Recerca en electro hidrodinamica i nano fluidica
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Recerca en electro-hidrodinamica i nano-fluidica* - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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*Please read notes (in English and Catalan) while reviewing this file. Recerca en electro-hidrodinamica i nano-fluidica*. Joan Rosell FeT group ; DEQ; ETSEQ. >> Electro-hydrodynamic cone-jets. Micro-jet. Capillary tube held at high voltage. Taylor cone (liquid meniscus). Electrospray.

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Recerca en electro hidrodinamica i nano fluidica

*Please read notes (in English and Catalan) while reviewing this file

Recerca en electro-hidrodinamica i nano-fluidica*

Joan Rosell

FeT group; DEQ; ETSEQ

>> Electro-hydrodynamic cone-jets this file


Capillary tube held at high voltage

Taylor cone

(liquid meniscus)


close-up of cone-jet tip

100 nm

Liquid flow

“…the diameter is less than 3 nm”

0.1mM LiCl in ethylene glycol

( la Mora et al,

J. Fluid Mech 260:155-184, 1994 )

G. Benassayag, P. Sudraud, B. Jouffrey, Ultramicroscopy16: 1-8, 1985

Coulomb explosion this file

Volatile spray

Steady cone-jet

Gomez and Tang, Phys Fluids 6: 404-414, 1994

Cytochrome C by ESI-MS this file

J. B. Fenn, M. Mann, C. K. Meng. S. F. Wong, C. M. Whitehouse,

"Electrospray Ionization for Mass Spectrometry of Large Biomolecules,"

Science 246, 64 (1989).

>> this fileMotion studies of electrified drops - results summary

Time (1/30 s)

Time (1/10 s)

End plate



Sealed capillary

H.V.power supply

--Courtesy of D. Zhan ( this fileGary E. Wnek)--

Syringe Needle

Syringe Pump


Rotating and Translating

High voltage DC supply



EVOH - this filepoly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol)

--Courtesy of D. Zhan (Gary E. Wnek)--

Fibroblast cells interacting with the EVOH mat after 7 days in culture.

Kenawy et al., Biomaterials, 24, 907-913 (2003)

General scope icrea proposal
>> this fileGeneral scope - ICREA proposal

  • Development of aerosol techniques for the generation of nano-structured materials, with emphasis on EHD micro-flows.

  • Nano-structured fibrous materials by electro-spinning (ESP)

  • Colloid thrusters for micro-satellites

  • Electro-hydrodynamics, Electro-hydrodynamic instability of liquids, Rayleigh breakup of droplets, Electrospray ion formation

Marie curie i nt l grant
>> this fileMarie Curie Int’l Grant

Nano-electro-hydrodynamic flows generating droplets

  • Projecte europeu

  • En vies de co-finançament

  • Inicia la recerca a Catalunya en aquest camp

  • Mètodes:

    • experimentals (mesures de ogtes) COMBINATS AMB la computació d’aquests “nano-fluxos” invisibles

Investigadors this file

Joan Rosell, (PI), investigador ICREA

Joan Herrero, professor titular

Dolors Puigjaner; professora titular

Francesc Giralt, catedràtic

Dolors Salvatierra, investigadora Ramon y Cajal

Sergi Paredes, Becari