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Customer Dialog

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Customer Dialog
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Customer Dialog

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  1. Customer Dialog By: Tanner Getschel

  2. Types of customers • Argumentative- look for a problem and argue about their problem with your product • Impatient- they want to keep going and don’t want to wait for anything. • Irritable/moody- these customers will have a bad attitude and may not be very friendly • Leave-me-alone- these customers are the ones who want to be left alone and do not want to be bothered • Insulting- the customer may get mad and start saying mean and hurtful things about your store or your personal life

  3. Continued Types of customers • Complaining- a complaining customer will just complain and they will want attention right away • Suspicious- these customers will ask you questions about their item or what they will be buying • Dishonest- they will lie and will not be true to way they say • Slow/methodical- they like to make slow decisions and think slowly • Domineering/superior- they like things done their way and their way only

  4. The situation • I was at Dairy queen in New Richmond and my order was taking a long time so I was asking where my stuff was and they said it was on its way. When they finally got us the food they gave us coupons to show they were sorry for the long wait.

  5. What type of customer was I? • I was an impatient customer and I wanted to get going instead of waiting for my food.

  6. Situation Dialogue • Cashier- “Welcome to dairy queen may I take your order?” • Me- “Yes I’ll have a snickers blizzard.” • Cashier- “Ok sir wait one moment.” • Me- “Alright.” • Me- “Excuse me but where is the food I ordered?” • Me- “I have been waiting for awhile now.” • Cashier- “It’s on the way.” • 5 minutes later • Cashier- “here is your food and we put some coupons in here for your long wait. • Me- “Thank you.”

  7. Cunclusion • Instead of us freaking out at the cashier we stayed calm in our car and waited and after awhile they brought us our food and they gave us coupons to show that they were sorry for making us wait.

  8. The End