9 qualities that make the perfect teacher n.
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  1. 9 Qualities That Make the Perfect Teacher

  2. ORGANIZED A teacher should be organized and come on time. If unable to come due to an illness or emergency, they should notify the school and prepare lessons for the substitute teacher to execute during their absence.

  3. TRUSTWORTHY Teachers need to be trustworthy. Parents only leave their children with people they trust, and students are going to bond with and be inspired by someone who they know they can trust.

  4. GOOD MORALS & MANNERS Teachers should have good morals and good manners. Children learn from and copy adult behavior, whether it is good or bad. It is an integral part of a teacher’s responsibility to the school and their students.

  5. COMFORTABLE WITHKIDS OF ALL AGES Good teachers are comfortable with children of all ages and can adapt their behavior to who their with. If they truly enjoy being in the company of kids, your kids will know it.

  6. PATIENCE As all parents know, working with and teaching kids required a lot of patience. Every child has different strengths and learning speeds, so a teacher must be able to accommodate everyone in their class to help them get the most out of the material.

  7. INITIATIVE A good teacher should take the initiative to contribute to their students’ overall development. They need to have the confidence to address issues in a way that is both understanding and developing to nurture their students’ advancement.

  8. MAKES THE EFFORTTO CONNECT A good teacher should give daily (or weekly) reports of the kids to their parents. They should keep you up to date with your children’s daily activities and foster an environment of mutual understanding and cooperation.

  9. FLEXIBLE WORK HOURS A good teacher is flexible about their work hours. There will be situations that will pop up and force them to stay longer after school or come in a little early. By being accommodating with flexible work hours, they are able to establish a tighter bond with both the students and their parents.

  10. RESPECT PARENTING PHILOSOPHIES Different parents have different styles of rearing their children. A good teacher will want to find out what your parenting philosophies are and make sure that she at least understands and respects them.

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