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bullying 4th grade

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  1. Bullying is bad By: Marcus Rodriguez

  2. Situation 1 Your friend is getting teased by a total stranger. What should you do? Just watch him get bullied. Or Speak up for him.

  3. Situation 1 Sorry. You made the wrong choice. You should always help out even though you do not know someone. Click the button to go back. Click here

  4. Situation 1 Good job. You chose the right choice. Even though it is hard, you should always speak up. :]

  5. Situation 2 Marcus starts punching Sai. What should Saido to stop the problem? Punch him back. Or Tell him to stop.

  6. Situation 2 Sorry. You made the wrong choice. Violence is never the answer. Click the arrow to go back. click here

  7. Situation 2 Good job. Even though it can be tempting, you should always use your words.

  8. Conclusion In conclusion, bullying is bad and it is right to speak up. !! U

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