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  1. Philippines By: Emily Grigsby. Jordan Duvall and TairynWease

  2. Location

  3. Early History • The Negritos are believed to have migrated to the Philippines some 30,000 years ago from Borneo, Sumatra, and Malaya. • Later it become controlled by Spain. • Philippines were feed up with Spanish control.

  4. Early History • Spanish injustices, bigotry, and economic oppressions fed the movement for rebelling. • Spanish and The Philippines tried to patch things up with a treaty but neither side lived up to the agreement.

  5. America intervention • A war between Spain and America was breaking out in 1898 • America took the Philippines from Spain so Spain could not attach America from the east. • The US saw the Philippines as a big advantage because Spain was not longer able to attach them from the east.

  6. President And Forces • William McKinley was president • McKinley asked Congress for 50 million for defense and Congress agreed • There were at least 11,000 ground soldiers in the Philippines

  7. Military Strategy • The USS Maine was sunk in Havana, and the Americans blamed Spain for it, causing the war to start • The first battle between American and Spanish forces was at Manila Bay aboard the USS Olympia, in a matter of hours it defeated a Spanish squadron • The Germans wanted to take advantage of whatever opportunities the conflict in the islands might bring, the Americans called the bluff of the Germans, threatening a fight if the aggression continued, and the Germans backed down • InJune, the U.S. and Filipino forces had taken control of most of the islands, except for the city of Intramuros USS Maine

  8. Military Strategy • On June 12, Aguinaldo proclaimed the independence of the Philippines • On August 13 American commanders unaware that a cease-fire had been signed between Spain and the U.S., the previous day American forces captured the city of Manila from the Spanish in the Battle of Manila • The U.S. had sent a force of some 11,000 ground troops to the Philippines, armed conflict broke out between U.S. forces and the Filipinos when U.S. troops began to take the place of the Spanish in control of the country after the end of the war Rough Riders, Battle of San Juan Hill

  9. Reaction • The Philippines didn’t react well. • Armed conflict broke out between the American soldiers and the Philippines, because the Americans were trying to take control over them. • This caused the Philippine-American war. • Which afterwards America took control of the Philippines, ensuring their future as a country.

  10. Americas/ Philippines Relationship • America and the Philippines have a generaly good relationship. • The have been allies for awhile. In fact the Philippines is Americas oldest ally in Asia.

  11. America/ Philippines • The Philippines and America have supported each other through fourteen wars and invasions. • U.S intervening was good because we have many bases in the Philippines now and we has have them as a good ally.