Global warming effects on adelie penguins
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Global Warming Effects on Adelie Penguins - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Warming Effects on Adelie Penguins Lizzy Plotkin Thomas Daigneau Amanda McCracken Presentation Outline “Based on various scientific evidence, we anticipate that on the Antarctic Peninsula, rapid climate change is leading to population decline of the Adelie Penguins.”

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Presentation Transcript
Global warming effects on adelie penguins l.jpg

Global Warming Effects on Adelie Penguins

Lizzy Plotkin

Thomas Daigneau

Amanda McCracken

Presentation outline l.jpg
Presentation Outline

  • “Based on various scientific evidence, we anticipate that on the Antarctic Peninsula, rapid climate change is leading to population decline of the Adelie Penguins.”

  • Background Information

    • Meet the Penguins

    • Antarctica

  • Global Warming

    • The Consequences…

  • In the Future

Two Adelie penguins

Meet the adelie penguins l.jpg
Meet the Adelie Penguins

  • Pygoscelis adeliae

  • Smallest Antarctic Penguin species

  • Ice Dependent

  • Rapid Population Decline

A Group of Adelie Penguins

Area of study l.jpg
Area of Study

Antarctic Peninsula Map

  • Antarctic Peninsula

  • Home of the Adelie

    • Mostly on the Peninsula

    • 177 colonies

  • Average Temperature:

    • 0 to -10°C

Adelie Penguin colonies in Antarctica

Global warming basics l.jpg
Global Warming Basics

  • Starting at the Industrial Revolution

  • Increase in Greenhouse Gases

  • Many Possible Causes

Global warming trends from 1860 to 2001

Effects on antarctica l.jpg
Effects on Antarctica

  • Winter Temperature has risen 9°F in last 50 years

  • Unpredictable yet dramatic

    • Ice Melting

    • Glacier Calving

    • Species Loss

Antarctic glacier calving

The consequences l.jpg
The Consequences

Adelie Population as a Result of Sea Ice Extent and Air Temperature

Adelie Population and Sea Ice Extent (1978-2005)

The food chain l.jpg
The Food Chain

A diagram of the bottom up food chain consisting of ice algae, krill and the Adelie Penguins.

So what’s the problem?

Effects of ice melting l.jpg
Effects of Ice Melting

  • Decline in ice algae causes break in food chain

  • Blocks in usual forage paths

  • Destruction of nests

    • Glacier calving

    • Heavier snows

      • Slush vs. ice and rock

Stella model l.jpg

STELLA model showing the effects of melting ice on the populations of the Ice Algae, Krill, and Adelie penguin species.

Stella results l.jpg

A diagram comparing the populations of the Ice Algae, Krill and Adelie penguins with the temperature change in Antarctica.

Adelie penguin population with the temperature change in the Antarctic peninsula.

Future predictions l.jpg

Continuation of ice loss

Loss of nesting sites

More melting

Sun’s ray on dry ice vs. wet ice


Further break down of the food chain

Species adaptation to new niches


Less diverse speciation

Future Predictions

Larsen B ice shelf, 5th March 2002 (16 days later)

Larsen B ice shelf, 17th Feb 2002

What you can do l.jpg
What You Can Do

  • Limit use of fossil fuels

  • Use less energy

  • Recycle

  • Spread the word

  • Sign up to help!

    • Greenpeace International

You’ll make the penguins much happier!

Sources l.jpg

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