active ingredients in most algaecides.

    8. The Genie’s Copper/Silver Technology manufactures its own… • Antibacterial Agent: • (The silver ions go after micro organisms like Legionella, Staphylococcus, Salmonellas, etc. far better than chlorine. The silver ion penetrates the bacterial cell walls, binds with the DNA, and inhibits replication).

    9. In addition to these 5 solid benefits - The Chlorine Genie stands alone as the only unit on the market that can…

    10. Acid wash and clean the units cell with the flip of a switch.

    11. Adjust the pool’s pHwith its built in electronic chemical feed system.

    12. This means you now can Experience…the easiest maintained - most comfortable pool water ever

    13. The Chlorine Genie only uses • Proven technology perfected by large Chlorine Manufacturing Companies.

    14. This is not Rocket Science… Many yeas ago large chlorine generating companies like Dow Chemicaldeveloped the most efficient way to manufacture chlorine.

    15. These Companies submerge their cells in brine water that has been pre-softened.

    16. Their cells have a selective membrane between the anode and cathode.

    17. They use low voltage which lengthens the life of the electrodes.

    18. the advantages developed by these companies are not being used by “salt-in-the-pool”UNITs!

    19. The Chlorine Genie is the only unit using this advanced technology. DEMO CELL ACTUAL CELL • Anode discharge tube • Cathode discharge tube • Cathode side of cell • Anode side of cell • Selective membrane • Note The actual cell is plumbed with ½ “ pvc and is sealed so that it can be submerged in the brine tank.

    20. The Genie with its Copper/Silver Technology is the Perfect Commercial Water Management System

    21. Copper/Silver Ion Advantages: • Chlorine demand can be reduced by as much as 80%. • Copper and silver ions stay in the water longer than most other sanitizing products.

    22. Copper/Silver ion Advantages • The synergistic combination of Copper/silver ions and Chlorineproduces much greater protection and efficient. • Copper/silver ions do not form objectionable by-products such as Chloramines or Trihalomethanes (THM).

    23. Genie’s optionalcopper/silvercell for use in commercial pools • Spring loaded Check Valve • Water from Filter • Water to Pool • Sight Glass for Copper/Silver Cell • Pulsating Copper/Silver Electrodes

    24. There is nothing else like the Chlorine Genie on the market

    25. Get the Chlorine Genie Advantage • Visit http://chlorinegenie.comtoday to get the Chlorine Genie Advantage, learn more, or to become one of our growing team of distributors.