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Children in need

Children in need

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Children in need

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  1. Children in need Children in need is a very special day it’s a fundraiser. Pudsey Bear made his television debut in 1985 when Terry introduced the new, brown cuddly mascot to the audience. He was designed by Joanna Ball, a BBC graphics designer, who named him after the West Yorkshire town where she was born. He proved very popular and returned as BBC Children in Need's official logo the following year with his design amended to that of a yellow bear with a red spotted bandage. In the two decades which have followed, Pudsey has received letters, drawings and e-mails from youngsters all over the UK and been photographed with more celebrities than he can remember. Apart from a party hat worn in 2004 to celebrate the telethon's silver jubilee, Pudsey has remained very much the same. But a 2007 revamp gave Pudsey a fresh new look and brighter colours in time for the 28th annual BBC Children in Need Appeal.

  2. Children in need We need children in need to support the people who are suffering all over the world. Children in need is very important because some people are really ill and they need help from us by raising money for charity. This is Mrs Killingbeck’s class they were selling cupcakes to make money for children in need. This year Greenfield Primary school are trying to make over £200.

  3. What you could do to make money for children in need • Reception have been doing acti doing some fun activities activates in their class • like colouring, playing pu Pudsey games. Some people sell cupcakes to make money you could make Pudsey cakes you could make chocolate cupcakes

  4. What greenfield had been doing for children in need Greenfield have been doing some activities to help the people around the world y6 have been doing some activities,y5/6a have been doing some Pudsey colouring, reception have been doing some games and y1/2 have dressed up there teddy bears.