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Student Handbook. Gra-Mar Middle School 2010/11. Gra-Mar Mission Statement. “We will achieve student success by providing quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, and adequate resources.”. 2010-11 School Year Plan. Achieve school-wide student success.

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student handbook

Student Handbook

Gra-Mar Middle School


gra mar mission statement

Gra-Mar Mission Statement

“We will achieve student success by providing quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, and adequate resources.”

2010 11 school year plan
2010-11 School Year Plan
  • Achieve school-wide student success.
  • Provide quality instruction to all students.
  • Provide rigorous curriculum to all students.
  • Provide adequate resources to students and teachers.
  • Dr. Kim Finch, Principal
  • Ms. Robin Allen, Assistant


instructional coaches support
Instructional Coaches/Support
  • Language Arts/Reading: Mr. Diehl
  • Math: Mr. Thornton
  • Librarian: Ms. Parker
  • NCLB Specialist: Ms. Bryant
guidance counselors
Guidance Counselors

5th & 6th Grade Ms. Ramsey

7th & 8th Grade Ms. Hill

grade level teams
Grade Level Teams

5th Grade: Dr. Green

Mrs. Lowe

Mrs. Nicholson

Mrs. Griggs

Ms. Ogan

Mrs. Wilson

Mr. Capps

6th Grade: Mrs. Lacy

Mrs. Pepper

Ms. Ward

Ms. Sims

Ms. Holland

Mrs. Byler

Ms. Hunt

7th Grade: Ms. Patrick

Mrs. Strong-Johnson

Mrs. Waller

Ms. Richardson

Mr. Cole

Mr. Cannon

Dr. Alouch

8th Grade: Ms. Cheatham

Ms. Ingram

Ms. McCord

Ms. Campbell

Mrs. Smith

Ms. Anthony

Mr. Butler

related arts
Related Arts
  • PE: Ms. Wagner & Coach Bryson
  • Computer: Mr. Trenkler
  • Band: Ms. Walker
  • Art: Mrs. Stricklin
boys sports
Boys’ Sports
  • Football: Mr. Cannon
  • Basketball: Mr. Bryson
  • Wrestling: Dr. Green
  • Soccer: TBA
  • Track: Mr. Cannon
girls sports
Girls’ Sports
  • Basketball: Ms. Washington
  • Volleyball: Dr. Green
  • Soccer: TBA
  • Track: Ms. Ingram
  • Cheerleading: Ms. Wilson
student success expectations norms

Student Success Expectations/Norms

Gra-Mar Middle School


student success expectations norms1
Student Success Expectations/Norms
  • Have materials
  • Act with Dignity and respect
  • Be on time
  • Inside voice
  • Take pride in self
  • Stay focused!
before school success norms
Before School Success Norms
  • Exit Buses at 8:40 AM.
  • Enter the building orderly and walk on the right side of the hallways.
  • Be in correct dress code.
  • 7th & 8th gr. enter the side door.
  • 5th & 6th gr. enter the front doors.
classroom success norms
Classroom Success Norms
  • Be on time.
  • Bring all supplies ready for the day.
  • Listen to teacher/peers speaking.
  • Stay in designated area.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Ask for help when needed.
  • Stay actively involved.
hallway and transition time success norms
Hallway and Transition Time Success Norms
  • Walk on the right side.
  • Have hall pass always.
  • Use positive words/body language/conversational voice.
  • Get to class on time.
cafeteria success norms
Cafeteria Success Norms
  • Get your items first time through the line.
  • Use conversational voice in the café.
  • Be polite to others.
  • Place trash in trash can.
  • Remain in your assigned table until teacher name is called.
restroom norms
Restroom Norms
  • Use bathrooms at designated time and areas.
  • Flush after use.
  • Be mindful of other’s privacy.
  • Report trouble to teachers/staff.
  • Keep restrooms clean of trash and graffiti.
after school norms
After School Norms.
  • Walk on the right side of hallways during dismissal.
  • Go directly to your bus.
  • Athletes report to the gym.
  • SES/Title I tutoring report to Ms. Bryant’s room.
  • Follow all school rules.
extra curricular activities
Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Attending these activities is a PRIVILEGE!
  • All school rules apply!!!
  • Show good sportsmanship at all games !
  • Attention, Silence, and Stand during the National Anthem
  • Remember… Academics still come first!!!!
bus behavior
Bus Behavior
  • Follow the BUS RULES.
  • Remain in your seat.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Respect others.
dress code
Dress Code
  • Shirts: any solid color collared shirt or turtle neck (must be


  • Pants: Navy, black or khaki (no cargo pants, sweatpants, or


  • Belts: MUST be worn if pants have belt loops! (boys and


  • Hoodies: AreNOTto be worn inside the building; a solid

color hoodless sweater or jacket may be worn inside.

  • Shorts: navy, black, or khaki; no cargo shorts, girls shorts

must come to finger tip (even when wearing leggings)

  • Skirts/Dresses: Navy, black or khaki; must come to finger

tips (even when wearing leggings)

  • Shoes: must be worn at all times (house shoes or shoes that

look like house shoes will not be allowed)

rules for the classroom
Rules for the classroom

Be Responsible

  • Be on Time
  • Do Your Best
  • Turn in Assignments
  • Use Your Locker
  • No chewing gum
  • Enter into class
  • Find your seat
  • Stay seated
  • Sharpen pencils before class
  • Remove all items from under desk before leaving
  • Wait on teacher for dismissal
rules for the classroom1
Rules for the Classroom

Be Respectful

  • Be Kind to teachers and students
  • Don’t disturb others
  • Use inside voices
rules for the classroom2
Rules for the Classroom

Be Ready

  • Have all materials
  • Complete all assignments
  • Sharpen pencils before class
  • Use the restroom and get water before class.