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ICU Observation PowerPoint Presentation
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ICU Observation

ICU Observation

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ICU Observation

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  1. ICU Observation Group 4 Amyruth Stevens Chauncey Myshkin Leang Chhun Ross Westlake

  2. Way Finding Subtle way finding aids are often overlooked by visitors. Older areas of the hospital have in-congruent way finding systems.

  3. Privacy Balancing need for sight-lines and patients wants

  4. Lighting Patients often lack access to control lighting conditions.

  5. NICU Warm and dark Isolation/Privacy difficult

  6. Nurses open to new technology more then processes wants to deal with patients not machines wants to check vitals and have it record itself

  7. Unused Storage Space Piedmont does not allow any supplies to enter a patient room without being charged/used for that stay making all in room storage obsolete Northside has unused drawer space taking up room in ICU rooms.

  8. Layout Needed materials and supplies can end up blocked due to poor layouts, such as the nurses cart needing to be placed behind the door.

  9. Greeting or Nurses Desk The lack of a nurses desk or greeter upon entry can create confusion.

  10. Shift-change Patients feel disturbed by the noise from shift-changes as well as nurses conversing

  11. Charting Nurses are preferred to chart in real time but some still wait till the end of their shift

  12. Doors Doors need to be large to accommodate movement but require a large footprint

  13. Solution Redesign door to fold in on itself

  14. Alarms Despite all alarms being actionable often less noticed Inerferance (extra nioses: phones, TVs, loudspeakers) Difficulty identifying Importance Hard to hear over the general humm

  15. Solution Develop lighting add on for alarms, for situations in which the hospital cannot fully integrate into building

  16. Trashcans Trashcans create obstacles and are often left unaccounted in the room layout/design blocking need areas.

  17. Solution Integrate the nurse trash receptacles and haz-mat waste receptacle for needles into a easily accessed, cleanable, and serviceable unit which can be integrated into the design of the room and better serve nurses.