nano electro mechanical systems nems n.
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Nano electro mechanical systems ( nems )

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Nano electro mechanical systems ( nems ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nano electro mechanical systems ( nems ). What is NEMS?. The term Nanoelectromechanical systems or NEMS is used to describe devices integrating electrical and mechanical functionality on the nanoscale .

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what is nems
What is NEMS?
  • The term Nanoelectromechanical systems or NEMS is used to describe devices integrating electrical and mechanical functionality on the nanoscale.
  • NEMS form the logical next miniaturization step from so-called microelectromechanical systems, or MEMS devices.
nems definition
NEMS - Definition
  • NEMS is the integration of sensors, actuators, electronics, photonics, energy, fluidics, chemistry, and biology into a meaningful system enabled by sub micrometer science and engineering precision.
  • Nanowires such as nanoLED arrays might enable a new class of nanodisplays.
  • But consider fabricating nanowires out of dissimilar materials such as gallium arsenic on silicon.
  • The ability to realize vertical nanowires composed of metals, semiconductors, and insulators on silicon and other substrates will enable new types of high performance, heterogeneous micro- and nanosystems.
  • And they can be formed without the usual considerations of lattice strain matching that occurs in microscale dimensions.
nems in nano biotechnology
NEMS in Nano Biotechnology
  • NEMS will also enable other important new opportunities in the emerging field of nanobiotechnology.
  • The ultrasensitive detection method could replace complicated optical fluorophore tags and optical readout methods routinely used by molecular biologists with a simple electrically measured parameter—frequency.
  • A biocantilever diving board fabricated by Professor Michael Roukes at CalTech has shown the ability to detect small mass changes as low as 7 zeptograms, which is roughly the mass of a single protein molecule!
  • The most important area of NEMS opportunity arises— programmable self-assembly for heterogeneous nanointegration.
  • It is simply called as nanoassembly––a new manufacturing paradigm that allows for the directed self-assembly of components into precise locations on a substrate.
  • Nanoassemblymight also be used to build systems on non-planar or 3D surfaces where traditional monolithic integration has failed.
approaches to miniaturization
Approaches to miniaturization
  • Two complementary approaches to fabrication of NEMS systems can be found.
    • The top-down approach
    • The bottom-up approach
top down approach
Top-down approach
  • The top-down approach uses the traditional microfabrication methods, i.e. optical and electron beam lithography, to manufacture devices.
  • Typically, devices are fabricated from metallic thin films or etched semiconductor layers.
bottom up approach
Bottom-up approach
  • Bottom-up approaches, in contrast, use the chemical properties of single molecules to cause single-molecule components to
    • (a) self-organize or self-assemble into some useful conformation, or
    • (b) rely on positional assembly
  • This allows fabrication of much smaller structures, albeit often at the cost of limited control of the fabrication process.
future of nems
Future of NEMS
  • NEMS devices, if implemented into everyday technologies, could further reduce the size of modern devices and allow for better performing sensors.
  • Carbon based materials have served as prime materials for NEMS use, because of their highlighted mechanical and electrical properties.
  • In summary, the MEMS revolution that began at DARPA in the early 1990s will continue to bring new and more powerful microsystems to the commercial world and defense community.
  • Therefore, there is no doubt that the Age of NEMS will produce exciting new capabilities we are only now beginning to imagine.
thank you
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