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Children in Need

Children in Need

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Children in Need

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  1. Children in Need Find out more about Children in Need here! By princess star

  2. Children`s stories Leo,3 is visually impaired and goes to DortonHouse Nursery. With your help, BBC Children in Need gave Dorton House Nursery, run by The Royal London Society for Blind People, £7,506 to buy sensory toys for a specialist equipment lending library. Children aged from two to seven attend the project and use the equipment you help fund.

  3. Facts about people you help • Every 22 minutes, a child in the UK loses their mum or dad. Working through their feelings and accepting their loss is a particularly emotional time for young people and can lead to feelings of anger, confusion and sadness. • When Alice, 14, found out that her mum was dying of cancer, she found it very difficult. • Thanks to the money you raised, The Unicorn Project at St David's Hospice in Newport, Wales, provided a bereavement worker for Alice and her sister, Lauren. • She helped them understand what was happening to their mum and helped them cope with her death. Alice and Lauren were scared of forgetting their mum, so together they created a memory jar to capture happy times with her before she died. • Your support is needed to help fund centres like The Unicorn Project. Just £17 would provide a bereavement counselling session for a child who has lost their mum or dad.

  4. What we are doing • In my school, we are dressing up in our own clothes(mufti).But you have to bring in £1.Last time, we raised an astonishing £1008!!!!

  5. Brain Injured children • There are 23,500 children in the UK who live with a health condition for which there is no cure. Receiving medical care to help manage these conditions can be scary and frightening for young children and their families. • Harrison, 8, needed an emergency operation to remove part of his skull because he had water on his brain. • At first, he couldn't walk without bumping into things but a year later, thanks to you and the British Institute for Brain Injured Children in Somerset, he is doing brilliantly.

  6. Poverty • 1.6 million children in the UK are living in severe poverty. This means that their family struggle to afford basic things like bedding and clothing. • Chloe, 11, slept on cold, bare floorboards because her mattress was full of bed bugs which gave her sore itchy bites. • This meant she was constantly tired and would often fall asleep at school. She was also embarrassed to show her skin because of the bites. • Her mum couldn't afford to replace the mattress. Thanks to your support and the money you raised, Buttle UK were able to provide Chloe and her sisters with a new bed so she no longer falls asleep in school and doesn't have to cover up her skin for fear of being bullied.

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