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Social Networking @ Palm Coast PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Networking @ Palm Coast

Social Networking @ Palm Coast

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Social Networking @ Palm Coast

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  1. Social Networking @ Palm Coast Introduction to current and pending Palm Coast social networking initiatives.

  2. Our Path To Prosperity • Prosperity 2021. • Economic Development, Revitalization, Diversity, Quality of Life. • Keep building on strengths. • Let the secret out! • People need to discover Palm Coast.

  3. How can we tell Letterman? • Send him a plane ticket? • Let’s call him up. • Anyone friends with his wife? • Wife’s best friend? Hmmmm. • Rahal Letterman Racing team. • 12 Hours of Sebring • How aboout a racing buddy? Hmmmm!

  4. Social Networking

  5. What Is Social Networking? Online service or website that allows users to communicate, share, and interact. Websites that make it very easy to connect, communicate, interact, and share. A way to get news that’s relevant to us.

  6. This is not a new concept.

  7. What’s So Great About It? It fits our budget… FREE! Most social platforms are very easy to use. Explosive rates of adoption and growth. It’s accessible everywhere. Message is easily shared. It’s social. Relevant information finds YOU!!!

  8. Where Do We Start?

  9. Facebook #1 visited website on the internet today*. Used by kids, parents, grandparents, businesses, organizations, and so on. Powerful tools for connecting, following, and sharing. Currently 500 million usersworldwide. Another 30 new users just signed up. *Reuters; 12/20/2010

  10. How Will We Use It? Inform and add value for residents & visitors. Events, activities, recreation, urgent news. Real-time communication. Pulse of the City. Post photos and video. Event coverage & PSAs. Develop our GLOBAL billboard. Supplement & drive traffic to our City website(s).

  11. What It’s Not Not a blog. Not a forum. Not an FAQ. Not a substitute for the City website. Not a substitute for email. Not a primary means of communication.

  12. Who’s Involved? • Using a“Team” approach. • Departments create posts. • Posts approved by publishers (CM Office). • Checked for quality, relevance, conformance. • Posts added to page. • Subsequent comments handled by moderators.

  13. Compliance With Rules Administrative policies & procedures for proper internal use. Usage disclaimer on Facebook page. Adherence to Sunshine Laws. Proper document retention. Proper moderation of comments. (“G” Rated) Consistent procedures across all social networking endeavors.

  14. Introducing….

  15. What’s Next? Expand reach of TV199 content using YouTube and Facebook. Start integrating more video content on the City website. More interactive. Emphasize the Palm Coast lifestyle with Create a unified, consistent Palm Coast image, through a multimedia “brandprint”.

  16. Back To Letterman. David Letterman is on Facebook. He “friends” a racing buddy in Palm Coast. Racing buddy happens to “Like” our content. Our “liked” content shows up in David’s “News Feed”. David links to our Facebook page. Mission accomplished.

  17. We hope…